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  • Five Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe This Halloween

    Five Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe This Halloween0

    Costumes and candy make Halloween a highly anticipated event for children and adults alike, but the holiday can be particularly spooky for pets. Some of the same things that bring humans joy on All Hallows Eve can lead to poisoning, stress or anxiety, which may cause four-legged family members to run away or react aggressively.

  • How to Keep Kids Safe on Halloween

    How to Keep Kids Safe on Halloween0

    When Halloween arrives each October, most people are interested in the entertaining aspects of the holiday in addition to the abundance of sweet foods that are there for the taking. Even though fun may be foremost on the brain, it is important for everyone to keep safety in mind as well. According to the Florida

  • Spooky Snacks that Make Halloween Pop0

    From watching scary movies to dressing up as ghouls and goblins, spooky season means it’s time to pop up your loved ones’ favorite snacks for a ghostly good time. Before heading out to trick-or-treat, gather your minions in the kitchen for some family-friendly fun crafting these haunting yet tasty treats. Throughout October, you can honor

  • When Can Kids Trick-or-Treat Without an Adult?

    When Can Kids Trick-or-Treat Without an Adult?0

    Jack-o’-lanterns on front porches and crisp air are signs that Halloween is right around the corner. Costumes have likely been chosen and bags of candy are undoubtedly hidden in the back of pantries ready to delight trick-or-treaters. Trick-or-treating is one of the most anticipated components of celebrating Halloween, and scores of kids venture door-to-door seeking

  • Check Out These New Scary Movies0

    Come Halloween, television networks and streaming services offer their curated takes on frightening flicks worth watching. Some are horror masterpieces and others campy classics. Film studios continue to release horror films each year — and 2022 is no different. Here are some recently released horror movies and others slated for release in the months to

  • Thinking About Coats0

    As we embrace the chillier mornings and crisp afternoons of autumn, if you haven’t already, now is the time to bring out your cold-weather wardrobe staples. Trench coats, bomber jackets, oversized blazers — the best fall jackets keep you protected from the season’s chill while also offering a stylish one-and-done effect. Because let’s face it,

  • Carve Out More Family Time This Halloween0

    By the time Halloween rolls around, many families are deep into the hustle and bustle of the school year. The holiday provides a great opportunity to focus on family and spend some quality time together. Shared experiences bring loved ones closer, and Halloween is a perfect time for doing something with the people in your

  • Eat, Drink & Be Scary

    Eat, Drink & Be Scary0

    “Mommy, why didn’t the skeleton walk across the road?” Kenzy asked me in the car on the way to dance lessons. “Hmm. Because he was dead?” I asked with a laugh. (I mean, I thought that was a pretty solid answer.) “Nope. He couldn’t walk across the road because he didn’t have any guts!” She

  • The Bookworm Sez: “The Museum of Odd Body Leftovers: A Tour of Your Useless Parts, Flaws, and Other Weird Bits” by Rachel Poliquin, illustrated by Clayton Hanmer0

    You don’t need that. Ugh, it’s so frustrating when you ask someone for something and they just say “no” right away. Why didn’t they think about it first, or ask your intentions? What if you spend your own money or find that thing yourself? As a kid, you probably hear “you don’t need that” a

  • How Much Water Should You Drink?0

    As most people know, water is essential for life. The human body is composed of approximately 60% of water by weight. Water aids the body in ridding everyday cellular waste, helps to regulate body temperature, keeps joints healthy, and helps to protect tissue. If the body does not get enough water, it becomes dehydrated, which

  • Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids

    Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids0

    Halloween is an enjoyable holiday for all, but particularly for children. Kids enjoy the opportunity to channel their whimsy and imagination, whether that involves choosing a clever costume or helping design the theme and scope of home decorations. Parents, guardians and educators can channel the creativity inspired by Halloween into various craft projects. Crafts can

  • Tips to carve the perfect jack-o’-lantern

    Tips to carve the perfect jack-o’-lantern0

    Jack-o’-lanterns are one of many indelible symbols of Halloween. It’s hard to pinpoint the precise origins of jack-o’-lanterns, but many historians trace the tradition to 19th century Ireland. In fact, this instantly recognizable staple of Halloween decor actually gets its name from an Irish folktale character named “Stingy Jack.” Jack-o’-lanterns are ubiquitous in October, but