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  • Shop Your Closet0

    I’m sure it’s no surprise to regular readers to learn that I have a lot of clothing. However, at the beginning of a new season, I always feel like I have nothing to wear, even with a closet full of clothes. Normally, when my wardrobe was feeling a bit stale, I’d go shopping, but with

  • Must-Have Hunting Gear0

    Hunting is popular throughout North America. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said that 40 percent of the population of the United States ages 16 and older participated in wildlife-related activities in 2016, the most recent year for data. Hunting also is popular in Canada, where it’s difficult to paint a picture of that popularity

  • A Couple of Approaches to Fall Turkey Hunting0

    The fall turkey season isn’t far away, October 30 is opening day, and you can bet most serious turkey hunters have at the very least been keeping their eyes out for flocks of turkeys. When it comes to fall turkey hunting, there are a couple of approaches that hunters often take. One approach is to

  • The Roving Sportsman… Steps to Ensure Crowd-Pleasing Venison0

    In just a few days, Saturday, October 2 to be exact, The Archery Antlered and Antlerless Deer Season open statewide. Bowhunters across the state will enter the Pennsylvania woods in search of a whitetail deer that will produce some very tasty meals for family and friends. From the time we head out for a day

  • Simple Safety Protocols That can Protect Hunters0

    Hunting is big business in North America. In 2017, more than 15 million people hunted in the United States. The National Shooting Sports Foundation reports that sportsmen and women contribute nearly $9.4 million to the economy every day. Millions of hunters take to forests and fields every year. Seasoned hunters and novices alike can benefit

  • MLB Draft League Re-visited0

    With the Major League Baseball regular season coming to a close this week, it afforded an opportunity to sit down with Gabe Sinicropi, the director of marketing & public relations for the Williamsport Crosscutters, to discuss his assessment of the team’s initial season in the MLB Draft League. WW: From your perspective, what is your

  • County Hall Corner: County Government ABCs0

    County authorities, boards, committees, councils, and commissions are an established feature of municipal governments which offers citizens an extraordinary opportunity to participate in a county’s government affairs. Their activities have helped to shape or influence public policy in many areas. In Lycoming County there are seven authorities and seven boards which citizens can volunteer to

  • New to Bowhunting?0

    Any new endeavor can sometimes be intimidating and always involves a learning curve of some sort, but in the case of taking up the sport of bowhunting, the rewards are endless and the process of becoming proficient can be a pleasant experience as well. Developing your ability to consistently place an arrow where you want

  • Rowing the Boat

    Rowing the Boat0

    We have several local products that are doing their thing. I have a great relationship with many of these athletes, but I simply wanted to show one some major love. Lycoming County produces some great footballers, and this kid was off the charts. He is now playing at a very high level, and I enjoy

  • Annual Frostbite Events Are Back in Person to Raise Funds for Lycoming County Special Olympics0

    Special Olympics needs your help now, more than ever. As you are aware, COVID-19 has caused havoc for all of us in 2020/2021. Because of its presence and in following requested CDC and Special Olympics guidelines, Lycoming County Special Olympics has had to cancel many of their scheduled fundraising events for 2020/2021. The monies raised

  • UPMC Doctor: Coping with Pelvic Pain0

    Any degree of discomfort that occurs between your belly button and upper thighs is considered to be “pelvic pain.” It may seem easy to diagnose, as the pain is located in a smaller area of the body. However, this pain could be caused by a wide variety of things and can chronically affect women at

  • Pennsylvania’s Archery Deer Season Awaits Pennsylvania Game Commission0

    If something can be routine and record-breaking at the same time, Pennsylvania’s archery deer season is it. It’s routine in its consistency. Pennsylvania held its first statewide archery season in 1951; this year’s hunt is the 71st in a row since. It stretches across seven weeks, includes a Sunday and gives hunters the chance to

  • Livin’ on the Edge0

    “There’s something wrong with the world today I don’t know what it is Something’s wrong with our eyes We’re seeing things in a different way And God knows it ain’t his It sure ain’t no surprise, yeah” For those of you that might not have recognized the title and/or first verse of this week’s column,

  • Fall Bucket List… Just Kidding, Let’s Eat!0

    Now, I could carry on about all the fun things that I want to do this fall, and even have some pretty firm plans for at least one day of fall fun, but I think we all know by now that the chance of me accomplishing much more than Columbus Day at the pumpkin patch

  • Over the Edge Fundraiser This Saturday, September 250

    No, that isn’t Spiderman and his cohorts who will be rappelling down the side of the Genetti Hotel this Saturday, but participants in the Over the Edge fundraiser designed to raise money for several area nonprofit organizations. Between 70 and 80 people are expected to participate in the event that will take place between 8

  • Trail Cameras, Food Plots, and Treestands0

    When I look at how hunters prepare for deer hunting today and how they prepared years ago when I was a youngster, I see two very different approaches. We now have longer deer seasons and more deer hunting opportunities, especially for bowhunters and muzzleloader enthusiasts. We also have new and better equipment that has added

  • Sweater Weather0

    Last week was still pretty hot, but the daily highs are starting to lower, and the evenings are turning chilly. So, I think it’s safe to say that sweater weather is right around the corner! Ideal sweater weather is temps between 55-65 depending on how hot you personally run. But sweater weather isn’t just about

