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  • Grit: October 17, 1965 – Local Airman to Direct Pick Up of Gemini Crew0

    After the splashdown, he’s the man the astronauts count on. When Gemini 6 parachutes into the Atlantic Ocean October 27, after two days of orbiting the earth, the eyes of the world, and particularly those of astronauts, Walter M. Schirra, Jr. and Thomas P. Stafford will be on the Williamsporter who is piloting the Navy

  • Under the October Sky0

    The third Saturday in October can mean just one thing in these parts — the Mummers’ Parade in Southside. Hard for me to believe this year marks the 72nd anniversary of the Autumn event. It seems like only yesterday I couldn’t wait for the parade to begin and to gather up all the candy possible.

  • Wait! He Can’t Commentate!0

    Imagine a small town radio station asks me to “assist” in a play-by-play Friday night football game. What would I bring to the table? Uh, I mean press booth. Before we go any further, there are opposing views on everything. Thus, for every fervent fan and parent who cherishes “Friday Night Lights,” there is a

  • Autumn Additions – Fall upgrades for enhancing your home0

    Fall provides a time for fun and celebration, but it also can be an opportunity to refocus on taking care of your home both indoors and out. These simple upgrade ideas can help you improve aesthetic appeal, upgrade safety, keep your home free from pests and save you time, resources and money. De-bug Your Doors

  • Gather Ghosts and Giving Back0

    We are officially on the second and final week of our Annual Halloween Contest! Just in case you need another reminder on how to participate… Scattered throughout this issue, you will find several adorable little ghosts. All you need to do is count them…easy peasy. Better run skeleton — I’ll wait while you count… Done?

  • The Public and the Government0

    An interesting exercise in government transparency is coming up soon. Based on the 1992 JFK Records Act, October 26th is the final date for the United States government to release about 3,000 never-before-seen documents also with 34,000 previously redacted files related to President Kennedy’s assassination in November of 1963. The investigation into the causes of

  • Sports?0

    Jean and I were among the several thousand country music fans that jammed the Bloomsburg Fair venue for the final night performance of the legendary county band ‘Alabama.’ On this crisp early autumn night the show provided a wonderful opportunity to clap, sing along, and enjoy one of country music’s most celebrated groups. During the

  • 72nd Annual South Williamsport Mummers’ Parade This Saturday0

    The leaves are starting to fall, the air has a chilly crisp to it, there may even be some frost on those fall pumpkins, warm cider is bubbling, ghouls and goblins are ever-present and it is October, so it must be time for the annual South Williamsport Mummers’ Parade, which will step off for the

  • What to do When Your Vehicle Breaks Down0

    Knowing what to do when a car breaks down can make such unfortunate situations much less stressful for drivers. Smartphones and wifi networks may make it less stressful to cope with broken down vehicles. However, wifi networks are not always accessible in remote locations, so drivers would be wise to revisit these tips for handling

  • How to Have Flawless Makeup0

    When I first began working in an office full time, I struggled with a professional makeup look. My student years of dark lipstick and dramatic eyeliner weren’t really appropriate. After some trial and error, I figured out a cosmetic routine that complemented my face and fit into my professional style. The next challenge was keeping

  • The Roving Sportsman… Wish Me “Good Luck!”0

    While my usual writings for this column are about shooting, hunting and general outdoor topics, I feel I should share with you something of a more personal nature that is unfolding even as I write this installment. While I tend to stay at arm’s length with my personal life in the articles that I write,

  • Pumpkin-Perfect Autumn Recipes0

    Fall is perfect for making time for fun before the busy holiday season – go for a fall picnic, visit your local orchard or pumpkin patch, and take advantage of all the flavors fall has to offer. Try these delicious, comforting, no-hassle fall ideas that won’t carve a big chunk out of your budget: *

  • Walkers to Take to Penn College Streets to Fight Suicide0

    Suicide is the 10th-leading cause of death in the United States, yet it is preventable. More than 250 participants from throughout Lycoming County are expected for the annual Out of the Darkness Greater Lycoming Walk at 5 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 21, at Pennsylvania College of Technology. Registration begins at 4 p.m. for the fundraising walk,

  • Fall Cleanup Day to be Held at Rider Park – Saturday, October 28, 20170

    The First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania will host a fall cleanup day at Rider Park on Saturday, October 28, 2017 from 8:00 am until 12:00 pm. This event is open to the public – both individuals and service groups. Volunteers must be at least twelve years of age to participate. Workday plans include making

  • Outdoors with Ken Hunter… Pheasant Hunting Where to From Here?0

    For those of us who are old enough, we certainly have fond memories of the “good old days” of pheasant hunting — especially in our part of the state. I remember well heading out into some nearby fields for a couple of hours of pheasant hunting; I didn’t have a dog, but I was often

  • Prevent Breakdowns With Battery Care0

    Many drivers have experienced the misfortune of getting into their vehicles only to realize their engines won’t turn over. Although there may be plenty of reasons why a car will not start, quite frequently a dead battery is to blame. Car batteries can last for five years or more when properly cared for, but many

  • Don’t Skip Your Well-Woman Visits0

    You may not need a Pap test or pelvic exam every year, but there are plenty of reasons to check in with your doctor for an annual well-woman visit. Regularly seeing your personal care provider or gynecologist regarding your female reproductive health assures that you set the right schedule for screenings and exams, are prepared

  • FALL CAR CARE – Four Tire Safety Tips for Winter0

    The same temperature you can begin to see your breath – 45 F – is also when the all-season tires on your car can start to lose traction and grip. As temperatures drop, drivers should remember that if you can see your breath, you should think about winter tires. Whether you’re planning a cross-country trek

  • Doing Away With Distracted Driving0

    The evidence is clear: Distracted driving can be just as dangerous as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Removing one’s eyes from the road for mere seconds can have dangerous repercussions, contributing to accidents, injury or even death. Distraction.gov, the United States government’s official website for Distracted Driving, states that, in 2014, 3,179

  • “History of Wolves” by Emily Fridlund0

    Let it go. That’s what people say when others are upset: let it go. Shake it off. Can’t do anything about it now, so why dwell on it? Pretend like it never happened and that you didn’t see a thing — at least until, as in the new novel “History of Wolves” by Emily Fridlund,


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