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  • Graduate, Take Heart, and Overcome!0

    The world is a mess. It was a mess yesterday, it’s a mess today, and it will be a mess tomorrow. If anyone tells you differently, they’re selling something. The world has been a mess ever since pride in the human heart decided it didn’t need God. That primal error has resulted in an unending

  • Summer Heat

    Summer Heat0

    It’s safe to say summer is officially here. These temps have been hot already, and we aren’t even to July and August yet — but I’m ready. I’ve been really looking forward to summer this year, though, which is saying something. I love all the activities of summer, just not the humidity. With my new

  • Do Something0

    The ominous sky opened up just moments before the Lycoming County Veterans Council was set to begin its annual Memorial Day Service at Williamsport’s West Fourth Street Veterans Memorial Park. Undaunted, the large crowd that had gathered remained in place with umbrellas and rain gear at the ready. They were there to honor and pay

  • Two Time Blues Music Awarded Texas Artist, Sue Foley, to Grace the Stage At the 2022 Billtown Blues Festival0

    Billtown Blues Association organizers are coming down the home stretch after a year-long preparation for their signature event, the Billtown Blues Festival, now celebrating 32 years of the blues music art form. There will be no deviation from the event’s reputation of securing world-class nationally known performers, exposing those on the cusp, and providing a

  • Strawberries0

    Working in the garden this week, I took notice of all the blossoms on my daughter’s strawberry plants we started three years ago. The best time to plant strawberries is early spring. Most plants will blossom in the first year but removing these first blossoms will give the plant more time to establish a better

  • Skip the Line! Order Your Single Game Tix in Advance!0

    Tickets for all Cutters game during the 2022 season are available by calling (570) 326-3389, online at crosscutters.com or in-person at Muncy Bank Ballpark at Historic Bowman Field. Ordering in advance online means that you can print your tickets at home & skip the line at the box office on game night! With tickets starting

  • Peregrine Falcons

    Peregrine Falcons0

    Like most folks out here in rural Pennsylvania, I enjoy seeing a wide variety of birds, and like many of us, I really get a kick out of spotting some of the “big guys” like hawks, ospreys, and especially eagles. Some hawks, like red-tailed hawks, are often seen perched in trees along major highways, where

  • Congress Visiting Williamsport0

    With the welcomed announcement that the Little League Baseball World Series, with all its trappings, will be returning to our area this August, the annual proclamation of “Williamsport Welcomes the World” will once again ring true. What may not be as well-known this week, from June 10-13, is that an even broader representation of Little

  • The Roving Sportsman… Gift Ideas for Father’s Day0

    With just over a week left until Dad’s Big Day rolls around, here are some suggestions that might bring a smile to his face on “His Day.” For most outdoor enthusiasts, there are so many gadgets and so much gear available, no matter what the specific sport or activity they enjoy. For a father or

  • River Monster0

    I was never exposed to fly fishing growing up. Sure, I tried it several times, but the purist ideology never stuck. It can be extremely frustrating, and I have zero confidence. I quit fifteen times and went back to my spinning rods. But COVID changed everything. I started with YouTube and made a few calls.

  • Local Physician First in Area to Offer Innovative Direct Primary Care0

    There has been a lot of discussion throughout the nation about delivering adequate health care services to patients in the system. Much of this involves billing and waiting to receive those services. Medical professionals are starting to think outside the box, and one of the ways they are doing this is through a concept called

  • Sorrow, Grace and the Future0

    I’m sure many of you have experienced the same emotions I have since first learning about the shooting at Robb Elementary school in Texas. As I am writing this, I am in just flat-out angry mode. These are our children; we are the United States of America, and we must find a way to protect

  • Summer 2022 Calendar of Events0

    I have always said, if you think there is nothing to do in our area, that you aren’t even trying. There is almost always something happening, somewhere to go, or something to do in our area. Adult, kid and family activities are easy to find, because there are plenty of them to do. Don’t believe

  • Williamsport Crosscutters Begin Year Two In MLB Draft League0

    After a year of growing pains adjusting to a new league and working under the shadow of COVID, the Williamsport Crosscutters’ officials are very excited about the coming season. This year, several exciting changes will be featured for the Crosscutters and the MLB Draft League. The 2022 season will be split into two halves. The


    Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr made an impassioned plea to take stronger action this week. He had very little to say about basketball in a press conference a few hours after the incident. Nineteen innocent children and two teachers were killed at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas. Kerr refused to entertain any questions

  • Crappie Fishing

    Crappie Fishing0

    I’ve had a few crappy fishing days over the years, but that’s seldom the case when I’m fishing for crappies. The truth is crappies can be taken year-round; we catch them through the ice in good numbers, and spring, summer, and fall can also be productive. The key is to know where to look for

  • A New Season at the Old Ballpark0

    On Thursday, that welcomed familiar cry of “play ball” will once again echo across the scenic acreage of Williamsport’s Historic Bowman Field as the nation’s second-oldest baseball park will usher in another season of baseball when the Crosscutters begin year two as members of the MLB Draft League hosting the State College Spikes. Now known

  • Opening Night & Single Game Tickets Now on Sale0

    Cutters’ baseball is BACK! The summer fun begins THIS Thursday, June 2 when the Cutters host the State College Spikes at 6:35 p.m. for Opening Night 2022 presented by UPMC & WILQ. Opening Night tickets and tickets for all 2022 home games are available by calling (570) 326-3389, online at crosscutters.com or in-person at Muncy

  • Run, Hide, Fight0

    “Get ready to die!” Those chilling words echoed through an elementary school classroom in Texas. And die they did. After several agonizing minutes, 21 individuals were dead. No, not dead — slaughtered. As if the situation wasn’t horrific enough, 19 of those individuals killed last Tuesday were children averaging around the age of 10 years

  • Lycoming County Chapter of Pennsylvania Association of School Retirees Presents Education Grants to Loyalsock District Teachers

    Lycoming County Chapter of Pennsylvania Association of School Retirees Presents Education Grants to Loyalsock District Teachers0

    The Pennsylvania Association of School Retirees (PASR), Lycoming County Chapter (LCC), presents two yearly educational grants. Any professional or paraprofessional from Lycoming County public schools may apply for these grants. The applications are sent to each district yearly. On Tuesday, May 3rd, two Educational Grants were presented to Loyalsock High School Music Directors Ryan Bulgarelli,


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