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Time to Grow

For those who planted this year, your gardens should be well on their way! For those who wanted to plant but did not get the chance, it’s not too late.

Visit your local greenhouse this week; they still have a great selection and are probably offering some great deals. Vendors are starting to look ahead to fall and preparing to make room for seasonal items, like fall mums.

I work a little in my garden every day, mostly watering my plants, removing suckers, and pulling early blossoms from my tomato plants.

I noticed that some of my leaves had been chewed by insects. To help prevent this, I use a product called Seven Dust. It is an insecticide that works well to control the unwanted pests. I also trim the lower branches from my plants to help prevent insects from climbing up the plants from the soil. Pruning the lower branches also allows the plant to redirect its energy to produce fruits and vegetables rather than keep these branches alive.

Over the past few weeks, I have received numerous phone calls and emails from our readers, updating me on their progress and letting me know what tips and tricks worked for them. For the rest of this summer, I would like to visit some of your gardens and write about them in my upcoming articles. If interested, you can reach out to me through email at or call our office at (570) 326-9322. Thank you for reading my articles! Happy gardening!

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