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  • How Non-Traditional Families can Celebrate Mother’s Day

    How Non-Traditional Families can Celebrate Mother’s Day0

    No two families are the same. What may be “normal” for one family could be quite unique to another. Because families are so different, days such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, and even days devoted to siblings or cousins present opportunities for families to celebrate diversity while honoring their family members. Branch out

  • Drive-Thru Pat

    Drive-Thru Pat0

    Brr, kids. It is quite cold. Bundle up and stay warm. They say a major snowstorm is on its way. Great. While COVID continues to dominate the headlines. Several games and practices have been impacted. Schools are starting to go back online. Frustrating. Yes. But hang in there. We will prevail. Get a booster, wear

  • Buying Used Tupperware in a Stranger’s Yard0

    “You grab first and look later. That’s important.” “This isn’t a tea party; manners just slow you down.” It’s way too early on a Saturday morning to understand the game plan for the next few hours. I’m sleepy, cranky, and badly want a donut, but there’s no time to spare. With our destination in sight,