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  • Tradition0

    If there were such a thing as a sports dictionary, future editions might list the definition of tradition as ‘a past observance of athletic competition carried on by players, teams and community entities with much anticipation, interest, and fervor.’ As we drove home from Gettysburg on September’s first Saturday after watching grandson Tucker play his

  • Parlante Española0

    Throughout the 12-day run of last month’s Little League World Series, a familiar face to both the fans in the stands and those watching TV was that of ESPN’s multi-lingual reporter Sebastian Salazar, whose insightful interactions with players and spectators brought to life stories beyond the playing field. Raised in Washington, D.C., the son of

  • Fogarty’s Call0

    As the planning for Bitburg, Germany’s 1973 Little League World Series team reunion began to unfold eighteen months ago, players began to look back with fondness and look ahead with eagerness to a return trip to Williamsport. It has been fifty years since they had experienced the magic of the World Series, and most of

  • A Kid’s August Christmas0

    Most parents will remember the moment of their child’s first few Christmas experiences. Their anticipation, excitement, and pure wide-eye joy when they awoke and saw the treasures Santa Claus had left under the tree. As they grew older, Christmas was still a special occasion, but it didn’t have that magic aura of their younger years.

  • Bitburg Returns0

    The members of the 1973 Bitburg, Germany Little League team were not yet born when Dean Martin’s 1956 hit song “Memories Are Made of This” spent six weeks atop the pop charts. But fifty years after their appearance in the Little League World Series, the title of that song will serve as the central theme

  • LLB 20 – Big Ten 180

    Should a fictitious game have been played between the above two-mentioned organizations, the sports page lead might have read: ‘After jumping to what seemed like an insurmountable lead, LLB held on for dear life as the Big Ten rallied from behind with a far-reaching attack that ultimately fell just short of tying the game in


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