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Memorial Day is the day set aside to Remember with Gratitude & Pride

Memorial Day is the day that is set aside to remember with gratitude and pride all those who served and died for our country and our freedom. Read all about it in print and online, in your favorite family-oriented publication, The Webb Weekly! Direct-mailed to over 58,000 homes each week in Lycoming County, PA & published online at webbweekly.com! * PLUS, the Spring Home Improvement special edition is published and available for use! *

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  • This Week’s LION – Anna Vaughn Stewart: Passionate Playwright

    This Week’s LION – Anna Vaughn Stewart: Passionate Playwright0

    Seniors in high school are typically preoccupied with serious life decisions like what they will do after high school, and other, not as serious but just as vexing issues, such as excessive facial oil and who they will go with to the prom. But a young lady by the name of Anna Vaughn Stewart, soon-to-be

  • The Summer Job Disappearing Act0

    Another monumental shift in society — in the summer of 1978, 60% of teenagers were working or looking for work. By 2016, only 35% were doing that! Now, don’t be quick to judge (as I was) and say the kids these days are too lazy to hit the job trail. Many are spending more time

  • Bill Fritz Looks Back At 50 Years of Umpiring

    Bill Fritz Looks Back At 50 Years of Umpiring0

    The year was 1968. It was one of the most chaotic and turbulent years in American history but wasn’t the case on the baseball diamond at Original League due to men like Bill Fritz, who served as an umpire to make it possible for young boys to play out their baseball dreams. He has been

  • Professional Summer Wear0

    The warmer weather is finally here! As much as I love the sunshine and the summer styles that go with it, short hemlines, bare shoulders, and breezy silhouettes can be a bit too casual for the workplace. While some offices are more laidback than others, chances are denim cutoffs, and tank tops are most likely

  • Five Reasons to Try Apple Cider Vinegar0

    Vinegar is a fermented liquid made from a wide array of ingredients that is used primarily to preserve and flavor food. But the uses for vinegar are almost as extensive as the variety of flavors it’s available in. The word “vinegar” comes from the French “vin aigre,” or “sour wine.” Vinegar is a diluted solution

  • Well, There’s Always Tomorrow…0

    Truth be told, there are plenty of spring gobbler hunters that I know or have talked to that have already gotten their bird and some are actively pursuing the second gobbler for this spring season. Several of the hunters I checked in with actually filled their tag during the first week of the season. Not

  • New South Williamsport Tennis Courts Ribbon Cutting to be Held Saturday, May 190

    At a time in which recreation facilities are being decreased in many municipalities due to funding woes, one community will be dedicating a new recreational benefit for its community — new tennis courts. This will be the case in South Williamsport, when those new courts will have their official ribbon cutting on Saturday, May 19,

  • Carter Casmir Sets and Reaches Goal After Yearlong Journey on the Court

    Carter Casmir Sets and Reaches Goal After Yearlong Journey on the Court0

    As Lewisburg’s Carter Casmir walked off the court to end the 2016 District 4 Tennis Singles Championships he immediately set a goal for himself. The goal was not a return to the championship match, but a return and win in the championship match. The runner-up finish haunted Casmir throughout the offseason, providing plenty of motivation

  • A Lot of Work to be Done!0

    It’s great to see the bridge over Loyalsock Creek that connects Montoursville and Loyalsock is getting a makeover. Over 14,000 vehicles cross the bridge on a daily basis. That’s a pretty amazing amount of traffic crossing the old three-span truss bridge that was originally built in 1931. It was definitely due for some structural repair.

  • Master the Pecking Order0

    A raise of hands out there who have kindly built or put a bird feeder in their yard for our fine feathered friends. Take the time to observe close enough, at the right times, and you’ll realize bird feeders aren’t just bird feeders; they mimic what some of us go through in life. For just

  • Lifeguards Needed For Splash Cove0

    If you want the ideal summer job that can provide you that “beach buff” tan you have always looked for, lets you enjoy the outdoors and being around water, and allow you to help others to have fun, then a job staffing the “Splash Cove” as lifeguard for the City of Williamsport, might be the

  • Kayaking 1010

    Before I begin this week’s column, I need to pay homage to my dear friends at Webb Weekly. I recently received a notification on LinkedIn saying I have been scribing part-time for the past fourteen years. I must say that I am very proud to be associated with this great organization. I would also like

  • Building a Successful Program Takes More Than Just Good Players0

    Being a leader of men and women takes a certain type of skill, especially when dealing with a group and asking it to accomplish a set of goals over the course of a season. Each and every coach faces situations that will be difficult. They will also be a part of the athlete’s highest accomplishments

  • The Roving Sportsman… All About Bluebirds0

    While the plump-breasted worm-eating robin is entitled “The harbinger of spring,” there is no doubt that sightings of the early bluebirds are eagerly awaited as well. As they begin to leave their winter hangouts and appear more often outside the kitchen window or perched near the garden, we wonder what we can do to keep

  • Happy Mother’s Day0

    It’s become tradition to run this list on Mother’s Day, because all mom in all their forms, shapes, sizes and colors deserve to be recognized not just on Mother’s Day, but every day! So without further ado… Happy Mother’s Day to the Soccer Moms, and the Base/Softball Moms, and the Football Moms, and the Wrestling

  • 10th Annual Ray of Lights Awards Slated For Saturday, May 19 At Community Arts Center0

    There is an abundance of fine musical and acting talent performing in the high schools throughout the Susquehanna Valley. This talent gets showcased in a fantastic awards presentation, much in the spirit of the Oscars and the Tonys, when the 10th Annual Ray of Light Awards are presented on Saturday, May 19, beginning at noon


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