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Logan and Me

Logan and Me

Paul McGinn and I have been good friends for a very long time. We coached hoops together, and we called a few games with WEBBWEEKLYLIVE. Paul is a great dude, and he is always around. We don’t see much of each other nowadays as we focus more on our sons. Thankfully, our boys still look and act like their moms.

Logan McGinn isn’t your typical 11-year-old kid. The South Sider excels in a number of things. There is one sport in particular where he is an absolute stud. Yes. I have written many articles on this golfing phenom. Logan even made the front cover of the Webb Weekly after a few of his impressive victories. Logan is still a sweet, caring, and determined youngster. He started playing golf at a very early age, and he hasn’t stopped swinging. Logan has already experienced many successes on all of the major junior circuits. The kid has some serious game, and he constantly holds his own against the very best golfers in the nation.

Logan and Paul are currently in Louisiana. Logan qualified for the prestigious Notah Begay Junior National Championship. The who’s who in golf will be there competing. Ridiculous actually. Charlie Woods is in another grouping. Yes. Tiger will be there. He is Charlie’s caddy. David Duval’s son, Braden, is one of the favorites in the high school bracket. Our Logan will be teeing it up in the 10-11 Division. Big-time golf. These guys are playing three rounds at Koasata Pines in Kindler. I understand that it is an amazing golf course. Final round highlights are scheduled to run on the Golf Channel around Xmas. Welcome to the big time.

Logan is no stranger to being in the spotlight. My young friend has appeared on WNEP, WBRE, and several other media outlets. This past summer, Logan made it all the way to Augusta National. He was in the finals for the DRIVE, CHIP & PUTT competition. Those who qualified actually got to play and practice during the Masters. Magnolia Lane kids. Incredible. I even spotted Logan on television.

“I really had fun when we were down at the Masters,” Logan remembered. “I was putting on the practice green, and some of the PGA TOUR guys were there watching me. I got a chance to meet and take a few photos with some favorites. It was really neat.”

Logan is a solid student. He maintains his straight As. His teachers will give him some assignments when he travels. Logan is so polite and very well-spoken. Yes. He continues to get better. Logan is already a golf phenom. But playing in these major tournaments will only make him more rounded. The guy absolutely loves to practice. I do not see any flaws. His short game is fantastic.

“My short game saves me,” Logan continued. “Sometimes I am not hitting my approaches great, but I am so confident with my wedges and putter. I know I can get up and down. Yes. I practice a lot. This always helps when I am in a bad spot.”

Will Eberz and I snuck out for a few holes last Thursday. It was a gorgeous day in North Central Pennsylvania. I try to get some steps with some of my Warriors. The guys make me carry. We noticed Paul and Logan well out in front. They drove down to say hello and asked if they could play just one hole with us. Young McGinn had to get back for football. He plays all of the sports.

Logan stepped up first. He smoked a drive right down the middle. A beautiful right to left draw. It was perfect. Will absolutely smashed one as well. These dang kids make it look so easy. Paul had to go after those two bombs. He snapped hooked one left. I felt nervous when I was over the ball. I wanted to show my young friend that I could still golf. No whammies. Smack. Oh, it was crushed.

We could not find Paul’s ball. No worries. Logan tugged his approach into the deep grass. I had a slight opening. I bladed an 8-iron but got super lucky. Will airmailed the green. Poor guy. How do you hit a 120-yard LW? Logan had an awful lie. His ball was buried in some gnarly stuff. No chance. But he opened up his club face and played an unbelievable shot. The ball rolled to four feet. And he would later make the putt — incredible up-and-down kid. I was the only player who hit the green in regulation. I had a slippery downhiller for birdie. I made a great stroke, and my ball miraculously found the cup. Spencer wins. 1 up. Sorry kid. No rematch. I have been on Cloud 9 ever since.

Best wishes to my man, Logan McGinn. I am so proud of you, kid. Good luck in Louisiana. Tell Tiger I said hi. We marvel at your accomplishments and look forward to what your future holds. Cheers.