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Go To Outfit Formulas for Spring

Trends come and go every season, and while I do enjoy following at a respectable distance, more often than not I find my style more partial to classic and timeless outfits. Maybe it’s getting older or retail fatigue, but I find comfort in pieces that have stood the test of time, more so than excitement as the latest trend drops. If you, like me, have a waning interest in fads, here are some outfit formulas for fashionable folks who don’t follow trends.

First up, a trench coat, sweater, and trousers. A tan trench is as stylish as it is practical. If you tend to wear yours with a T-shirt and jeans, try mixing it up this spring with a grey pullover and tailored black pants. It’s just as easy to pull off but is slightly more elevated than a denim-based look. In need of a trench coat upgrade? Then check out Mango’s Flowy Lapel Trench with water-repellent fabric, an oversized silhouette, and a removal belt. Or, for something a bit more budget-friendly, there’s Old Navy’s Oversized Double-Breasted trench. Either style layers nicely and can be thrown over just about any outfit combo for the season.

Nothing says classic quite like a white button-down shirt. You can add this to countless outfit formulas during any time of the year.

For this spring, I like pairing it with black skirts. Black and white go together like bread and butter, am I right? The great thing about this combination is you can play around with proportions — an oversized shirt with a pencil skirt or a more fitted button-down with a high-waisted full-style skirt. JC Penny’s Worthington Women’s Long Sleeve button-down is a very ladylike take on the classic shirt and can be worn tucked in or loose with a variety of skirts. For more of a “borrowed from the boys” style, check out LL Bean’s Wrinkle-Free Pinpoint Oxford shirt, which can easily transition from a skirt and cardigan combo to khakis and a denim look.

On the reverse side of the white shirt and black skirt is a black tank top and white pants. Whether or not you adhere to the “no white until Memorial Day” rules, you can still gear up this outfit formula for after May 27th. A black-sleeve top and a pair of flowy white pants is a stylish and timeless outfit that’s perfect for folks who shy away from the trend cycle. Plus, it’s a very chic option for springtime events. Of course, you have to be careful with white pants and coverage. Too-shear fabric will take the chic right out of this look. New York & Company appears to have a viable option with their Front Pleat wide leg pant in white or try Cold Water Creek’s Knit Waistband Linen pants. Be sure to read online reviews before making any purchase.

Next up, a pantsuit. Whether in grey, black, or navy, a pantsuit is a perennial and versatile classic that can be worn together or separated into different looks. Macy’s has a variety of suits and suit separates to choose from. You can go traditional in neutral, or for something with a bit more pep, consider a suit in a bright shade like radiant pink. Whichever color route you take, you can wear the trousers and blazer with a printed blouse and low heel, or pair the jacket with jeans, a tee, and sneakers. Then, wear the pants with a sweater, trench, and loafers. There are countless ways of mixing and matching suit separates.

Jeans, in whatever iteration, are obviously a wardrobe staple, no matter the season. For a timeless take on denim, a jean skirt matched with a t-shirt is a no-brainer spring pairing. You can easily layer this look with tights, boots, and a puffy jacket on chilly days, then switch it up with sneakers and a ballcap for warmer weather. Lands’ End has a soft denim midi column skirt in two washes that’ll work with a half-tucked plain tee. And there’s Gap’s denim midi pencil skirt as a shorter option to wear with a cropped graphic t-shirt.

One last classic outfit formula to try this spring is layering a white crewneck t-shirt under a V-neck sweater. Top off with a leather jacket and add jeans. You can tuck in the tee and sweater, belt the jeans for a bit more polish, and wear with loafers. Or leave it untucked and pair with boots for a more edgy finish. Madewell has a Softfade Cotton Vintage style tee with a slightly shrunken fit perfect for layering. Or there is Amazon Essentials slim-fit crewneck t-shirts in packs of 2. For a leather jacket, I try to stick to trusted brands like Wilson’s Leather’s Madeline Asymmetrical leather jacket for a more fitted look or Levi’s Faux Leather Retro Dad Bomber for a roomier silhouette.

So, while trends cycle in and out each season, it’s safe to say these outfit formulas will always be in style. They may not be the most exciting fashionable looks, but with quality pieces and clean styling, you will look put together and timeless.