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  • End of Summer-ish0

    So — clearly — I am not Jimmy. Jimmy has been incredibly busy organizing football broadcasts, filming Touchdowns & Tailgates and making sure our advertisers are well taken care of. So, he asked me if I could fill in for the week. All he asked was that I keep things positive. I’m pretty good at

  • First Downs Fists Up and First Responders Remembered0

    Are you ready for some football? How about some live boxing action, or maybe you want to get out to physically challenge yourself and see what you’ve got and benefit a great cause at the same time? As we roll towards September, make sure you get out and enjoy all the great local events going

  • 9/11 Heroes Challenge0

    The 20th Anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks is quickly approaching. And I’m sure that there will be many memorials and remembrances happening that day. One of which is being spearheaded by my wonderful boyfriend, Steve Noviello. Steve had an idea that he wanted to do an event to honor the lives lost on September

  • Live and Let Live0

    What an amazing time of year it is in our little corner of God’s green Earth. We are so very blessed to live where we do. Please take a break from all the negativity that can be found on the electronic device of your choosing. Please do not become one of those whose emotions are

  • Grace and Sportsmanship0

    I am often a last-minute writer for my column. This week I am glad that I was. Typically, even if I don’t have my column written, per se, I usually have an idea about what I want to write about. This week I was going to remind everyone to be good sports about the seating

  • Always Question Science, Medicine, and Government1

    I want to make this as blatantly clear as possible. The above three are driven by money, power, and beyond greed. They couldn’t care a laboratory rat’s tail about you. Anyone who tries to tell you any differently either directly benefits from the madness or has taken their five-pound bag of sugar to help the

  • Help for Picky Eaters0

    Do you live with a picky eater? In particular, a child who thinks that they can subside just fine on chicken nuggets and mac & cheese for all of eternity? Dealing with a kid that doesn’t want to eat or try anything new, can be an exercise in frustration, but there are some things you

  • Free is the Gateway Entitlement to Government Dependency0

    The early morning fog, cooler temperatures, and sound of the high school band practicing can mean only one thing; the calendar has flipped to August. Wow, has summer flown by even faster than normal this year. I have been out of school for many a moon, but I still feel like I should count down

  • How to Pair Beer With Food0

    This Friday, the 20th anniversary of First Friday in downtown Williamsport, coincides with International Beer Day. Those are two great reasons to head downtown this week for a great time and some good beer. There are many great options for some pretty fantastic beer in our area, but have you ever thought about pairing your

  • An All-American Return to the Field of Dreams

    An All-American Return to the Field of Dreams1

    I trust in God, I love my country, and will respect its laws, I will play fair, and strive to win, but win or lose, I will always do my best. It just seemed fitting to start this week’s column with the Little League Pledge. Like most things created by Little League Baseball, it’s ahead

  • A Pineapple Above the Sea!

    A Pineapple Above the Sea!0

    A good chunk of the summer, so far, has unfortunately been a little rainier than I care for. I figure since I’ve been feeling like I’ve been living under water for the last month, plus in honor of our cover story about “The SpongeBob Musical,” it seemed appropriate to find a craft that could kill

  • Represent With Honor, Dignity, and Appreciation0

    The 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan, is finally ready to light the torch after a year’s delay. There will be no fans at the games, which without a doubt is the right call after what we have seen in the last year and a half. This protects not only the athletes but also