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  • Four Common Heart Conditions0

    Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death across the globe. According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 17.9 million people die each year from cardiovascular diseases, which are a group of disorders of the heart and blood vessels. The sheer volume of deaths caused by heart disease each year suggest there’s little people

  • A Strategy To Empower People0

    As many of you know, when I was growing up in Southside, I lived on Kane Street. I spent a lot of time at my grandmother, Josephine Webb’s, and at my aunt Mary Jo’s. Both lived in what my Father referred to as the Dutch Hill section. I had a blast in that neighborhood, whether

  • It’s Flippin’ Freezing – Stay Inside!0

    Y’all. Despite living the majority of my life in central PA, I am just not built for how cold it’s been recently. As I write this, it’s a whopping 7°. That, my friends, is bull…nevermind… So right now, my only option is to stay inside as much as a I can. Here in the office,

  • STEP Offers Pathways to Success

    STEP Offers Pathways to Success0

    According to their website, the Lycoming-Clinton Counties Commission for Community Action (STEP), Inc. is a private, nonprofit Community Action Agency and was incorporated in 1966. STEP stands for Success Through Engagement and Partnership. STEP’s mission is to engage diverse individuals, families, and communities in the pursuit of social and economic success. STEP accomplishes its mission

  • Divorcing After 75 Years0

    “Say it ain’t so, Joe,” proclaimed a newspaper headline referencing baseball player Shoeless Joe Jackson’s admission that he had helped fix the 1919 World Series between his Chicago White Sox and Cincinnati. One hundred three years later, I had a similar reaction when learning of the news that the Newberry Little League had severed its

  • UPMC Nurse: Exposure Can Be a Problem in Winter0

    Cold weather comes with winters in Pennsylvania, and with the freezing temperatures, wind chill, ice, and snow also comes an added risk for potential exposure injuries. While some love the winter wonderland, others may want to hunker down in their homes and wait it out until spring. Consider the following tips to help keep safe

  • First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania Adds To Its Fundraising Team0

    For more than 100 years the First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania and its predecessors such as the Williamsport Foundation, have been improving the quality of life for the people of this region through community leadership, the promotion of philanthropy, the strengthening of nonprofit impact and the perpetual stewardship of charitable assets. In a bid

  • Williamsport Area Swim Club Provides Competitive Swimming Opportunities For Youths of All Ages0

    Competitive swimming is starting to loom larger in the world of competitive sports. An opportunity for youth from ages six to 18 to participate in this area has been enhanced with the advent of the Williamsport Area Swim Club (WASC), founded in 2006. According to the club’s website, “The mission of The Williamsport Area Swim

  • Excellence is a Habit0

    Many people, myself included, often utter the phrase, “good enough.” The food I ate was good enough. The work I did was good enough. My workout was good enough. In fact, it is easy to slip into a lifestyle of mediocrity. What if, instead, we made the pursuit of excellence a priority in everyday life?

  • Elijah’s Prayer Battle0

    The story of Elijah’s epic prayer battle against the prophets of Baal and Asherah on Mount Carmel is a must-read for every believer. If you’re not familiar with the story, take a moment to read it. It’s a good one. It is found in I Kings 18:16-39. Making sense of this prayer battle requires some

  • The Bookworm Sez: “A Reason for Hope” by Kristin von Kreisler0

    Bad things happen to good people. This is something you know, but why you? When the worst can happen, why does it? Were you were born under unlucky stars or with terrible karma? Maybe you’re just some poor, forgotten schlub in the universal scheme of things. Or maybe, as in the new book “A Reason

  • Grit: January 30, 1977 – Some Normalcy Returning to Explosion Torn Area0

    Life is beginning to return to normal for some residents of the 1800 block of Sweeley Avenue, while for others it may never be the same again. A full-scale insurance survey of the damage caused by the natural gas explosion that took two lives in the neighborhood is scheduled to begin Monday. Insurance agents and

  • Tips for Better Breakfasts

    Tips for Better Breakfasts0

    Breakfast long has been touted as the most important meal of the day. After a good night’s rest, breakfast refuels the body and energizes it for the day ahead. Hectic mornings compel many people to skip breakfast. That’s especially so for parents who are pulled in multiple directions each morning. There are many ways to

  • County Hall Corner: Attention – Who is Knocking at My Door?0

    The upcoming primary election on May 17th and the general election on November 8th promises to bring a host of visitors to come knocking on our doors. There will be those with petitions to get themselves on the ballot, those who are on the ballot and want your vote, and those plugging for these candidates.

  • Winter Binge Continues0

    How many people got the urge last week to deep clean your fridge or clean a closet or drawer because of my column? Did I help motivate you to get a few things done? This might surprise you, but I wasn’t always organized. Back in my younger days, I wasn’t the cleanest. My parents were

  • The “Reds and Grays” of Winter0

    Where did that title come from; the grays of winter are obvious, but where did the red come from? What I am actually referring to are red and gray foxes, and they are both very active throughout the winter. There is no shortage of foxes in this state, but the fact is few people ever

  • Looking Cute in Winter Boots0

    The snowy season is upon us with more in the forecast, and unfortunately, that whole human-hibernation-from-New-Year’s-Day-to-St.-Patrick’s-Day trend I’ve been trying to make happen doesn’t seem to be catching on. So, while you may just want to curl up and hunker down, chances are you’ll have to leave the house on even the chilliest of days.

  • The Roving Sportsman… Habitat Improvement: Food Plots, Fields & Shrubs0

    This is the final installment in a series regarding habitat improvement. We have covered developing a plan, eliminating undesirable plants, and what trees we should consider planting for various wildlife species. Now, let’s look at a few final steps — creating food plots, bringing back fallow fields, and some shrubs, bushes, and vines we could

  • Sidelined0

    I would like to say a big thanks. The feedback on last week’s write-up “Drive Thru Pat” was off the charts. I received all kinds of love, from far and close. Pat Koch was a special person, and she impacted all walks of life. I am also very humbled by those who said congrats. I

  • 2.7 Seconds on a Bull Named Fumanchu

    2.7 Seconds on a Bull Named Fumanchu0

    A line from Tim McGraw’s hit song “Live Like You Were Dying” is the title of this week’s column. We are all mortal; for some of us, the end will come quick; for others, we’ll have that moment that stops you in your tracks, as the song says. None of us want to think about


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