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  • Cutters Honoring Military During 2023 Season

    Cutters Honoring Military During 2023 Season0

    The Williamsport Crosscutters will once again honor active and retired military during the 2023 season. The program, Military Salute, is presented by EQT and honors an active or retired member of the armed forces in pregame ceremonies at every Cutters home game. Cutters Vice President of Marketing Gabe Sinicropi stated, “While our debt to those

  • Women’s Hoops End Great Season with Side Show0

    The college basketball season has officially ended, but not in the manner many people thought it might. Last week’s national championship victories by the LSU women and the University of Connecticut men clearly showed they were the better teams in downing Iowa and San Diego State, respectively. Winning the titles as #3 and #5 seeds

  • What to do When Parents are Poor Sports?

    What to do When Parents are Poor Sports?0

    Heated debates with referees and trash-talking players is something one may expect when watching professional sports. But such behavior is not expected of parents on the sidelines of youth sporting events. However, unruly parents are on display with increasing frequency at various youth sporting events. According to a 2017 survey by the National Association of

  • Masters0

    Many of the hackers from all over the globe just tuned in for the very first major of the year. I don’t know about you, but I find myself completely glued to the television the first weekend in April. Instead of fishing or drywalling — I usually lock myself in the basement with a loaf

  • Three Ways Parents Can Encourage Social Emotional Learning in Children

    Three Ways Parents Can Encourage Social Emotional Learning in Children0

    Most parents would agree the quality of their children’s education plays a key role in their overall development. While parents are optimistic about the future of education, they also recognize children have educational needs beyond what is considered the standard. A Harris Poll survey on behalf of KinderCare found 83% of parents believe it’s important

  • Grit: April 14, 1963 – County Anti-Polio Campaign to Hit Peak Next Sunday0

    A campaign to eliminate crippling polio through mass immunization of area residents with Sabin oral vaccine will be climaxed next Sunday, April 21, when hundreds of doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and volunteers staff the 33 immunization centers to dispense the Type 1 vaccine. Urging all-out participation in the campaign by the Lycoming County Medical Society and

  • The Mini but Mighty Shamrock-Shaped Solution for Lawn Renovation0

    Miniclover is drought-tolerant, simple, stunning and sustainable with low-to-no maintenance That lush, green lawn most strive for is struggling to survive as our climate experiences “weather whiplash,” meaning abrupt swings in weather conditions from one extreme to another. Last season, drought conditions were so dire in California billboards shouted, “Brown is the New Green.” This

  • Horoscopes0

    ARIES – Mar 21–Apr 20 Aries, your emotions may cloud your judgement in the days to come. It’s better to seek the advice of a third party who can guide you without the added drama. TAURUS – Apr 21–May 21 Messages from the universe could come across as confusing or vague, Taurus. You might need

  • PennDOT Announces New License Plates To Help Grow and Sustain Plants and Pollinators0

    Today, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) announced that, thanks to recently passed legislation, vehicle owners will now be able to purchase a ‘Pollinator’ license plate. Sixty-five percent of the proceeds from the license plate will be deposited into the Pollinator Habitat Program Fund. The Pollinator Habitat Program Fund is dedicated to supporting ongoing efforts

  • FCFP Sponsors Earth Day Event0

    At Rider Park Saturday, April 22 April 22 is Earth Day, an occasion to celebrate and be aware of our environment and nature. The folks at the First Community Foundation of Pennsylvania have a perfect way to celebrate Earth Day with an event at Rider Park that day. FCFP officials state that three activities will

  • Photographers Call to Entry0

    This is to inform you of a “Call to Entry” for the Susquehanna Valley Shutterbugs “27th Annual Juried Photography Show.” The contest is open to the public and each photographer can enter up to four photographs. All entries will be judged by a panel of judges with recognized expertise in photography and/or the arts. Photographs

  • Curtin Intermediate OM Team Advances to 2023 World Finals0

    Curtin Intermediate School’s Odyssey of the Mind team is headed to the 2023 World Finals after securing a second-place win at the state round on Saturday at Lock Haven University. In addition to Curtin, two other teams from Williamsport Area Middle School represented the district. The Curtin team earned its second-place win in Division I for “Most

  • The Latest Updates on Alcohol and Overall Health

    The Latest Updates on Alcohol and Overall Health0

    The subject of alcohol and its effects on overall health is complex. Alcohol figures prominently at many social functions and even in situations where individuals are operating in a professional capacity, such as at business dinners or conferences. As a result, many adults find it hard to avoid alcohol, even if they have concerns regarding

  • Spring Scents0

    As with clothing and skincare, fragrance is also seasonal, maybe even more so when you start to think about it. You have your obvious scents, like pine and cinnamon for Christmas, florals for spring, and sandalwood for summer. Scents can come in many forms — perfume, oil, beauty products, candles, flowers, baking, etc. There are

  • Expanding on the Success of Ravine Ridge Further Commemorates The Williamsport Home’s 150-Year Legacy of Caring in Lycoming County0

    A small renovation project at The Williamsport Home has allowed the creation of Whitetail Ridge, an additional unit to care for seniors who are transitioning between the hospital and their home or the hospital and another care setting, further expanding on the success of the Home’s existing transitional care unit, Ravine Ridge. In 2014, The

  • UPMC Expert: Consider Becoming a Lifesaving Organ Donor0

    Nobody likes waiting. As humans, we’re naturally impatient. In today’s world, we have unlimited information and instantaneous gratification at our fingertips – we want it, and we want it now. But imagine being one of more than 118,000 people currently waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant. All the resources are still in your hands which

  • Local Author Launches Solarpunk Novella At Lycoming College0

    Phoebe Wagner, Ph.D., Lycoming College assistant professor of English, is releasing her debut novella. Titled “When We Hold Each Other Up: A Solarpunk Novella,” the book mixes the sci-fi, fantasy, and solarpunk genres. It is being published by Android Press, and comes out on Tuesday, April 18. The Publishers Weekly review describes the book as

  • County Hall Corner: History in the Making0

    In the March 1st issue of Webb Weekly, I wrote an article referencing a quote from Henry Ford, “Sorry, Henry, History is Not Bunk.” I used a poll of the “greatest athlete of all time” to prove how weak our country has become in understanding our history. To quote myself, “History is not ours to

  • A “Crappy” Day0

    After looking at the title of this article, you’re probably thinking I’m about to tell you all about a lousy day I had last week — not, so; I’m actually talking about a crappie day and, more specifically, the business of catching crappies. I know everybody is kind of hung up on catching trout right

  • That’s a Wrap

    That’s a Wrap0

    It was a beautiful Sunday. Felt like spring. I knew enough not to wear long sleeves to church. They keep that place pretty darn toasty for the elderly. I sit there just dreaming about some moving air and try not to wake up the upper lip sweat that’s been in hibernation since the end of


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