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Spring Stuff

The long-range forecast looks like spring will be springing this week! This is good news for the West Branch Builders Home Show!

The show starts on Friday, and Lou has all the details on page 6!

Webb Weekly will be posted up at booth #137, so please stop by to see us! I’ll be manning the booth on Saturday morning! We can’t wait to see everyone this weekend!

As usual, we will be doing a giveaway, so be sure to stop at our booth, say hello, and sign up to win! We will be giving away a Char-Broil Performance Series 4-burner gas grill (fully assembled and complete with full propane tank), along with $50 gift cards to Rupert’s Specialty Meats and Frosty Beverage! Basically, everything you need for spring BBQ! We’ll even deliver the grill to you, so you’ll be all set!

This year’s show will be held at a new location — right downtown at the Liberty Arena! I think this new venue will be a fantastic location for the WBBA! There will be plenty of parking and easy access, and all the attractions at the Arena will be open, so you and your family can make a day of it!

Now that spring is in the air, I’m looking for some things to do around the house.

Spring cleaning is for sure on the agenda. It’s getting about time to get the windows, door, and baseboards scrubbed. I’m also looking to spruce up the kitchen with new shelves and the bathroom with fresh paint.

I’m also hoping this will finally be the year I get my patio area in tip-top shape. I have some flowers that I wanted to plant two years ago, and I’m hoping they will actually get in the ground this year!

We also have two dogs and a lot of seasonal allergies around my house, so my new air purifier will be up and running by the time you read this!

Speaking of allergies, it’s a rough time of year if you have seasonal allergies. Mine generally run from the end of March until the end of October. I do usually get one good week around mid-July when I get a break. It’s pretty ridiculous. So here are some tips to help you survive allergy season. But remember. Not a doctor. This is not medical advice. Speak to your PCP or allergist for legitimate medical advice. I’m just a girl who sneezes her way through spring and summer.

• Know the pollen count. Information is key, and knowing when pollen or mold counts are particularly high can help people take certain steps to avoid allergic reactions.
• Close the windows. When pollen levels are high, closing windows to prevent breezes from bringing pollen inside a home can be an effective strategy. You can also utilize a HEPA filter on the home’s air conditioning system.
• Remove clothes worn outdoors and shower to rinse pollen off skin and hair.
• While it can reduce energy usage, hanging clothing to line dry during high pollen counts can cause pollen to stick to freshly laundered items.
• Avoid gardening or other outdoor activities when pollen is high. If you must be outdoors, wear a mask.
• Try an antihistamine product that will reduce your body’s reaction to the seasonal allergen.
• Use a nasal rinse to clean allergens out of your nose. This can help ease congestion and itching. Select sterile saline solutions or carefully follow directions for preparing rinses in neti pots.
• Corticosteroid nasal sprays can improve nasal symptoms. Speak with a doctor about how to use these products and how long to use them.
• Consider allergy shots, also known as allergen immunotherapy. These shots can help desensitize the body to common allergies by using very small amounts of allergens over time. Eventually, the immune system will produce a reduced reaction to the allergen.

Hopefully, these tips will help you survive allergy season. If you need me, I’ll be at Sam’s Club stocking up on generic Claritin!