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  • Survive and Thrive During Menopause0

    Although menopause is a natural part of aging for women, many women aren’t happy when they start recognizing the signs. Technically, menopause is when a woman stops menstruating— signaling the end of her ability to develop eggs and reproduce. Emotionally, many women feel the transition is more like a roller coaster ride. Menopause usually happens

  • Cinderella’s Closet Registration is Open0

    The Junior League of Williamsport’s Cinderella’s Closet has found a new home at the YWCA Northcentral PA. The YWCA and the Junior League will work together during the event to create an uplifting, positive environment for teenagers to find their prom essentials. This year high school juniors and seniors are required to make a 30-minute

  • Interesting to Amazing: Moms are Amazing!!0

    How many women, if they could look into the future, would still decide to get married and have a family? There are few guarantees in this “deal.” I am awed when I consider what my mother went through. Would she still have married Sam from Rhode Island after WWII if she could have foreseen the

  • That Group

    That Group2

    There has never been a time when so many instant communication options are available for public use. Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are commonplace. Most everyone shares their personal stories on Facebook and uses the medium to troll for friends, often boasting about how many ‘friends’ they’ve connected with. But in reality, are those ‘friends’ really

  • Annie Get Your Gun!0

    The family tradition of hunting in Pennsylvania began before Penns Woods had even become a state. In 1683 hunting was permitted as a right of ownership on all land covered by Mr. William Penn’s Charter. The family tradition of an actual “deer season” in the Keystone State did not begin until 1869. At this point

  • Gazette and Bulletin: January 10, 1934 – WRAK Institutes Innovation in ‘Early Bird’ Programming0

    The first of a new series of programs will be inaugurated on Monday morning on WRAK. Williamsport’s local radio station, when the “Early Bird Program” goes on the air at 7:30 o’clock a.m. This program is an innovation unlike anything ever offered in Williamsport, and is built around the idea of giving information which will help

  • See the USA2

    In 1979 my Aunt Wilma and Uncle Mitch Geiger drove cross-country from Merced, California to visit their hometown of Watsontown. Little did I know that visit would change my life forever. The promise of sun, no snow, warmer temperatures, new employment opportunities, and rust free cars was all it took for my Uncle to “stake

  • County Hall Corner: Sleep Well, Little Baby0

    Few things in life are more precious and beautiful than a baby. And thus, few things are more tragic and horrible than the death of such a one. The county coroner is one who must see this over and over again, and even experiencing it once is once too often. It was with this past

  • Licking the Batter Clean0

    Some of you, whether young or old, love eating raw cookie dough, but I never really developed a taste for it. Especially after I read (wives tale?) that said the unbaked dough would rise in your stomach and becomes hard to digest. Might as well swallow bubble gum! But there WERE some pots and pans

  • YWCA Honors Victims During Domestic Violence Awareness Month0

    The individuals who had their lives taken due to domestic violence in Lycoming County will be remembered during the YWCA Northcentral PA’s annual vigil at 5 p.m., Oct. 17 at the Lycoming County Courthouse. For Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the organization aims to honor victims, support survivors and bring attention to this very serious issue

  • My Signature is Worth $9.77, and Yours?0

    • Arts
    • September 5, 2018

    Autograph hounds take note. My signature is valued at a whopping $9.77. Not that I am overjoyed with that figure mind you, because when everything is said and done (as in this story) I am sure one of you would offer me the nice round figure of — $10.00! Autographs are highly sought after collectibles,

  • Cutters Carvings: August 8, 20180

    Preparations Underway for MLB Little League Classic The area around BB&T Ballpark is a bit more crowded these days as workers start setting up for this year’s MLB Little League Classic between the Philadelphia Phillies and the NY Mets taking place on August 19th at the historic ballpark. Due to these preparations by Major League

  • Local Family Takes Mission Trip0

    For Denny and Kammy Paulhamus of Cogan Station, it was the family reunion of a lifetime when they recently reunited with their daughter Ashley, who has been working as a medical missionary at Zimba Missions Hospital in Zambia. The Paulhamuses recently made the long journey to Africa with their other three adult children, Andrew, Alicia,

  • Cutters Partnering with LiveSource for In-Stadium Auctions0

    The Williamsport Crosscutters have announced a partnership with LiveSource to utilize fan engagement in a mobile auction platform for the 2018 season. The Cutters will utilize the LiveSource mobile app to offer fans opportunities for their charitable jersey and cap auctions. The LiveSource app will provide a better experience for fans bidding at the ballpark,

  • Guess Who I Bumped Into?

    Guess Who I Bumped Into?5

    In the late 1960s and into the mid-1970s, the Hurst Corporation (based in Pennsylvania) heavily promoted its line of speed parts, accessories and limited edition cars (usually Oldsmobiles) in a manner most males could appreciate: showgirls! Linda (Miss Hurst Shifter) Vaughn was the best known of the bunch. Blonde and buxom, and blessed with a

  • I Got What I Wanted. Now What?0

    It must have been over seven years ago that I whined and moaned (using a Webb column as my venting post) that cool, functional, consumer-friendly items weren’t appearing before our very eyes as promised. You know, the flying cars, the interspace shuttles, the automatic kitchens, the rotating windmills in our yards. I mean, even the

