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What to Write: Tips for Creating the Perfect Message for any Mother’s Day Card

Mom is a special title reserved for the special women who care tremendously for their loved ones. Of course this means your birth mom, but the mom squad includes so many more caring women. It’s your wife, best friend, sister, neighbor and beyond. These people simply make the world a better place.

Moms go above and beyond every day, and Mother’s Day is one day we should go above and beyond for them. No matter if you give them fresh flowers, take them out to brunch or buy a meaningful piece of jewelry, there’s one thing that is a must-have for moms: A Mother’s Day card.

A card holds special meaning when it comes from the heart, especially on Mother’s Day. So find the perfect American Greetings Mother’s Day cards available in the Walmart card aisle and get some for all the moms in your life. It’s a simple way to brighten their day and touch their heart.

Writing the perfect Mother’s Day message

You have the cards, but now you’re stuck wondering what to write. There’s so much you want to say, it can be difficult to put it into words. Adding a short, handwritten note to your card personalizes the message. To make it easier, the American Greeting Card experts offer advice for what to write for all the different types of mothers in your life.

From you as a mom
Being a mom means you finally understand how much your mom really did for you. Celebrate her by writing:
• The highest compliment anyone can give me, Mom, is to say that I’m like you.
• I hope that I can be even a fraction of the wonderful mother you were to me. Have a beautiful Mother’s Day.
• From “Mommy” to “Grandma,” you’ve always found a way to be amazing at who you are.

For your spouse or significant other
Acknowledge your partner for being the glue that keeps your family going:
• You’re my best friend and a wonderful mother to our children. Everything you do makes our lives so special, and you deserve a beautiful Mother’s Day.
• You don’t hear it nearly as often as you should, but I appreciate you and love you for all you do for me and the kids.
• You’re the heart that makes our house a home.

For a new mom/1st Mother’s Day
Help her celebrate her very first Mother’s Day with an encouraging message:
• You’re a beautiful person inside and out, and there’s no way you could be anything but a fantastic mom.
• Your baby won the mommy lottery. Hope your first Mother’s Day is as amazing as you are.
• Take time to take it all in … and know how loved you are. Happy 1st Mother’s Day!

For your mother-in-law
The mother of your spouse may oftentimes get overlooked. Send her some love by writing:
• You’ve always felt more like a mom than a mother-in-law to me. Thank you for all the love.
• I hope your Mother’s Day is filled with things that make you smile.
• Because of the wonderful mother you are, I have an amazing partner and parent to my own children. We all love you so much.

For your female friend
Give your gal an uplifting message that says you realize how awesome she is at the whole mom thing:
• It’s your day – shine like the mom rock star you are.
• Wishing you another year of wowing everyone who knows you. Have a great Mom’s Day!
• Your kiddos have the best mama of all. Cheers to you today!

For your daughter
Acknowledging your daughter is a good mom holds plenty of meaning. Do so by writing:
• I always knew you’d be a wonderful mother because you’re such an amazing daughter. Enjoy your Mother’s Day.
• Seems like yesterday I was holding you in my arms. Watching you with your own children fills me with so much pride. Enjoy every moment.
• I couldn’t ask for a more wonderful daughter and mother for my grandchildren. Love you so much.

A heartfelt message for mom
No matter how old we get, we’ll always need our moms. Tell her she’s special by writing:
• Thank you for the laughs, the listening and the love.
• Mom, when you thought I wasn’t looking – I was. Thank you for the million ways you supported, encouraged, helped and loved me.
• For all the times I didn’t say it but should have … thank you, Mom. I love you.

Every type of mom deserves gratitude on Mother’s Day. With these simple tips, you’ll be sure to say just what you mean on that special card. (BPT)

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