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  • Gabe & the Cutters0

    2018 will mark the Williamsport Crosscutters’ 20th season, and the team will be celebrating the milestone in a number of ways during the upcoming season. Although the Crosscutters have been in existence 20 years it has been 25 years since Gabe Sinicropi, the team’s vice president of marketing, relocated from Geneva, New York when the

  • Food for Thought0

    Well, the calendar reads May, and things are warming up. I’m not going to say it can’t snow, because this spring anything’s been possible. How nice is it though to sit out at a ballgame with a short sleeve shirt and shorts as that bright sunshine beats down on your shoulders? Sixty is the new

  • Thank a Nurse…0

    Thank a Nurse… Looking back through last year’s issue, I was reminded that this week is National Nurses Week. And in case you somehow don’t know, nurses are amazing. They are the first line of defense in your health care and are indispensable members of hospitals, doctors’ offices, hospices, home health services and more. I

  • Seven Tips to Combat Seasonal Allergies

    Seven Tips to Combat Seasonal Allergies0

    It’s time to welcome fresh air, enjoy outdoor barbecues and run around at the park with family and friends. While embracing these warm activities, you may also face the dreaded symptoms of allergies. However, allergy season doesn’t have to keep you indoors. Pediatric health expert Dr. Tanya Altmann offers these tips to help manage and

  • Don’t Skip Your Well-Woman Visits0

    By Natasha Alligood-Percoco, MD OB/GYN specialist at UPMC Susquehanna While you may not need a Pap test every year, there are plenty of reasons to check in with your doctor for an annual well-woman visit. Regularly seeing your gynecologist assures that you set the right schedule for health screenings and catches potential problems early. Women

  • Second Annual Dance the Night Away with Hope: Set for May 40

    If you would enjoy a local version of “Dancing With the Stars,” and at the same time, support a worthy cause, then you might be interested in attending and supporting the Second Annual “Dance the Night Away.” The event, which benefits Hope Enterprise, to be held on Friday, May 4 at the Genetti Hotel. Modeled

  • The Roving Sportsman: There is a Saying…0

    There is a saying that is often passed among fellow turkey hunters that “If you can’t kill a turkey, save a turkey!” It sounds a bit odd, but it has genuine merit when you realize what it means. There are times when one is spring gobbler hunting that something that comes to your calling is

  • Let’s Have a Crappie Time

    Let’s Have a Crappie Time0

    Believe me; I’m not suggesting that anyone have a bad or crappy time but rather now is the time to begin your search for some good crappie fishing. I know it’s the beginning of trout season, and I have been putting my share of time on the trout streams as well, but I’ve also been

  • Newberry Lions Fair to be Held Through May 5th Outside Bowman Field0

    For more than 75 years, the Newberry Lions Fair has been one of the most anticipated fun, carnival-type events in the area. This longtime favorite is taking place again this year from May 1 to 5 outside Bowman Field. The Newberry Lions Club was organized and chartered on March 10, 1942, by International Association of

  • Budgeting Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle

    Budgeting Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle0

    From the cost of gym memberships to prepping healthier meals, living well can be expensive. Before you abandon your goals for a healthier lifestyle, consider these tips that show you don’t have to overspend to live a better life. Plan Your Meals An impromptu visit to the grocery store inevitably ends up costing more than

  • South Williamsport Student Raises Funds for Comfort Totes for Cancer Patients

    South Williamsport Student Raises Funds for Comfort Totes for Cancer Patients0

    Hunter Corbin, a South Williamsport Area High School senior, recently completed a community service project through his political science class through which he raised funds to purchase and fill eight totes with comfort items for patients receiving cancer treatment at UPMC Susquehanna. Pictured from left: Laurie King, social worker at UPMC Susquehanna Cancer Center, Tricia

  • Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow0

    It’s possible my husband wept when we sold our 11-year-old Jeep recently. I’m not sure if it was because he regrets no longer having third-row seating or because he misses the French fries that the new owners will surely find beneath said seating. At any rate, he had what could only be described as an

  • Susquehanna Trailways LLC Promo Night: “Iconic Israel”0

    Susquehanna Trailways invites you to attend a Promotional Night to be held on Tuesday, May 15th, 2018 to learn more about “Iconic Israel” in conjunction with Collette. Join us as we explore Israel from April 10-19, 2019, an ancient land rich in tradition and home to some of the world’s most important historic treasures. Follow

  • My Good Walk Spoiled0

    SANDBAGGER 1. Someone who disguises a strength or skill in order to gain a competitive edge. 2. A sneaky hustler who deliberately plays well below his abilities just to position himself in a future event. 3. A desperate cheater who posts bogus scores to secure a favorable handicap. I am smack dab in the middle

  • Packing Up the Family0

    It’s that time of year again — Family Vacation! Whether you’re hitting the open road in an RV or flying down to Disney World, chances are that getting everyone packed will be a challenge. It’s usually up to Mom to get everybody organized, but no matter who’s in charge of what on the vacation “to

  • Who Says You Don’t Learn Anything in Kindergarten?0

    Lest anyone think that a significant mentor can’t enter your life early on, I’ve got other thoughts on that and wanted to share someone who was very influential to me at a tender age. How young? How about kindergarten? I was blessed to have the one, and only Mrs. Sipe lead the way in the


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