  • The Roving Sportsman… Mentored Youth Hunting0

    For an experienced hunter, one of the most valuable ways we can spend our time is to mentor a new youth hunter. It can truly be a rewarding experience to take a young, eager novice and nurture them through the process of becoming a safe, ethical and knowledgeable hunter. It will be an activity that

  • Deep Thoughts.0

    These are the best of times and yet the worst of times. Unprecedented times. I continue to pray and send good vibes. But I am very concerned with what is going on. One of the good things about writing a weekly column is that I get to chime in. Yes. I usually share a story

  • You Wanna Bet?0

    Following a recent team practice session, one of the coaches rapidly completed his post-practice responsibilities and, dashing to his car, told his fellow coaches, “See you guys tomorrow. I’ve got to get to my fantasy draft league meeting.” On another occasion earlier this summer, while engaged in a baseball conversation, one person in the group,

  • County Hall Corner: I Fought the Law and the Law Won0

    A standard science-fiction device is an unstoppable foe. It could be a virus or disease, an alien invasion, or a monomaniac bent on world conquest, but the common strain is that its power grows and grows without anyone being able to stop it. We have had such a creature growing in the United States for

  • UPMC Physician: Understanding Traumatic Injuries0

    Traumatic accidents and injuries are unfortunately an everyday occurrence. Many people often associate trauma with major events such as car accidents, gunshot wounds, and burns, however, traumatic injuries can also be from something as simple as a fall in your home. While no one plans to be involved with such events, it is vital to

  • How to Spot Signs of Cyberbullying0

    Despite its relative infancy, the internet has become so prevalent in daily life that it’s hard to imagine a time when it wasn’t so widely available. Yet that time wasn’t so long ago. In fact, many adults who are now entering or in middle-age made it through their secondary educations without the internet. That’s not

  • St. John’s Newberry United Methodist Church Celebrating 150 Years of Faith and Commitment0

    Not many churches celebrate 150 years of existence and service to God and their community; happily, St. John’s Newberry United Methodist Church is one of them. Now, as many congregations of all denominations are melting away and closing the doors of their churches, it seems appropriate to look back and celebrate a church that is

  • Appreciation for the Harbingers and Happenings of Autumn0

    Our Fall Home Improvement Guide can mean only one thing — the unofficial start of Autumn has arrived. Since we began the Webb Weekly, this is always one of our biggest publications of the year, and our 2021 edition is no different. Within the Fall HI pull-out, there are 114 businesses available to help you

  • Thank You!0

    By the time you read this, the 20th anniversary of September 11th will be behind us. But before we put another year in the rearview (and especially since as I’m writing it’s September 10th), I wanted to say thank you to everyone who helped make the first 9/11 Heroes Challenge a success! Steve and I

  • The Roving Sportsman… Chasing Bushy Tails0

    If you did a survey, particularly of older hunters, I bet most began their hunting days by tramping the woods searching for squirrels. They were certainly an upland game that I targeted in my early days of hunting. Today, there seems to be less interest in spending time hunting squirrels, yet there remain many good

  • County Hall Corner: God Help Us0

    From the United States Congress to local municipalities, official meeting sessions are generally opened with a prayer. Often these are more directed toward the audience hearing them than Almighty God. Still, at the Lycoming County Commissioners Meeting on September 7th, Commissioner Chairman Scott Metzger opened the session with a prayer that spoke volumes. It deserves

  • What Do You Know About Football?0

    Disclaimer. These articles are submitted Friday afternoon. Life gets busy, and I will occasionally miss my extended deadline. I often leave my lovely editor hanging. Those are never my intentions, kids. I sometimes struggle with part-time mobile freelance procrastination. There are so many great stories to share. Unfortunately, I simply need to do a better

  • Rubik’s Cube

    Rubik’s Cube0

    I can’t completely put the 2021 Little League Baseball World Series in the rearview mirror without passing on one of those heartwarming stories that make Little League about much more than baseball games played by sub-teenagers. Ken Sawyer has repeatedly dubbed it “a series like no other,” and some have expressed the opinion that it

  • Who’s in Charge?0

    Sadly, in today’s world, the word ‘bubble’ has taken on a totally different meaning than that used to describe a luxurious bath or a child’s gum. It’s now a protective word meant to shield one from interactions and danger from the outside world. During last month’s Little League Baseball World Series, the ‘bubble’ that surrounded

  • Area Car Clubs Host Fall Shows in Muncy September, 18th0

    It’s fall in North Central PA, and that means car shows; specifically, three great car shows taking place in Muncy on September 18th! Whether you are into classic muscle cars, cool Corvettes, or iconic Ford Mustangs, there is something for everyone. Three separate car clubs will be hosting shows, including the North Central Mustang Club,

  • Our “Ugliest” Winged Creature0

    Maybe I should be a little more considerate and rephrase that story title and say our “not so attractive” winged creature. If you haven’t already guessed, I’m referring to the common and frequently sighted turkey vulture. The vulture’s featherless red or pinkish head and neck are anything but cute, and their eating habits only add


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