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Gazette and Bulletin: January 10, 1934 – WRAK Institutes Innovation in ‘Early Bird’ Programming

The first of a new series of programs will be inaugurated on Monday morning on WRAK. Williamsport’s local radio station, when the “Early Bird Program” goes on the air at 7:30 o’clock a.m. This program is an innovation unlike anything ever offered in Williamsport, and is built around the idea of giving information which will help householders to start the day right, interspersed with a varied musical program.

The “Early Bird Program” has been scheduled at this early hour in order to be of service to people who wish to definitely know what the day may have in store for them. Mothers who have to get children ready for school will hear the condition of the weather, the temperature, the current time; business men and women will be interested to know the weather forecast so that they may have some idea as to what weight clothing will be most comfortable, those whose work takes them downtown will know the condition of the streets and sidewalks in case of snow or ice.

Other entertaining features of the program include the horoscope for the day, impersonations, music for all types and tastes—in fact anything the public wishes to hear to make pleasant the beginning of each day.

The staff of the local station is instituting the “Early Bird Program” with the feeling that it will take care of a real need, following out the policy of the station to give the listening public, either in way of reaction to the program, or suggestions to be incorporated in future broadcasts, will be welcomed.

Compiled by Lou Hunsinger Jr.

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