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  • Taber Museum to Present Elaine Decker’s ‘Travel Back in Time’0

    The Thomas T. Taber Museum of the Lycoming County Historical Society will host local historian Elaine Decker for its first Society Program of the season on Sunday, May 15, 2022 at 2:00 pm in its Community Room. Elaine will be presenting “Travel Back in Time,” and as she explains, “Go back 100 years and watch

  • Six Tips for Planning a Sweet Graduation Celebration0

    When years of hitting the books lead to a hard-earned diploma, there’s just one thing left to do: celebrate the graduate with something sweet. A graduation is a major life milestone that deserves plenty of recognition, and a graduation party is a perfect way to celebrate the occasion with family and friends. Whether the party

  • Truth in Tension: Law or Grace? Part 10

    One of the great theological debates in Christianity is summed up in the question, “Do we live under Law or under grace?” Those who argue for the Law point to the Ten Commandments and the Old and New Testament Scriptures that define God’s moral code and the call for believers to live in holy obedience.

  • Mother’s Day the American Way

    Mother’s Day the American Way0

    A Happy Mother’s Day and heartfelt thank you to all the moms. There is nothing more special than a mother’s love, caring, and nurturing. This represents an amazing gift in the plan of God. The bond between a mother’s love and maternal guidance seems to grow stronger as the years pass by, and mom is

  • Happy Mother’s Day0

    Well, well, well! Look what time of year it is! It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday and time for my yearly Mother’s Day list. I make tweaks and adjustments from year to year, but overall, it’s a good list. So, without further ado… First of all, Happy Mother’s Day to my mom. I love you. Happy

  • Mother’s Day Gift Guide0

    Since becoming a mother, I’ve had a sordid history with this holiday. Mostly due to sleep deprivation and the fact that I never know what to give my own mother and mother-in-law, that shows them how much I appreciate their love and support. However, this year I feel like I’m finally on top of the

  • The Bookworm Sez: “The Social Lives of Animals” by Ashley Ward

    The Bookworm Sez: “The Social Lives of Animals” by Ashley Ward0

    Sometimes, you’re such a goose. And that’s OK; a little horsing around never hurt anyone and times with friends are the best. You can chatter like monkeys, laugh like hyenas, get a little squirrely, and memories are made like that. You need your friends to get wild every now and then, and in “The Social

  • Don’t Miss These Prom-Themed Movies0

    Prom marks one of the final markers between the carefree days of teendom and young adulthood. The often anticipated night of revelry is spoken about with reverence, with many teens considering prom a make-or-break moment in their young lives. Is it any wonder that such a rite of passage among teenagers has become such popular

  • Normandy Broaddus Miss Teen PA Follow Up0

    For the third year, the Miss PA USA and Miss Teen PA USA pageants were held in Johnstown. Ultimately, Alexandra Jones was crowned Miss Pennsylvania Teen USA 2022 at Richland Performing Arts Center Grand Finale in Johnstown on Sunday, April 24, 2022. The spotlight wasn’t dimmed at all, however, on local high schooler Normandy Broaddus

  • Isabella Cole Competes in Miss USA Pageant

    Isabella Cole Competes in Miss USA Pageant0

    Lycoming County is turning out to be pageant central. From Sydney Robertson taking Miss PA USA in 2021 to Normandy Broaddus competing in Miss Teen PA USA in 2022. Not to be outdone, 19-year-old Isabella Cole also competed in Miss PA USA this year. Her very first contest! Both Miss Teen PA and Miss PA

  • A Simple, Savory Meal to Show Mom Your Appreciation

    A Simple, Savory Meal to Show Mom Your Appreciation0

    Whether you’re celebrating a special day or simply looking for an excuse to show her the love she deserves, giving mom the gift of time to explore her hobbies and interests is a treasure she’ll surely appreciate. Providing her with those extra moments can be as easy as creating a meal that gives her back

  • Best ideas for Tech Gifts this Mother’s Day

    Best ideas for Tech Gifts this Mother’s Day0

    Find it challenging to come up with new ideas for Mother’s Day? Show your mom how much you love and appreciate her with gifts she’ll really use – such as home technology that makes life easier. Help Mom keep her phone supercharged and clean Americans spend more than a third of their waking hours on