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  • You Take the Good; You Take the Bad0

    Life isn’t always easy, but generally, we do our best to make it the best we can. Some of us are better at this than others. Webb Weekly writer Gerry Ayers is better at finding the best in life than most people I know. In case you haven’t heard, Gerry has stage four colon cancer

  • Thank a Veteran1

    I first wrote this list two years ago. It will never get old. It will never be out of date, or unwarranted, so I will continue to publish it every year. But as you read this, please remember those who have served that are STILL sacrificing these things on a regular basis because as much

  • Happy Halloween…0

    The weather is getting colder, I’m seeing pumpkin spice everything, everywhere…I guess that means fall is here! The best part is, is that Halloween is today! Speaking of Halloween, I picked all the winners for our Halloween contest Congratulations to the following winners of our Counting Candy Corn Contest! – Noah Clayton – Cashlin Rogers

  • Be Informed0

    I’m sure you are probably wondering why we are doing an issue on voting so far in front of the mid-term elections. The reason is that we want everyone in the area to be as informed as possible before they head to the polls, and to have plenty of time for you to do your

  • Counting Candy Corn!4

    Attention boys and girls! It is time once again for Webb Weekly’s annual Halloween contest! We are taking this year’s contest back to it’s roots. The very first year we did this we counted Candy Corn, so we are going OG this year. I’m sure you know how this works, but just in case you

  • Fall Food0

    Y’all know that I like to share my recipes for you. They are actually the articles that I get the most comments on. I love to hear people tell me about how they tried a recipe that I suggested. It’s almost as good as actually cooking for people. Y’all also know that I’m not a

  • Prevention is Key0

    October brings us Breast Cancer Awareness month. Every year, as October hits, everyone from athletes, to celebrities to the clerk at the grocery store will be asking you to buy something pink, or wear something pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Each year it is estimated that over 252,710 women in the United

  • Oktoberfest0

    Sometimes odd questions get stuck in my head. They often won’t go away until I know the answer. Luckily I usually walk around with all the answers in the known universe in my purse. The question that got stuck recently is why is Oktoberfest celebrated in September? October is right in the name! So off

  • How to Help0

    As of this writing the southern east coast is bracing to take the brunt of Hurricane Florence. After a natural disaster strikes, it is our natural inclination to want to help. But what are the best ways to actually help? Here are several ways to help in the wake of floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and other

  • Fall Reading List0

    Anyone who knows me knows that I love to read. I have a penchant for sappy romance novels. They are usually full of ridiculous, over-the-top tropes and always end with a HEA (Happily Ever After). Something about the fall makes me want to change up my usual reading with something different. Now, usually, this leads