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  • Rainwater


    The snow is finally on its way out, and it will be time to start working the soil and begin planting your garden. I received a phone call last week asking about other ways to help the environment while gardening. I suggested collecting rainwater. Purchasing a rain barrel can be expensive, but you may save

  • Fertilizer


    Fertilizer is important, whether growing houseplants, container plants, or a garden. Before you get started, you can check your soil using a simple test kit. If you contact your local Cooperative Extension office, they will send you a test kit (approximately $10). Our local Cooperative is the Penn State Extension. Their web address is

  • Tomatoes0

    When most people think of a vegetable plant, they think of tomatoes right away. Over the years, I have planted various vegetables and fruits, but my personal favorite is the tomato. The tomato can be one of the easiest plants to have with a little work and the right amount of space. There are two

  • Cold Weather, Warm Weather – Start Planning Now0

    This past week I took some time and shopped a few local garden centers. Talking with some of the employees, they see this being another record-breaking year for gardening. My tip to you is to start thinking about what you would like to plant in your garden. If you can, buy your seeds now. They

  • Introducing the Backyard Gardner1

    Living in a town, borough, or even the city does not mean you cannot have a garden. You do not need acres of land, big tractors, and a barn. All it takes is a little time, garden soil, and yard space, or even garden pots. I have lived in Pennsylvania my whole life. I come


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