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Fellow Americans, during this difficult time we will continue to serve the citizens of the West Branch Valley and our local business community to the very best of our ability. There has never been a more important time to buy locally and support the area’s economy. We are all in this together. God-bless America.

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  • The Bookworm Sez: “The Great Unexpected: A Novel” by Dan Mooney0

    You had your reasons. That’s what you tell people after you’ve made a decision. Things were left up to you, you looked at the possibilities, and there was no need for discussion. You had your reasons, and because is a good enough one. But, as in the new book, “The Great Unexpected” by Dan Mooney,

  • An Interesting Week0

    The St. John Neumann Regional Academy’s 2019-20 season suddenly came to a close. We were nipped 59-57 by Southern Foulton at the horn. It was a tremendous game, but unfortunately all good things come an end. 22-5. Mid Penn and District 4 Champs. PIAA Sweet 16. Impressive, but it still hurts. Everyone took it very

  • County Hall Corner: Help Wanted0

    There are state and federal job openings, so spread the word! For starters, the United States Census Bureau is still looking for help in knocking on doors after April 1st. Between March 12-20, a notification will be sent to every home, inviting them to participate in the census either online, by phone, or by mail.

  • Williamsport Sun March 15, 1930: Withhold Permission for Steam Shovel to Cross Creek Bridge0

    The county commissioners refused permission to the Standard Construction Company of Altoona to cross the Montoursville bridge across Loyalsock Creek with a steam shovel. Word was telephoned to the commissioners’ office this morning at the courthouse about 11 a.m. that the company was at Montoursville with the shovel on a trailer. Permission was sought to

  • What is a Widowmaker Heart Attack?0

    A heart attack happens when blood flow to your heart muscle is blocked for long enough to damage the muscle. If blood flow isn’t restored quickly, the heart muscle begins to die from a lack of oxygen, and non-functioning scar tissue forms in its place. If enough muscle function is lost, “heart failure” can occur.

  • Clinton Township Seeks Park Improvement Ideas0

    The Clinton Township Supervisors propose to rehabilitate and improve their park, located along Route 54 across from Dollar General, and are seeking public input regarding park use and needs. They have been meeting with students at the Montgomery Area High School who have been sharing their ideas; they have also developed an on-line survey so

  • This Week’s LION: Resource (Foster) Parents0

    One of the difficulties in growing older is not just the decline in physical vibrancy and mental alertness but also adjusting to the new meanings of words. In my lifetime, “liking” someone meant more than checking a box on a screen, a “tweet” was a sound from a small bird, and a “meltdown” was reserved

  • Former Local Woman Is Co-Producer of Hit Cable Series “Better Call Saul”0

    “Better Call Saul” has been one of the hottest series on cable for the past five years. It is on the network, AMC. The co-producer of the current season of the show is a former Williamsport area woman, Trina Siopy. Trina is the daughter of Sophia Daskalakis and Chris Siopy. Webb Weekly interviewed Trina about

  • The “Lure” of Bass Fishing0

    I suppose a better name for this piece would be “The lures of bass fishing” — plural instead of singular. Anybody who has ever gotten serious about their bass fishing fully understands what I mean when I say plural is more applicable; in fact, it’s a gross understatement. When I first got into bass fishing

  • Marching into Spring0

    “Spring, Spring, Spring! Sang the frog. Spring! Said the groundhog. Spring, Spring, Spring sang the Robin! It was Spring. The leaves burst out, the flowers burst out. And the robins burst out of their eggs. It was Spring.” Well, if you’re looking for some hard-hitting political editorial, this may not be the week. The above

  • Saint Patrick’s Day is for Everyone0

    Who was Saint Patrick? Originally born near the end of the fourth century in Britain, probably Wales, he was captured by Irish pirates in his teens and was forced to work as a shepherd. In his early twenties, Patrick was able to escape and return to Britain, and sometime later had some kind of visionary

  • Colonoscopy: The Golden Standard for Cancer Screening0

    More than 140,000 new cases of colon cancer are diagnosed each year, making it the third most common cancer and the second-leading cause of cancer death in the U.S. However, when caught early it is highly treatable. If you knew there was a screening test that could dramatically decrease your risk, would you take it?

  • Grit: March 11, 1962 – Low Patronage May Bring End of Two Trains0

    Citing operation losses, the Pennsylvania Railroad has asked permission to drop its two daytime passenger trains serving Greater Williamsport. The trains, one northbound and the other southbound, between Harrisburg and Buffalo, have been operating at a loss since 1959, according to Christy G. Magruder, manager of the P.R.R. Northern Region. In a recent 32-day period

  • County Hall Corner: Fossil Laws0

    A fossil is a plant or animal that was once alive, but after death, rather than decaying, it became set in stone and left an imprint of itself in stone. This is a good description of certain laws that made sense many, many moons ago when they originally came into being, but have long since

  • Archaeology Group to Host 4th Annual Indian Artifact Fair

    Archaeology Group to Host 4th Annual Indian Artifact Fair0

    Do you enjoy learning about prehistoric cultures in Lycoming County, and want to learn more about an organization that explores and promotes our archaeological past and to share your collected curiosities? The Fourth Annual NCC8 Indian Artifact Fair is the place for you. The Northcentral Chapter 8, Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology will host the educational

  • The Bookworm Sez: “Tech Boss Lady: How to Start-Up, Disrupt & Thrive as a Female Founder” by Adriana Gascoigne

    The Bookworm Sez: “Tech Boss Lady: How to Start-Up, Disrupt & Thrive as a Female Founder” by Adriana Gascoigne0

    One foot in front of the other. That’s how you get anywhere: whether it’s a toe-sliding shuffle or a one-two-three-waltz, the only way forward is step by step. Slow-walk it if you must, but you have to keep going and in “Tech Boss Lady” by Adriana Gascoigne, you’ll find helpful business shoeprints to follow. From

  • It’s Spring – Don’t Argue With Me0

    According to the calendar we still have about 10 days until spring officially starts, but I always consider West Branch Builders Home Show Weekend to be the unofficial kick-off to spring. We turned the clocks ahead, the days are getting longer (and hopefully warmer) and it’s time to start thinking about all those spring and

  • Good Food, Sinatra and Cars0

    I want to take the time to thank everyone who has stopped in at Rust and Shine in Williamsport to purchase one of my cookbooks. It’s been so neat stopping in and getting to meet some of you. A few of you were telling me you know my family or grandparents I have mentioned in

  • You Saw What? Where?

    You Saw What? Where?0

    Like a lot of people here in rural Pennsylvania, I’m always interested in seeing wildlife, not just when I’m hunting or fishing, but anytime I’m out and about. Sometimes, however, it’s not just about seeing wildlife but where you saw it. Let me explain. I was at my “branch office” (Dunkin in Muncy) the other

  • How to Find the Right Bra Fit0

    Bras are a wardrobe staple that women (typically) wear every single day. They are also the one item we neglect the most. Chances are, you probably haven’t had a proper bra fitting since you brought your very first bra. In fact, most women are wearing the wrong size without even realizing it. The wrong bra


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