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Five Classic Coat Trends

Now that we are in the dark depths of winter, with the forecast turning from freezing to snow, to rain, to not-so-freezing, it can be hard to get up the energy to go outside. But human hibernation is still not recognized as an acceptable coping mechanism for winter, so we must deal with the outdoors.

Of course, there are the beloved winter activities of snowshoeing, skiing, sledding, etc., but for the daily grind, it can be quite a chore to suit up and interact with the world.

One way I find helpful in dealing with the malaise of winter is turning toward outerwear trends. Of course, trends can be fleeting, declining in popularity, and just as changeful as the weather. However, certain classic styles will always be on trend today and in years to come. If you’re hankering for a new coat to ride out the rest of this winter, consider the following evergreen options.

First up, military-inspired coats. Think double-breasted, think peacoat, think trench coat, think wool. I like New York & Company’s Oversized Notch Lapel trench coat available in black or camel. This could easily go over any office look or work as a dress coat on above-freezing days. For something super elegant and super currently on sale, check out Karl Lagerfeld Paris’s Double Breasted Military Coat, also available in black or camel, but boasting two rows of gold buttons and a longer hem. If you’re not so much into something chic but are looking for a more rugged style of military attire, go to the source of Army and Outdoors’ selection of military jackets. These more utilitarian options will be great for spring layered with sweaters and flannels.

Next up on the timeless style wheel are shearling-trim coats. Now, here’s where my job gets tricky because I personally do not vibe with shearling, BUT I’m a professional and recognize the classic nature of this coat trend and must report on it here. What makes this such a classic is its cozy mountainside style, which is perfect for winter. Nordstrom Rack has some interesting shearlings on offer. If I HAD to pick one, it would be Fyre’s Faux Shearling Double Breasted trench coat in dark brown with a wide lapel, pockets, and mid-calf hem. I’ll admit this coat would look great with a pair of knee-high brown boots, a mid-length skirt, and a turtleneck.

A trend that I’m more personally onboard with are plaid coats. So often, plaid is thought of as an autumnal print, but it works just as well in winter and into spring. Tailored is the key word when looking to add a plaid overcoat to your winter wardrobe, especially for a timeless look. There’s Lord & Taylor’s Robe Walker Coat in a camel and black plaid with a fabric belt that hits right below the knee. This would be a great topper to an all-black outfit and snow boots. For a more casual take on the plaid coat, check out Duluth Trading Co’s Folklore Flannel Insulated Duster. This works now underneath a puffy down coat and can transition to outerwear come spring.

Love the idea of this duster over a shift dress of the same length with tights and booties.

For a walk on the wild side this winter, there’s the ever-on-trend leopard-print coat. For a super-chic take on this coat, check out Avec Les Filles’ Walker Longline coat from Nordstrom, which is currently on sale. This traditional coat silhouette with a provocative print is also available in two different plaids if you’re not ready to take leopard out for a swing. In any of the prints, this coat can look edgy with black jeans and combat boots. If you’re into a more vintage aesthetic, which leopard certainly plays into, there’s Yardsong’s Leopard Printed trench coats on Amazon. This fuzzier take on a leopard coat goes great with a glam look, or experiment with some rockabilly, Pink Lady-inspired outfits this winter.

Lastly, there is the quintessential black puffer coat. A puffer jacket is the ultimate practical choice for winter and is a style that will last for decades. Quince has a variety of puffy outerwear options, from their Responsible Down Long Puffer to the Featherless Long Puffer Parka; you can compare silhouette types to best suit your fit and style. Plus, each piece comes in a variety of colors if you need a bit of pop in your day. There’s also Orolay’s 092 Universe Classics Thickened Down jacket, which, full disclosure, I have in the peat moss shade and has been a go-to coat on the really frigid days for both quick trips to the store, as well as to work and church.

I believe these coat trends will stand the test of time and still be stylish for at least another decade, if not longer. Be sure to properly store outwear in the off months to ensure they can be worn season after season. Taking care of your coats is the best way to protect your “investment,” as some of these pieces can be pricey, but they are well worth it to stay warm and stylish for this winter and in years to come.