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  • Late Season Gobbler Success

    Late Season Gobbler Success0

    While success came late in this spring’s gobbler season, it certainly came early in my granddaughter’s turkey hunting career. With the season winding down, my granddaughter, Sierra Hornberger, just bagged her first gobbler last Wednesday afternoon. Sierra, now 21, has only ever hunted spring gobblers a couple of other times. Several years ago I called

  • Motherhood Anew0

    When I first became a mother, it felt as though time stood still, my days and nights never-ending, woven together into an unfamiliar tapestry that defined my upended world. I remember thinking the infant stage would endure forever and that I would surely be driven mad in the process. Sleep was a commodity I craved

  • Retirement Saving Tips for Late Starters

    Retirement Saving Tips for Late Starters0

    Despite countless television ads touting the virtues of retirement planning, it seems many people are not getting the message. According to a survey from GOBBankingRates.com, one-third of Americans have nothing saved for retirement. The picture is not any rosier in Canada, where Statistics Canada reports that just 65.2 percent of the country’s 14 million households

  • If You Can’t Stand Up, You Can Still Stand Out, Part 10

    During my stint as a creative writing instructor at the JV Brown library a few winters ago, I posed a challenging question to my young students. Actually, I gave them a hypothetical story and asked them to write me a follow-up story on where it would all end up. I was curious to not only

  • Perfect Dress and Shoe Combinations0

    If there’s one thing that warmer weather brings on in full force, it’s dresses! From a green floral tea-length dress to polka-dot wraps, it seems we’re all a little obsessed with wearing a fun and flattering frock once the weather finally warms up. And what goes best with a summer-fun dress? Strappy statement sandals! Or

  • The Benefits of Shopping Farmers Markets

    The Benefits of Shopping Farmers Markets0

    Farmers markets have grown in popularity in recent years. Nowadays, consumers interested in farmers markets can likely find one near their homes whether those homes are in rural communities, the suburbs or bustling cities. People who have never before shopped farmers markets may be curious as to why many people find them so appealing. The

  • Annual Way’s Garden Art Show Sunday, June 100

    One of Williamsport’s greatest civic assets, Way’s Garden, will again be the site of the 62nd Annual Way’s Garden Art Show conducted by the Bald Eagle Art League. Additionally, the Way’s Garden Restoration Committee will use this occasion to help raise funds for its restoration efforts. The event takes place this Sunday, June 10 between

  • County Hall Corner: School Vigilance, Part 10

    The scourge of school shootings in recent years sends a shudder through every parent with a child in school because it seems that these horrors can hit anytime and anywhere. The worst part of the tragedies is the discovery that the right ‘control measures’ were in place, but somehow, something went wrong. This is because

  • How to Create More Time for Leisure Time

    How to Create More Time for Leisure Time0

    Few working professionals would likely say they could not use more leisure time. People spend their leisure time in various ways, and many would prefer more time to pursue their passions away from the workplace. While they may not be able to create more time in the day, men and women can take various steps

  • Golf for Miracles0

    There is only one tournament my lovely bride encourages me to partake in, and I have taken full advantage for the past eight Memorial Day Weekends. My friends and I take an annual road trip to State College to tee it up for the kids. This year’s roster included three of my finest chums and


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