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  • Exercise to Improve Your Jeans and Your Genes0

    Most people know that exercising regularly has many benefits such as building strength and endurance, helping you maintain a healthy weight, and strengthening our bones. The list goes on and on. But did you know that it can actually improve our genes? Well, sort of. A 2022 study conducted by researchers from Washington University that

  • Lessons Not Resolutions0

    For most people around the world, the new year is a time for rebirth, new hope, and a chance to do things differently — a clean slate. New Year’s resolutions are also very popular, but statistics show that very few people actually keep their resolutions for long. Just compare the attendance of any gym in

  • The Science of Hangovers0

    *This article is intended for educational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice. The winter holidays are a time for many people to celebrate with friends and family and can also become a time of excess. Excess food, dessert, and, yes, alcohol. While this article may have been more appropriately published before New

  • Stay Safe This New Year’s Eve0

    Every year, millions of people around the world celebrate the new year. Some cultures, such as Thailand, historically fired off guns to frighten off demons (Don’t do this!!!). In China, loud fireworks are set off to celebrate and also fight evil spirits. In Denmark, plates and glasses are smashed against front doors to banish ill-intending

  • Avoid Overspending this Holiday Season0

    Whether it is tradition or the holiday spirit, many people enjoy shopping during the holidays. Retailers know this and do their best to part us from our money. Newspapers, TV commercials, radio, billboards, and social media ads seem to have become as essential as air and water and have crept into every minute of our

  • Just Breathe for Holiday Stress Management0

    Thanksgiving is but a distant memory, though Christmas and New Year’s are right around the corner. For many people, this time of year brings to mind lots of food and drink, presents, parties, and visits with family and friends. I can already smell the cookies baking in the kitchen and pine-scented everything as I write


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