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How to Ensure a Relaxing Day for Mom this Mother’s Day

How to Ensure a Relaxing Day for Mom this Mother’s Day

The unconditional love and undying patience moms exhibit as they raise their children is worthy of more than just a single day of appreciation in May. Moms do a lot for their families, and though that’s something to celebrate every day, Mother’s Day merits upping the ante in regard to showing Mom how much she’s loved and appreciated.

This year, families can work together to ensure this Mother’s Day is a day for Mom to relax and bask in all the extra attention she deserves.

Serve breakfast in bed. Mom might be on breakfast detail on hectic weekday mornings, but Mother’s Day marks the perfect time for spouses and kids to take over those responsibilities. This year, keep the cereal in the pantry and go the extra mile by preparing a homemade breakfast and serving it to Mom in bed. Present the meal with a small bouquet of flowers and some reading material and then let Mom eat in peace and quiet if she so prefers.

Turn the en suite into a spa. Nothing complements a relaxing breakfast in bed better than a subsequent dip in Mom’s own private spa. Transform the en suite or another bathroom into Mom’s personal soaking space. Clean the bathtub, light some candles around the tub and bathroom, turn on some relaxing music, dim the lights, and then invite Mom in to soak in a freshly drawn hot bubble bath.

Keep Mom out of the kitchen. Keep the relaxing vibe going by making sure Mom doesn’t have to lift a finger in the kitchen. Make sure all the dishes are washed before Mom comes downstairs for the day and let her know you’ve already ordered lunch from a local restaurant. Even if Mom loves to cook, a day off from kitchen detail can make Mother’s Day that much more relaxing.

Book some time in the great outdoors. If the weather allows, visit a nearby park as a family and go for a walk. Nature has its own way of helping people relax, so some time outdoors in the spring air can keep the peaceful vibe going into the afternoon. If the family includes young children, choose a park with a playground so Mom can relax and watch the kids play from a nearby bench.

Book a dinner reservation. It might require some advance booking, as Mother’s Day reservations can be hard to come by, but a night at Mom’s favorite restaurant can be the perfect conclusion to a relaxing day. If Mom’s more of a homebody, whip up a homemade meal and let Mom relax with a glass of wine as you prepare a feast.

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to plan a day of relaxation for mothers who do so much for their families throughout the year. Some simple planning can ensure Mom gets the R&R she deserves.

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