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Run, Hide, Fight

“Get ready to die!” Those chilling words echoed through an elementary school classroom in Texas. And die they did.

After several agonizing minutes, 21 individuals were dead. No, not dead — slaughtered.

As if the situation wasn’t horrific enough, 19 of those individuals killed last Tuesday were children averaging around the age of 10 years old. Why?

This wasn’t a battleground in a war or a disgruntled office worker seeking revenge for being fired. This was a classroom of innocent little kids with their entire lives in front of them.

Nineteen lives cut short. Tons of dreams, hopes, and laughter were silenced. And the lives of 19 families forever changed.

The parents will bury their dead, memorial services will be held, the school, perhaps, will be torn down or at least remodeled, and monuments will be erected around the town.

Unfortunately, the shootings will continue — maybe in New York State, Florida, North Dakota, or right here in Pennsylvania.

School shootings and mass shootings have become too common in this country. Ten people were killed at a grocery store in Buffalo, New York, just the other week. You go to the grocery store; you end up getting shot. Why? Somehow this must stop, and something needs to be figured out and things done about it.

I believe this issue is a combination of several things, including bullying, mental health, and allowing 18-year-olds to buy assault weapons.

Until the day comes, if it ever comes, when shootings at schools, grocery stores, and offices are just a bad memory of the past, one should be prepared for any unexpected situation.

Here are some survival tips from around the internet in case you ever find yourself in a similar situation with an active shooter.

Remember the following order run, hide, fight.

At the first sign, sound or suspicion of activity, run as fast as possible. Get outside the building and find a safe spot.

If exiting the building is not an option, find an indoor place to hide, such as a restroom, under desks, behind furniture, and stairwells. No matter where you seek safety, it’s imperative just to lay low, cover your head and be quiet.

If there is no chance even to hide, the last resort is to fight. And fight means using whatever method and resources you have available. Things such as fire extinguishers, computer keyboards, glass bottles, heavy objects, canes, umbrellas, heavy books, and even your shoe.

Anything that’s solid and has some weight to it as a last resort can be used as a weapon. Other things include ceramic coffee mugs, your belt, and heavy glassware.

Also, always make sure you know your surroundings. Where are the closest exits, nearest windows, or areas to hide?

Don’t try to reason with the shooter. If they’ve gotten this far, they’re not stopping.

Try to have something on your person that could be used as a makeshift weapon at any time. Things such as a pen to stab somebody, pepper spray to blind them, keys to scratch their face, or even your cell phone chucked at a person’s head could give you just enough time to escape.

Don’t try to capture the situation on video. Your main concern is your life not getting a video.

When confronting somebody in a physical altercation, there are certain areas you want to aim for: the face, the eyes, the groin, and the stomach.