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  • Rethinking Anxiety0

    When we think of anxiety, our minds instantly go to something negative, and that should be avoided at all costs. However, anxiety might not necessarily always be a bad thing. In a May 2022 interview with McKinsey Global Publishing, Dr. Tracy Dennis-Tiwary, a professor of psychology and neuroscience at Hunter College, talks about how we

  • 4-Point Plan for Personalized Nutrition0

    All of us struggle from time to time to eat well. Often, the issue is not that we don’t know what to eat but that we haven’t made good nutrition personal. Instead, we hop from diet to diet in the hope of finding something that fits our needs. According to Helene Patounas, a Formula 1

  • Strong in Five Minutes0

    Is it possible to gain strength by exercising only 5 minutes, three days per week? Dr. Chris Sciamanna, a primary care doctor and exercise researcher at Penn State, thinks so. Dr. Sciamanna writes, “During the pandemic, when my gym closed, I had to figure out how to do strength training at home. I started doing

  • Is Burnout Causing Your Weight Gain?0

    While estimates of the annual health care costs of obesity-related illnesses vary, researchers agree that the costs are astronomical. Some studies actually estimate the cost to be a staggering $190.2 billion, or nearly 21% of annual medical spending in the United States. Though the root causes for this epidemic can be complex, one that is


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