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  • WASD Kindergarten Registration Week Scheduled0

    2022-2023 School Year Enrollment Period Set for March 28-April 1 The Williamsport Area School District’s kindergarten and new student registration week is scheduled for March 28 through April 1. Children must be age 5 on or before Sept. 1, 2022, in order to enroll. All registrations for the 2022-2023 school year will occur from 8:30

  • Did You Know?0

    Getting out and about is a vital component of many seniors’ daily lives, but it’s important that aging men and women recognize how much exercise is healthy for them. The Department of Health & Human Services notes that adults need a mix of physical activity to stay healthy. That mix should be a combination of

  • Having Purpose is Good for Your Health0

    It makes sense that to find happiness, we all need some sense of purpose. It doesn’t have to be something big or earth-shattering, just a reason to get out of bed in the morning. It might be a job you love, the time you look forward to spending with your family or even a calling

  • Improve Vision With These Items0

    Sight is a precious gift that enables a person to enjoy the world in a unique way. Yet many people are born with complete or partial vision loss, while others’ vision slowly dissipates over time. Macular conditions include age-related macular degeneration (AMD), which leads to a loss of both central vision and the ability to

  • County Hall Corner: What Happens When You Call 911?0

    The purpose of this column is to help emphasize and explain the three essential aspects of government that every citizen and resident should know. First, all residents should know who their elected officials are at every level; federal, state, and local level, as well as their particular sphere of responsibility. Everyone likes to complain about

  • Shakespeare, Cinderella, Thor … and Oscar: A Tribute to Kenneth Branagh0

    When discussing Kenneth Branagh, it’s hard to know where to begin — or end. The famed British actor, writer and director is currently enjoying box-office success with the long-delayed whodunit “Death on the Nile,” while his most recent film, “Belfast,” stands nominated for seven Academy Awards. Starting with screen versions of Shakespeare in the 1990s,

  • Williamsport Sun: March 5, 1937 – Ambulance to be Available at All Hours0

    The ordinance containing seven rules the maintenance, operation and use of the newly acquired Williamsport Community Ambulance, was introduced in City Council this morning by Councilman Frank W. Henninger. The bill was passed on the first reading following some discussion over the transportation of persons having communicable diseases. It was finally decided to let rule

  • Favorite Meal

    Favorite Meal0

    Have you ever thought about if you had one last meal, what it would be and where you would go? Like, really thought about it? If I knew I had one good last meal, I know exactly what I would have. I’d go to an awesome bar with incredible food. Those kinds of bars that

  • A Beagle Can Lead to More Rabbits

    A Beagle Can Lead to More Rabbits0

    When I started to hunt rabbits as a high-school kid, I remember that I would take my old single barrel H&R sixteen gauge and head out to a friend’s farm. We didn’t own a dog, so I just worked my way through field edges and along brushy tree lines kicking brush and watching for running

  • The Bookworm Sez: “Seven Games: A Human History” by Oliver Roeder0

    It’s your turn. Spin the spinner, roll the dice, pick a card. Move your game piece the right number of squares and don’t miscount. And if you think you’ve caught a cheater, well, check the rules. Or, as in the new book “Seven Games” by Oliver Roeder, check with a computer. It’ll surely know what’s

  • “Valuable Ammunition”0

    Whether you are a hunter or a target shooter, or both, you are keenly aware of just how valuable ammunition is these days. Not only is it usually as scarce as hen’s teeth, but when you find it, it is as expensive as all get out. But, I am not actually referring to ammo for

  • Hair Over 500

    Many beautiful things come with aging: strong relationships with friends and family, wisdom, confidence, a deeper sense of self, career achievements, and the ability to truly do what you want. But what might not be as welcome are the hair changes that can occur. When women hit age 50, hair starts to lose pigment (if

  • Williamsport High School Student Raising Funds To Attend Prestigious Summer Design Institute0

    The Moore College of Art and Design, located in Philadelphia, is a prestigious school for those aspiring to careers in art and design. Its Summer Design Institute (SADI) is a highly sought-after summer school for budding young artists. One local girl, Avery Sauers, a junior at Williamsport Area High School, has been accepted to this

  • The Instagram Post

    The Instagram Post0

    Nick Bailey is an 8th-grade student at St. John Neumann Regional Academy. He is a great kid with an awesome smile. Nick is very well behaved and rather soft-spoken. I have known Nick for a few years, and he is one of my favorites. My man comes to every contest, and I will always go

  • A Cup of Coffee and a Conversation0

    As most of you know, I’m an early riser. Many of my mornings begin at one of our local eateries with a cup of coffee, a glass of water, and sometimes breakfast. I think it’s very important to get out and about in this world we live in. To have a routine that includes socializing

  • Who Comes Up With These Things?0

    According to both holidayinsights.com and nationaltoday.com, February 23rd is International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day. I have no idea why we need a day for that, let alone an international day for that, but you know what? It’s the end of February, the winter blues are well set in, let’s roll with it. According to an

  • Coran Calvert’s MotoTrial Adventures0

    The world of MotoTrials is demanding, thrilling, and at times dangerous, but this doesn’t deter or scare one area youngster, 14-year-old Coran Calvert, from competing and excelling in them. According to the MotoTrials website, “MotoTrials (formerly ‘Observed Trials’) is now the pinnacle of off-road riding, as the riders tackle the most severe terrain capable of

  • Movie Time0

    My good friend Nick Tagliaferri and I were somewhat celebrities back in the day. OK. It was a long time ago. In a galaxy far, far away. We simply took advantage of our impressive coaching resumes. SPENCE TAG RADIO was well before its time, and this weekly part-time gig had listeners from all over the

  • Landmark Lands Lycoming0

    “You can’t tell the players without a scorecard” has long been the traditional cry of scorecard vendors inside the entrance of baseball stadiums. In recent years that same rationale could be applied to college football fans in understanding the membership of various conferences around the country. Last year’s announced move by Texas and Oklahoma to

  • There’s A Storm A-comin’0

    “There’s a snowstorm coming!” or “There’s a snowstorm a-comin!” What’s the difference? At least 8 inches. You can typically determine the intensity of a snowstorm if the term “a-comin” is used. Nature provides us with numerous signs on upcoming weather conditions if we know what to look for or interpret. If cows are laying down,


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