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  • Winter Haircuts0

    With the new year, you may be in the market for a new you or at least a new hairstyle. The dead of winter may not seem like the best time to try a new haircut, but this season’s hair trends seem to be tailor-made for chilly temperatures and cozy nights at home. If you’re

  • New Year, New You

    New Year, New You0

    Ahhh, here we are, another new year. How long will it take me to write 2023 instead of 2022? I’m thinking not long since my one job consists of me printing off fuel tickets for our customers. I’ll have to get with the program real quick, like this year! 2023. 2023. 2023, Andrea. You got

  • Renewed Day by Day

    Renewed Day by Day0

    One morning I was looking for fossils in Grafius Run while enjoying a hot cup of coffee. Why? Well, Grafius Run flows through our backyard, and after a good rain, it always churns up fossils. I enjoy looking for them, and over the years, I have accumulated a nice collection. After being bent over for

  • Goodbye to Another Year

    Goodbye to Another Year0

    2022 was here and gone before I knew it. It was a year that has gone faster than any other year. It’s honestly unbelievable. I was never as far behind on Christmas as I was this year. Each year I tell myself to get with it earlier, and then BAM, it’s November, and I have

  • The Bookworm Sez: “The Pirate’s Wife: The Remarkable True Story of Sarah Kidd” by Daphne Palmer Geanacopoulos

    The Bookworm Sez: “The Pirate’s Wife: The Remarkable True Story of Sarah Kidd” by Daphne Palmer Geanacopoulos0

    X marks the spot. The map is clear: that’s where the treasure was buried. It’s up to you to figure out which island it’s on, what landmarks match the clues, and who owns the piece of property that supposedly contains wealth and riches. You have your shovel, your GPS, your courage, and this map but

  • 2023 Color of the Year0

    As we close out 2022 and look toward a new year, one thing I am excited about is Pantone’s color of the year for 2023. If you are unfamiliar with Pantone, it’s a company that works with the graphic design, fashion, and product design industries to manufacture and support the rendering of color in raw

  • 2023 Top Fitness Trends0

    Every year fitness organizations and experts around the world make predictions on which fitness trends will be the most popular in the coming year. The reasons range from where to invest their money to what programs should be prioritized on a group exercise schedule. Many 2023 predictions held steady from 2022, but there were a

  • Undereye0

    I recently experienced an allergic reaction to an eye shadow stick that left my eyelids red, raw, and flakey — which is just the look I want for upcoming holiday events. And for some reason, the irritation traveled around and under my eyes. Needless to say, that stick found its way to the trashcan posthaste,

  • May Your Days be Merry & Bright0

    Sunday at church, our Pastor told us to turn to page 88 in our hymnals. We were in the back row close to the door, where I could watch it snow. It was absolutely beautiful looking out into the country field with huge flakes falling slowly to the ground. Tyler was sitting to the right

  • The Gifts of Heaven – Love0

    Note: This is the fourth article in a series for Advent. Previous articles are always available online at http://www.webbweekly.com. Baby, it’s cold outside. I’m not referring to the temperature, though it is a bit nippy. I’m referring to the lack of love we are experiencing in the world today. Jesus warns us that as the

  • Is Chiropractic Care Right for Your Athlete?0

    Being a lifelong advocate of exercise and having played contact sports for many years, I have periodically found chiropractic care beneficial for alleviating back and neck pain. More recently, my twin sons have asked if they could see a chiropractor that was recommended by a family friend, as they, too, were feeling banged up from

  • The Bookworm Sez: Holiday Gift Guide0

    The tree looks magnificent. Your kids did a great job decorating the parts you assigned to them; you took pictures this year, because they really outdid themselves. So you’re ready – almost – for the holidays, except for those few tricky gifts that you just can’t seem to figure out. How about books? Easy to