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  • Saluting Our Veterans0

    First and foremost, may we all take a moment to pause and reflect upon the bravery and sacrifice made by all those men and women who have proudly worn our country’s uniform in the all-too-many battles that have been fought over the years to protect our way of life and keep us free. May your

  • NFL – Numerous Flags Launched0

    It may be too late to offer up some advice regarding what Halloween costume trick-or-treaters might want to wear this week as they go door-to-door, seeking the sweet treats. But, if their intention may include ringing the doorbells of National Football League fans, I would suggest they not masquerade themselves as NFL referees. Indeed, I

  • The Rest of the Story0

    Legendary radio broadcaster, Paul Harvey, often entertained and informed his listeners with show segments he would entitle as ‘the rest of the story.’ Such is the case for me today. In a column penned at the conclusion of this year’s Little League Baseball World Series (Schreppel’s Strike), I referenced the occasion of South Williamsport resident

  • Dot Your I’s & Cross Your T’s0

    ‘Dot your I’s and cross your T’s’ is a well-known metaphor for anyone working on a project before completion. It’s only good common sense to double-check things before a finished product is put forth for public consumption. If things went as anticipated last week, there will be a great deal of attention paid to what

  • Food Chain Reality0

    It is really nothing new. In the ‘real world,’ it happens a lot. A business goes sour or takes a downhill slide, and changes are made. People lose their jobs, and the business tries to re-group and get back on the right track with new people in charge. Sometimes changes create a momentary spark giving

  • Casting with Greatness: Don Daughenbaugh Reflects0

    Nestled along a wooded country road a long fly cast from the Loyalsock Creek, the home is a reflection of the man who lives there. Built by his own hands, the rustic interior with its mountain stone and wooden beams provide a Norman Rockwell type portrait of the outdoor lifestyle that has provided the occupant

  • Jim Roth Calling0

    In last week’s column, I expressed the opinion that it would prove interesting to be ‘a fly on the wall’ in those locker rooms of the upcoming opponents on Southern Columbia’s remaining 2019 schedule. The statement was a part of my question as to what does a coach say to his team in the practice

  • A September Weekend0

    For many the long-awaited opening of the 2019 National Football League season may have seemed like it would never arrive. The fantasy leaguers had picked their teams, the television talking heads had babbled on since mid-summer giving of their opinions about who was going to do what and the average fan was anxious to see