  • Five Ways to Commemorate Mother’s Day When Mom Has Passed Away

    Five Ways to Commemorate Mother’s Day When Mom Has Passed Away0

    Losing a loved one is never easy. Whether the loss is recent or not, many people find the void created by a loved one’s passing never leaves them. Celebrating holidays or milestones can magnify feelings of loss, and such feelings may surface on Mother’s Day among people whose mothers are deceased. People approach Mother’s Day

  • Happy Mother’s Day0

    It’s become tradition to run this list on Mother’s Day, because all mom in all their forms, shapes, sizes and colors deserve to be recognized not just on Mother’s Day, but every day! So without further ado… Happy Mother’s Day to the Soccer Moms, and the Base/Softball Moms, and the Football Moms, and the Wrestling

  • Gifts for Every Mom

    Gifts for Every Mom0

    From every skinned-up knee when you were small to nearly every celebration throughout life, she is always there. Mothers are consistently there cheering you on and supporting you. Mothers are strong, fearless and kind, and Mother’s Day is your day to give back to them for all they’ve done and show them how much those

  • Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

    Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas0

    Mothers, stepmothers, grandmothers, and many more remarkable women often work tirelessly and without fanfare to provide for their families. Even though they may deserve to be recognized throughout the year, moms enjoy a special day nestled within the month of May when children, spouses and others celebrate Mother’s Day. Many people give heartfelt gifts on

  • County Hall Corner: Planting a Tree0

    Arbor Day, April 27th, came and went, and probably only one out of a hundred people knew of it, and probably only one out of that number celebrated the event. The idea of planting trees might not seem glamorous, but Williamsport built its reputation as the “Lumber Capital of the World,” and had not those

  • This Week’s LION: The “New” Y0

    Franklin D. Roosevelt once made the very profound statement that every organization is either living out the birth of a new vision or the death of an old one. The truth of that is evidenced by companies such as TWA that once had a virtual monopoly on trans-oceanic air travel and yet went bankrupt, or

  • A Special Moment

    A Special Moment0

    Generally speaking, the sports world is not a homogeneous spheroid. As the recently concluded Winter Olympic Games clearly demonstrated, some sports that excite a particular region of the globe are looked upon by others with a bit of curiosity or indifference. While the world of sports may differ, those who indulge in the same at

  • Boy Scout Troop 14 to Celebrate its Centennial0

    Boy Scouting has been an integral part of the American scene, as well as here in Lycoming County, for more than 100 years. One local Scout Troop, Boy Scout Troop 14 of St. John’s-Newberry United Methodist Church, will be celebrating its 100th anniversary next week. Troop 14 is the oldest consecutively chartered troop in the

  • The YWCA of Northcentral Pennsylvania Celebrates 125 Years of Service0

    The year was 1893. Grover Cleveland was President of the United States, Robert E. Pattison was Governor of Pennsylvania, and William G. Elliot was Mayor of Williamsport. The first college basketball game ever played was played on April 8 between Geneva College of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania and the YMCA team from nearby New Brighton. The

  • The Jaded Eye… Here’s How the Cookie(s) Crumbled0

    • December 20, 2017

    For years on end, I played delivery boy during the Christmas holiday and enjoyed every minute of it. My mother took pride in making cookie trays for all our friends and some neighbors. It was my mission to load them into the car and get them to intended destinations. The variety was outstanding. And the

  • The Jaded Eye… Fountain of Youth Sprouts Here0

    I’ve poked fun at the masses for acting like mad men and women as they bust down doorways on Black Friday. However, I scour and scout on “Sensational Saturday” as I make the trek to York, Pennsylvania to a place where it not only offers cool stuff but can also take you back in time.

  • Local Blue Star Mothers To Participate In Wreaths Across America Event On Saturday, December 160

    A special Christmastime salute to deceased veterans will take place this Saturday, December 16, when the Blue Star Mothers of America participate in a nationwide effort called “Wreaths Across America.” The local chapter, North Central Pennsylvania 12 Chapter, will also be participating and will hold its event at 10 a.m. at Wildwood Cemetery. As volunteers

  • The Jaded Eye… Catching Up With “The Catcher in the Rye”0

    Is there relevance in a book written 66 years ago in today’s society that is so wrapped up in itself? That’s the question I asked myself when re-reading and digesting The Catcher In The Rye by J.D. Salinger. The book’s main character, 16-year-old Holden Caulfield, lets it be known he is undergoing treatment in a

  • Investing in the Health of Moms and Babies0

    There is more to breastfeeding than providing milk. By protecting the health status of both mom and baby, breastfeeding has a positive impact on the level of overall public health, along with benefits for our economy and environment, too. From the first drops of breast milk, called colostrum, babies receive important antibodies in a rich, gold-colored liquid

  • Mother’s Day, Mother Nature and More0

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the special ladies that do so much each and every day. The importance of a Mother’s love and caring can never be overstated. It’s a 24 hour a day job whether the child is young or young at heart. They’re always their Mother’s little boy or girl. A Mother’s love

  • A Modern Mother’s Day Wish0

    As those April showers turn into beautiful May flowers and the lush green mountains that line both sides of our Susquehanna River Valley awaken this can mean just one thing, the warmth of the Summer sun is just around the corner. Its unofficial beginning, the Memorial Day weekend, less than four weeks away. May always

  • Appreciation and Understanding0

    Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you to all that provide the most special and important gift of a Mother’s love. Thank you for taking care of our children, the most important blessings in our lives. Thank you to those who fill the role of Mom when it becomes vacant by tragedy, fate or circumstance. A Mother’s


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