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  • A Winning Season Despite the Record0

    The skies darkened. The threatening clouds drew closer. A bolt of lightning flashed from the beyond the centerfield fence. After a summer of baseball two remaining ground crew members assumed their solitary work of covering home plate and the pitcher’s mound. The inevitable was just moments away. Soon the skies opened up, and Mother Nature

  • Memories are Made of This0

    Most of the flag-waving, cardboard-sliding, Simba-video-watching thousands who attended last month’s Little League Baseball World Series weren’t even born when Dean Martin’s 1955 hit record ‘Memories are Made of This’ was released. But those who witnessed the small-fry classic saw a variety of firsts that made the 2019 series a memorable one. The combination of

  • Schreppel’s Strike

    Schreppel’s Strike0

    As the ball snuggled securely into the catcher’ glove, a broad smile crossed the face of his battery mate. As he walked towards the dugout, the cheers of the crowd cascaded down upon him from the stands and grassy slopes surrounding Lamade Stadium. No, this wasn’t the final out of the championship game, or even

  • Series Sidebars0

    Answering questions and providing support at a hectic pace, Brian McClintock, Little League Baseball’s Senior Director of Communications, took time from his World Series duties to address some of the most often asked-about topics surrounding the small-fry classic. Team Uniforms “This year Adidas became the new uniform partner for Little League International. They have done

  • Big Time Deeds by a Small Town Boy0

    There were occasions during my professional career when I was involved in conducting job interviews. Everyone-once-in-awhile I would ask the applicant a totally hypothetical question – “If the job fairy could grant you any job you’d want; what would it be?” It was an off-the-wall question with some surprising answers. One applicant once answered, “I

  • “Groundhog Day” – Softball Style0

    As the scene unfolded before me I felt a kinship to Bill Murray in the 1993 movie ‘Groundhog Day.’ I was sure I had seen this all take place previously. Excited 11 & 12-year old girls were saying their good-bys, stowing their gear and posing for a multitude of pictures. Onlookers were smiling and waving.

  • Humble Beginnings0

    Traced initially to the 14th century, the old proverb states, “mighty oaks from little acorns grow.” As the undefeated South Little League girls softball team continues to harvest victories on their historic march to the Softball World Series in Portland, Oregon it’s a pretty good bet that no one associated with the team has any

  • South Wins the East – Heads West to World Series0

    The old cliché “everybody loves a parade” was never more evident than when the newly crowned Little League Softball Eastern Regional Champions received a community hero’s welcome as they triumphantly made their way through the streets of South Williamsport and Duboistown. Parades are nothing new to them as the annual South Williamsport Mummers’ parade traverses

  • Across the Pond0

    The Major League Baseball Home Run Hitting Contest was just about to begin as my son, Doug, and I boarded the plane at the Newark Airport. Although the trip had nothing to do with sports, it was a shared interest in sports that created the impetus for this extraordinary adventure. A few years ago, while

  • Tennis Anyone?0

    Motorists headed south on Route 15 may be unaware of the change as they begin their ascent up the Bald Eagle Mountain. While a new sign adorns the entrance, the familiar building looks the same as it always has, but inside its doors, a whole new vibe is underway. Previously known as the West Branch