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Drive-Thru Pat

Drive-Thru Pat

Brr, kids. It is quite cold. Bundle up and stay warm. They say a major snowstorm is on its way. Great. While COVID continues to dominate the headlines. Several games and practices have been impacted. Schools are starting to go back online. Frustrating. Yes. But hang in there. We will prevail. Get a booster, wear those masks and please stay safe.

This week’s article has little to do with sports. I only wanted to send some love. The circle of life is hard to understand. And the older I get, the more frequent this sort of thing happens. I wanted to take time to reflect on someone in particular. No. I didn’t know her well, but this person truly inspired me.

Believe it or not. Many of you actually knew her. Perhaps not by name. But everyone she came in contact with will probably feel the same. Pat Koch was the extra sweet gal who worked the busy drive-thru at Mcdonald’s in Old Lycoming Township. She not only took our money, Pat gave us all simple words of wisdom. She was the very best, and I have never met anyone who was so lovely. She reminded me of my grandmothers from Minnesota. YOU HAVE A BLESSED DAY.

Pat and I were friends on Facebook. Every time I pulled up, I was hoping and delighted to see her. Our relationship grew. She asked me questions about fishing or wanted to know how the basketball team was doing. Pat was full of faith. We had some great conversations. I would hand her my card, and she would entertain. We talked about everything. Pat was quite stubborn in terms of her politics, and we would occasionally banter. She was so grand, and I am a better person for knowing her. GO HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY AND MAKE THE MOST OF IT.

A few years back. I asked to take her photo. WHY? I just wanted to say thanks. She finally agreed, and my post went viral. I had over 200 likes and several moving comments — all walks of life. Age was not a factor. Everyone loved Pat, and I told her about it the very next morning. She was humbled. Pat was such a special friend. GOD BLESS YOU, MY FRIEND.

Pat Koch may have lost her battle with cancer. But she is still with us. Pat often reminded me not to sweat the small stuff. I miss her dearly. Every time I drive up, I think of her. I order my caramel iced coffee and remember her smile. My thoughts and prayers are with the family. Thanks, Pat. Cheers.