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  • Leggings0

    No matter the season, leggings are a forever staple. Whether you wear them exclusively for workouts, lounging, or a mix of activities, there are a ton of new styles on the rise. Don’t think much can be improved upon when it comes to leggings? Sometimes, it’s the small details that make the biggest difference. Here’s

  • Spring Hair Color0

    Spring is emerging, and as we wait for the first colorful bursts of pansies, snowdrops, and violets, you may be reconsidering your own bloom hue, aka hair color. Hair color can say a lot about one’s identity, personal style, and self-confidence. And, whether or not you color your hair, there can be seasonal shifts (intentionally

  • Stay Away From These Skincare Products

    Stay Away From These Skincare Products0

    Trying out new skincare products can be exciting, as well as trepidatious. There’s the hope of seeing the results that were promised, but for those of us who have been led astray in the past, there’s also the fear of wasting money on yet another lotion/potion that doesn’t deliver. There is also the unknown, even

  • Hair Over 500

    Many beautiful things come with aging: strong relationships with friends and family, wisdom, confidence, a deeper sense of self, career achievements, and the ability to truly do what you want. But what might not be as welcome are the hair changes that can occur. When women hit age 50, hair starts to lose pigment (if


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