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  • Trouble, Tragedy & Timing0

    I want to begin with a serious safety and driving issue I only see getting worse. I will mention the specific routes I drive several times during the course of the day, but I have witnessed this problem across our area. As people are so quick to twist things in today’s world, I will make

  • Principles of First Aid Everyone Should Know0

    Emergencies can strike at any time. This became more than evident with the tragedy that we saw last Monday night with Damar Hamlin during Monday Night Football. I encourage everyone to take a basic first aid/CPR class. You never know when that skill may be needed. But this seems like a good time to go

  • The Gifts of Heaven – Hope0

    This past Sunday, the Christian world entered the season of Advent. Advent prepares us for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ in much the same way Lent prepares us to remember His suffering, death, and resurrection. While Advent is associated with Christmas, its greater purpose is to serve as an annual reminder of