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  • Cutters Clubby0

    Most fans attending games at Bowman Field enjoy the games, the experience around them, and while attentive to the game on the field they are oblivious to what takes place before and after games in the Crosscutters clubhouse under the first base grandstand. That off-limits player’s sanctuary bears little resemblance to the opulence of Major

  • Beautifying Bowman0

    When the 2019 version of the Williamsport Crosscutters emerged from the locker room donning their sparkling white home uniforms to meet the local media for the first time before the season began in mid-June, the day was warm, the sky blue and no moisture was falling from the sky. It was almost a perfect day

  • 243 & Counting0

    Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to us Despite all the discord we’re worth all the fuss We’re the land of the free and the home of the brave Proven by the sacrifices so many freely gave Regardless of your views or those you dislike Those founding fathers did get things right The courage they

  • SW Lions Club Football Game Kicks Off Friday0

    World War II French Military Leader Jean de Lattre de Tassiguy was once quoted saying, “An optimist is a man who plants two acorns and buys a hammock.” I often pass by South Williamsport Lions Club member Max Dell’s house and have not yet spotted either oak trees or a hammock in his yard. Nevertheless,

  • A Mountain Almost Climbed

    A Mountain Almost Climbed0

    For even the most skilled climbers, scaling a mountain is a laborious task. The ascent is slow and calculated, one step at a time, not looking back at where you’ve been but giving full concentration to the summit that lay ahead. But even for a Mountaineer, that zenith is often allusive. The South Williamsport High

  • Link Tournament Honors Foresman0

    Similar to the importance of the pitcher/catcher battery for the success of a baseball team, the relationship developed by a football quarterback and his center is paramount to the positive accomplishments of a football team. For former Warrior Run High School QB Charlie Fisher, currently, the wide receiver coach at Arizona State University, the bond

  • Habalar Meets Boston0

    Williamsport school teacher Mike Habalar was one of ten area runners who participated in the annual Boston Marathon this past April. In last week’s column, Mike shared his thoughts on the benefits of running and his training regimen that led him to Boston. This week Mike reveals his race day experiences of running in the

  • Habalar’s Quest0

    A recent study estimated that approximately 45-million people in the United States participate in biking, running and jogging each year. Even with my enthusiasm for a variety of sports-related statistical matters, sadly I can’t be counted among this impressive number. My enjoyment and participation in sports has been a life-long pursuit, but the running part

  • Making the Calls0

    As the room began to fill, the noise level increased incrementally. Soon the conversations taking place all across the room melted into one big buzz as the ‘war stories’ of the games they had officiated elicited smiles, laughter and an occasional contradiction to what was being discussed. The occasion was the annual end-of-the-year gathering of

  • Competition0

    As defined by Webster, it is “1) the effort of two or more parties acting independently to secure the business of a third party by offering the best favorable terms or 2) a contest between rivals.” Both definitions apply to the world of sports and now with the District Four baseball and softball playoffs underway