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  • Managing Inflammation Using Biomarkers0

    I wrote an article a while back about how the line between science fiction and modern medicine is blurring. The article focused on genomic medicine and how healthcare could be customized based on one’s genetic makeup. The idea was that by mapping an individual’s DNA, their healthcare could be made more proactive as well as

  • He’s Not Done0

    I was completely prepared to write about something other than my kids and their sporting exploits this week. In fact, was already halfway through an article on biomarkers (sounds boring, I know) when I decided to finish the series on my son’s 2023 outdoor track and field season. What the heck, in for a penny,

  • Bellomo Wins New Balance Nationals

    Bellomo Wins New Balance Nationals0

    So, just to recap, my son Peter won the PIAA State Championship for Javelin in the AAA division back in May. Generally, track athletes peak at states, making it the highlight of their competitive year, if not their entire career. Occasionally, at the higher levels, athletes will choose to go on to compete at large

  • Road to Nationals0

    My process and inspiration for writing articles for my column each week typically begin with an idea that I had gotten from a conversation, an advertisement I saw, or an article that I read that I found interesting. I will then research the topic and boil the idea down to a manageable 600-900 words. This

  • Is Fitness Tech Making Us Less Healthy?0

    In a recent article by Fitt Insider, an online newsletter and community for fitness professionals, the idea is that health optimization through the use of fitness technology such as apps, Oura Smart Ring, Fitbit, or even your average smartphone may be making us less healthy as a society. According to the article, the global fitness

  • Area Athletes Break Records, Win Gold

    Area Athletes Break Records, Win Gold0

    It was a good year to be a Bulldog, especially for the Bellomo brothers. Between the two Jersey Shore Area High School seniors/fraternal twins, four school records were broken, a state championship won, and many personal records were set. Nick Bellomo, along with teammates Peyton Whitman, Elijah Jordan, and Brodie Herr, set the school record


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