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  • This is LA0

    The golf world is definitely buzzing. Major stories are flowing. Bill Kieser and I won our flight in the Williamsport Country Club’s Member Guest. We captured a very nice trophy. The news only captured a few headlines. Our thunder ended with the sunset. Perhaps you heard about the proposed merger. The PGA Tour, the DP

  • The Member Guest Circuit

    The Member Guest Circuit0

    I was recently asked to tee it up in a few tournaments. I used to love golf, but now it’s totally different. Yes. I am back to coaching at my alma mater. I am enjoying my interactions with the Lycoming College Warriors. But I don’t play much. It’s cool. I don’t miss it. I seriously

  • The Amish Runner0

    My full-time gig is with Susquehanna Marble and Granite. Yes. There is never a dull moment. I have been with the company for seven seasons. I am not the strongest guy, and these rocks are super heavy. I tend to break stuff, and my fellow work chums say I am a liability. I was banned

  • Block Party

    Block Party0

    I mowed the grass and tuned in for the final round. I watched Brooks Koepka win the Wanamaker Trophy — his fifth career major crown. The guy is a stud. Athletic and talented. But I wasn’t there just for him. Another star emerged this past weekend. Michael Block stole ALL the headlines. The 46-year-old TEACHING

  • One and Done. Changes.0

    A few might say that I am one of the area’s all-time greats. I was always legit. I dominated the local camp circuit in the early ’90s. Tons of ribbons. Several certificates. A handful of trophies and fancy plaques. Yes. I was the self-proclaimed free throw shooting king. Foul shooting has always been an important

  • Good Will Golfing0

    I first met William on the practice green at White Deer Golf Course. I just closed up, and I was stroking some putts. I couldn’t buy a five-footer, and I was struggling. All of a sudden, a nine-year-old kid appeared from the shadows. HEY MISTER. YOU SHOULD TRY MOVING YOUR EYES OVER THE BALL. YOUR


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