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  • The Tragedy of Macbeth: Joel & Denzel Take on the Bard0

    Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” is famously plagued by a curse — a frightening series of mishaps, injuries, and deaths going all the way back to the play’s first staging in 1610. We don’t have space to go into all that here (just google “curse of Macbeth”), but perhaps this is one reason why it’s proven perilously difficult

  • Avoid Toxic Positivity0

    There is no doubting that this is a strange time to be alive. Not only does a worldwide pandemic continue to rage and disrupt our lives, but international turmoil seems to make daily headlines continually. With 24-hour news cycles and the internet, we are bombarded by the media with an endless stream of negativity in

  • The Roving Sportsman… Getting Into Shape for Hunting0

    Tragically, every year as the hunting season gets underway and the “army” of Pennsylvania hunters hits the woods, unpleasant discoveries are made. As these hunters travel deeper into the woods than normal in pursuit of small or big game, the chances are all-too-real that they may come across a hiker or camper that has passed