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  • One and Done. Changes.0

    A few might say that I am one of the area’s all-time greats. I was always legit. I dominated the local camp circuit in the early ’90s. Tons of ribbons. Several certificates. A handful of trophies and fancy plaques. Yes. I was the self-proclaimed free throw shooting king. Foul shooting has always been an important

  • Good Will Golfing0

    I first met William on the practice green at White Deer Golf Course. I just closed up, and I was stroking some putts. I couldn’t buy a five-footer, and I was struggling. All of a sudden, a nine-year-old kid appeared from the shadows. HEY MISTER. YOU SHOULD TRY MOVING YOUR EYES OVER THE BALL. YOUR

  • An Ode to Gordon0

    Legendary Canadian folk artist Gordon Lightfoot died last Monday. He was 84. I would say that he was one of my favs. Gordon and I were well acquainted. I listened to ALL of his songs. I saw my idol in three concerts. Lightfoot even came to Williamsport. Yes. The news hit me hard. The tributes

  • Sipping Stockies

    Sipping Stockies0

    When you spend as much time on the water as I do, you always catch a few. And while some days are certainly better than others. You occasionally have those fantastic experiences. These little episodes are extremely rare. I can count them with my fingers. This past Thursday, I was on Lycoming. I parked my

  • You Guys Aren’t Done Yet?0

    I mentioned before that my father and I are building an addition. I am still doing my best to chronicle the entire experience. This might be episode seven. Oh my, folks. There is never a dull moment. My weekly updates online continue to turn heads. Our lack of progress and foolish mistakes are still trending

  • Water Hazards

    Water Hazards0

    I am thankful to be at Lycoming. This is my second stint as the Warrior’s Golf Coach. I took a five-year hiatus after my mid-life crisis. I was with the team from 2001 to 2015. I stepped away to focus on other side hustles. They were extremely fun while they lasted. I got the call


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