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  • 50th Anniversary Clinton County Fair Takes Place July 29 to August 50

    The folks at the Clinton County Fair are hoping for a wonderful way to celebrate their 50th anniversary this year as the Fair takes place July 29th to August 5th at the Clinton County Fairgrounds. The Fair was born as a result of several meetings between 1971 and April 1973. In August of 1972, this

  • Reunions0

    On a sunny and hot 90-degree July afternoon, a slight breeze, a covered pavilion, and a scenic view of folks enjoying boating activities on the Susquehanna River provided the backdrop as long-ago South Williamsport high school classmates gathered at the Susquehanna Boat Club. Many years ago, during his scholastic days, class president Bob Coolidge excelled

  • Flavorful Grape Recipes to Take Summer Gatherings to the Next Level0

    Summertime celebrations with friends, family and neighbors are a perfect way to enjoy the sunshine, warm weather and camaraderie. To satisfy a hungry crowd, though, you’ll need recipes fit for the occasion. Turn to a versatile signature ingredient like Grapes from California, which can be used in dishes of all kinds from refreshing salads and

  • UPMC Eye Doctor: Shield Your Eyes This Summer0

    How many times have you been told to not look directly at the sun? While this age-old advice should be common sense, the following eye information and protection tips may be new and helpful to you in time for summer. Common Eye Problems Caused by Warmer Weather One of the most common eye problems during

  • Reflections On the Loss of a Dear Friend

    Reflections On the Loss of a Dear Friend0

    Last week, I lost a dear friend, Vicki Smith, who died after a more than 10-year battle against breast cancer. Most obituaries would probably state that she lost her battle against cancer. Well, Vicki never lost at anything. She battled this scourge the whole way and bore her burden with dignity and strength. She never

  • Ford Explorer: In Search of the Actor’s Finest Roles0

    Last week, your Webb critic honored the passing of Alan Arkin with a selection from that actor’s sprawling filmography. In this issue, with the fifth Indiana Jones film still going strong, we’ll pay similar homage to Harrison Ford — though happily, he remains very much alive. Side-stepping blockbusters, let’s highlight 10 of Ford’s lesser-known titles

  • Beware of Third-Party Ticket Sellers0

    Be sure you are buying tickets DIRECTLY from the Williamsport Crosscutters. There are literally dozens of resale sites online that try to make you think you are actually buying from the Cutters when you are not. If you purchase your tickets through a third-party resale site, you will not only pay more money for tickets

  • County Hall Corner: Facing Friends and Fanatics at the Fair0

    My wife Debbie and I went to the Lycoming County Fair on Thursday, July 13th. We arrived at 4:00 p.m., just as the gates were opening, and got the best parking spot imaginable. Of course, there was not much going on that early, but we didn’t mind. The weather was perfect as we walked around

  • Montoursville Juniors Win Section 3 Championship0

    Montoursville Junior Little League captured the Section 3 Championship by beating Lewisburg two out of three games. Montoursville moves onto the state championship at Athens which started Sunday, July 23rd. Pictured are kneeling:  Cole Weaver, Austin Davidson. First Row: Cy Heddings, Jay Houseknecht, James Williams, Aiden Jackson, Bryce Parker. Back Row: Manager Jonathan Houseknecht, Brent

  • Five Tips for Keeping Pets Pest-Free

    Five Tips for Keeping Pets Pest-Free0

    Naturally curious, many pets sniff and explore other animals and objects, unaware they may expose themselves to potentially harmful parasites and conditions. According to the Companion Animal Parasite Council, 1 in 100 dogs tested positive for heartworm in 2022, and more than 1 in 4 indoor cats were positive for heartworm infection. External parasites –

  • The Roving Sportsman… The Future of Hunting in Pennsylvania0

    For several years now, Pennsylvania hunters have been able to mentor youths while hunting for several species of game birds and animals. Pennsylvania was the first state to adopt a Mentored Youth Hunting Program, and the program has enjoyed a growing success as adults take young hunters under their wing and spend valuable time outdoors

  • Unwanted Guests0

    By now, if you planted in spring, you are probably already enjoying the fruits of your labor. I bet other unwanted guests have also been sneaking goodies from your plants. To date, I have seen deer, rabbits, birds, and stray cats roaming my garden. To keep unwanted guests out of your plants, you can try

  • Mid-Summer Trout Fishing0

    Let’s be honest: trout fishing has gone by the wayside by this time of the summer. Take a look around. How many trout fishermen do you see crowding the banks of a local trout stream? Almost none. Most bait and lure fishermen have pretty much given up on trout by the end of June, but

  • Wildlife Exhibit at the Taber Museum0

    The Thomas T. Taber Museum of the Lycoming County Historical Society cordially invites the public to attend a viewing of its summer exhibit, during First Friday, August 4, 2023, from 6-8 pm. “In the Wilds of Pennsylvania and Beyond” includes taxidermy-mounted specimens and artwork from the permanent collections of the museum, as well as the

  • Six Secrets for Your Best Complexion0

    Beauty trends, like fashion trends, tend to be cyclic, waning in and out, then resurging every few years. For the past several years, beauty trended toward the multi-step, multi-product, maximalist approach. You may have heard of the 10-step Korean Skincare Systems or having a variety of single-use products for specific parts of the face. Well,

  • The WCC Invite

    The WCC Invite0

    It’s a great time of year as I set my alarm for 4 a.m. No. Not to do anything important. The British Open is LIVE in the early morn. There is something about watching golf before the sun. Links golf is a different animal. Mother Nature plays a huge part. Beware of the wind. Perhaps

  • Who Knew I was a Sportswriter?0

    Jimmy has headed down the shore for a little vacation, so I’m taking up the helm this week. No worries, he’ll be back next week! In his absence, it only seems fitting that we should talk about all things sports. I’m not usually a sportswriter, but I think I can handle it. Maybe. We’ll see.

