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  • The Boys of Summer

    The Boys of Summer0

    So, the boys and I are still buzzing. The past few weeks have been nothing short of amazing. We have experienced all kinds of different emotions. It has been an unforgettable experience. What a journey for the coaches and kids as well as us parents. Jensen and his mates were victorious. They claimed the 2021

  • Foul Balls0

    Exactly five years ago today, the Spencers were on a west coast pilgrimage. My lovely sister and ‘rents now live in West Hollywood, California. We found ourselves in the nosebleed seats of Dodgers Stadium. I guess you can say it was the usual MLB afternoon matinee. Slow, hot, somewhat crowded with stale peanuts and overpriced

  • The Monster From a Kayak0

    The Spencers just got back from a quick family vacation. We spent the past few days along Pine Creek in isolation. Teach has several good friends in her industry. One of them invited us up to her cabin. We did the exact same last year during COVID. We had such an amazing time. It was

  • Logan and Junior Golf

    Logan and Junior Golf0

    Paul McGinn and I have been good friends for a very long time. We coached hoops together and called several games on WEBBWEEKLYLIVE. Paul is a good dude, and he is always around. We don’t see much of each other nowadays as we both focus more on our boys. I reached out to Paul this


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