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  • Brown Awaits Coaching Future0

    By definition, collateral damage is referred to as “injury inflicted on something other than an intended target.” Now that the nine-year saga of Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett has officially concluded with the recent naming of former Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy as the new ‘sheriff’ in Jerry’s World, as of this writing, it

  • Is a Valentine’s Day Proposal Right for You?0

    Valentine’s Day is a special day when thoughts turn to love and romance. Couples contemplating tying the knot may feel like Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to pop the question and begin their journeys toward marriage. Even though Valentine’s Day is a very popular day to propose, it’s tricky to keep such a proposal

  • My Friend Frank0

    One of the joys of being back on the sidelines is getting to see several familiar faces. I actually enjoy those road games, as I get the opportunity to catch up with other coaches. My players often accuse me of campaigning. They routinely ask how I know so many people. I used to be important

  • Get the Most Out of Bridal Shows and Wedding Events0

    Recently engaged couples may be excited to get a jump on wedding planning. Bridal shows can be a great way for couples to meet and familiarize themselves with local wedding professionals, all the while introducing themselves to the terminology of wedding planning. Though they’re a great source of information, contacts and samples, bridal shows also

  • County Hall Corner: Two Worlds – One Family?0

    Since 2020 is a presidential election year, and what happens in Washington, D.C. significantly impacts what happens in our area, I am going to periodically present an outlook from a higher view than local politics. The year 2020 promises to be like few others in American history. Both sides of the political spectrum predict a

  • Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks0

    Recently engaged couples are often so swept up in the excitement surrounding their engagements that they can be forgiven for initially overlooking all the wedding planning that awaits them. Planning a wedding is no small task, but many couples very much enjoy all the hard work that goes into making their special day a success.

  • FITting in Exercise0

    Time is the one thing that we can never create and no amount of money will allow us buy more. Often, it is very difficult for the average person to find the time to take care of themselves. We work hard to take care of our families and fulfill our obligations as spouses and parents,

  • Dr. Martin Luther King Dream Week – Day of Service Slated For Monday, January 200

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. lived a life dedicated to service to others and calling attention to and helping to fight injustice. The theme of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dream Week, Day of Service that will take place is the “Strength To Love.” On Monday, January 20, 2020 STEP AmeriCorps will once again join

  • Free from Disorder0

    As we settle into a new year, many of us are determined to do better in 2020 than we did in 2019. Eat better, exercise more, take more time off, keep better tax records, read our Bible more consistently, pray more passionately, spend more time with our kids, take better care of the house, attend

  • Gazette and Bulletin: January 14, 1930 – Man is Shot Escaping From Wreck of Stolen Vehicle at Green and Louisa Streets0

    A machine which had been previously reported stolen at police headquarters, and one of the men was thought to have been wounded in the leg from the revolver of Officer Earl Shick, as they were running from the scene of the accident. The machine which was badly damaged, with the front stoved in, belonged to Mrs.


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