  • “Matilda” The Musical To Be Presented At Community Arts Center July 21 to 230

    “She felt fairly confident that with a great deal of practice and effort, she would succeed in the end.” ~ Matilda Roald Dahl is one of the most beloved authors of children’s books. One of his most popular works, “Matilda,” was adapted into a Tony Award Winning Broadway musical. The Lycoming College Summer Stock Program

  • UPMC Expert: Understanding Burnout and Respite Care0

    Caring for a loved one is truly a selfless act. When this person becomes a priority, their needs usually exceed your needs. On top of a full-time job and a family of your own, handling it all may become overwhelming. This is expected, typical, and human nature. Respite care services provide temporary comfort, supervision, and

  • County Hall Corner: Why Does a Congressman Cross the Road?0

    Every person who has ever lived is a unique human being. We have fingerprints that are individual to us, but it is also true that the iris of our eyes, the rim of our ears, our tongue, our toes, our teeth — all are ours and ours alone. Yet, we also have a strong inner

  • Let’s Go Hunting0

    After looking at the title of this piece, some of you probably think I’m a little mixed up right now; it’s fishing season, and hunting seasons are still a couple of months away. Basically, that’s true, but there is one critter that offers prime hunting opportunities throughout the summer months, and that’s the common groundhog

  • Makeup as We Age0

    As skin ages, the classic approach to makeup with foundation and powder can become less effective as makeup settles into fine lines and wrinkles. Instead of covering up, the best approach to mature beauty focuses on nourishing from within and enhancing what you have. For myself, I’ve noticed that my skin is in its best

  • Split Season Baseball0

    To anyone ever involved with sharing a candy bar, pizza, or perhaps custody of young children, even though the portions may not have always been in half, the split that you received was never-the-less enjoyable. The Williamsport Crosscutters and fellow members of the MLB Draft League may be feeling the same way as the league’s

  • Water Temperatures and Trout

    Water Temperatures and Trout0

    I used to be a fan of summer, but I don’t do well in the heat. I am a big guy who tends to sweat, and I no longer wear gray tees. Temperatures are now in the 90s. It’s miserable. The humidity is what kills me. I prefer to stay home. I am not a

  • Baby, It’s Hot Outside0

    The middle of July can mean just one thing in these parts; it’s time for the Lycoming County Fair. Th is especially holds true in the eastern end of the county. What a great All-American event that celebrates the area we call home. This week’s cover informed me this is the 152nd celebration of farming,

  • Stay Hydrated0

    It has been what can only be described as disrespectfully hot outside. And you know what? Normally I don’t mind, but the humidity being at 1,053% is making it unbearable (and not doing my curly hair any favors). Since it’s eleventy billion degrees, but also in prime time for outside summer fun, it’s important that

  • 152nd Lycoming County Fair Takes Place July 12-July 220

    For more than 150 years, the Lycoming County Fair has been provided a fun event for people of Lycoming County and nearby areas. It has — and continues — to feature various types of entertainment, and highlights through displays, the agricultural bounty of this county. This always highly anticipated event is at hand again and

  • Time-Honored Wedding Traditions

    Time-Honored Wedding Traditions0

    Weddings are special events that celebrate two individuals’ love for one another. Weddings bring together friends and family to witness couples share vows and devote their lives to each other. Wedding guests recognize that certain components are commonplace in ceremonies and receptions. Perhaps you were once a ring bearer or caught the bouquet? There’s a

  • Lycoming County Youth Livestock Committee0

    Over 45 years ago, a group of volunteers formed the Lycoming County Youth Livestock Committee to provide, promote and facilitate life skill development in youth eligible to show livestock in either 4-H or FFA youth livestock programs or shows. Today, there are currently seven livestock clubs in Lycoming County with 135 livestock members (including breeding,

  • Dial of Destiny: A Fitting Finale for Indiana Jones0

    When I saw David Koepp’s name in the closing credits of the new Indiana Jones film, that explained a lot. In particular, it explained why my wife and I loved this movie — especially the final half-hour, which is absolutely spot-on. Koepp is the veteran screenwriter whose many blockbusters have netted $3.2 billion. These include

  • County Hall Corner: Three Cheers for the Supreme Court0

    The irony of the mainstream media is that they honestly do not see how biased they are. Here is a classic example from the Associated Press (AP). Their lead sentence in a July 1st article stated, “The Supreme Court just finished issuing its biggest decisions of the term, killing President Joe Biden’s $400 billion plan

  • Summer’s Unwelcomed Visitors0

    As every summer rolls around, we begin seeing a variety of wildlife showing up in our yards. Some of the wildlife is actually invited, like the assortment of birds that are attracted to our feeders, and other wildlife is interesting to see but not necessarily something you want hanging around all the time. Case in

  • The Roving Sportsman… Looking for New Hunting Locations?0

    Sometimes it seems like the only thing that is constant is change. It sounds a bit contradictory but think about it. We graduate from school and leave home, get a job, then change jobs. We move to new areas and sometimes even move to a different state. Meanwhile, all around us, new businesses crop up,


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