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Are You Ready for Some Football?

As another NFL season comes to a close, it’s time for our yearly rundown of Super Bowl picks and predictions! Mike Rafferty started this tradition over a decade ago, and it has been so much fun to continue the tradition each year!
Let’s start around the office.

Jaime is up first with an Eagles win — 31-17.

Curt also thinks the Eagles are going to win. He’s calling a close game, though, with Philly winning 35-31.

Wes is keeping up with the rest of the office; he sees the Birds killin’ it, though. He’s calling it 40-10 Eagles.

Charlie is keeping things short and sweet but also very close. He’s predicting a 28-27 Chiefs win.

Alys and her dad, former Webb sales rep, Ron, are both calling an Eagles win. And their scores are pretty similar. Alys thinks the Eagles will take it 28-21, while Ron is predicting 27-21.

I’m not sure which category he would fall in, so congratulations Hunter Webb, you are now part of the Webb office staff. Hunter is going with the Eagles, 31-28. He says, “They are hot right now, and made the NFC Championship look way too easy. Defense wins championships.”

It wouldn’t be right to ignore the boss man, Jimmy has to this to say about the big game, “If I was a betting man, I would go with the under and the Eagles. Two great young quarterbacks, both banged up and nursing injuries. The Philly D is outstanding, and creates a turnover that provides the winning margin, 20-17.”
I also gathered some thoughts from our writing staff.

Lou knows history, and Lou knows sports, so he’s going to be our lead-off hitter, and yes, I know that’s the wrong sport — just roll with it. “I think it will be a defensive struggle which Kansas City will win 20-17. Patrick Mahomes’ previous Super Bowl experience will help him, and the Chiefs overcome the legs of Jalen Hurts and the rugged Eagle defense.”

Scott also knows sports. But he also doesn’t care for the Eagles. “Longtime friend and colleague Bill Byham once told me he stopped making media predictions because no matter how he picked the game, someone would be mad at him. I have no dog in this year’s Super Bowl, as my team has been eliminated again. I am also not an Eagles fan, so if a pick makes someone mad, it won’t matter. This year’s Kelce brothers/Andy Reid Bowl should be competitive. For no other reason than taking a flyer on the team I’ll be rooting for — Chiefs 31-24.”

It turns out Joseph Smith isn’t all movies! He’s got some sports knowledge too! He said, “Mahomes, who played like a hero against Cincinnati, is kinda banged up right now; the Eagles, meanwhile, have been playing all year like the team of destiny — virtually flawless football. Eagles 31, Chiefs 20.”

Dave Bellomo is a Birds fan, too, “I believe Philadelphia will win the Super Bowl because they are currently the healthier team. They have a very good defense that ranks in the top 10 of the NFL. Also, in addition to their many offensive weapons, their quarterback has had an MVP-level season. The Eagles have taken on the personality of Philly and their coach, and I believe that will push them over the top to be Super Bowl Champs. Go, Eagles!”

Larry Stout thinks Philly’s got this in the bag, too, “The power ratings consider the Eagles the #1 team in the NFL, and they arguably have the best 53-man roster in the league. They have Pro Bowl players on offense, defense, special teams; you name it. Their coaching does not get enough praise; already, half the league wants to steal them away because they have been so effectively good. The only thing that the Kansas City Chiefs have over the Eagles is Super Bowl experience (only five Eagles players remain from that championship 2017 team) and a better quarterback in Patrick Mahomes, especially with Jalen Hurts still recovering from his arm injury. But experience did not help the legendary Tom Brady and the Super Bowl-seasoned Patriots, which the Eagles took down with a backup quarterback. And this Eagles team is far and away better than those Super Bowl champions. One analyst said it best, ‘the only team that can beat the Eagles is the Eagles themselves.’ They have crushed their two playoff opponents already. Barring a serious injury to a major-skill player, I predict we can put this one in the bank — Eagles by ten points or more — score it Eagles 27-Chiefs 13.

I know Bernadette is normally a Pittsburg fan, but she’s still expecting the Eagles to win and Rihanna to slay!

Andrea shared her recipe for the Super Bowl, “I’m not a football fan, but I do enjoy the Super Bowl. I love the food and commercials, and I’m excited the Eagles are in the game this year! I grew up with my cousin Tony Shumbat being a huge fan, so to see his team make it is pretty awesome! I’ll be watching and rooting for the Eagles! My Super Bowl verdict is that the Eagles will win by a few points and that I’ll hear my cousin yelling from the rooftop with they beat the Chiefs!”
You can’t have Super Bowl predictions without getting input from the local sports community.

Jersey Shore football head coach Tom Gravish is calling 27-24 KC Chiefs. “Andy Reid is the last one with the marker in his hand and one last drive to beat his old team with an FG as time runs out.”

Loyalsock Lancer coach Justin Van Fleet said, “31-24 Eagles. I usually try to provide some amount of insight, but this year I’m just watching and commenting as a fan. Fly Eagles fly!!!!”

On the other side of the bridge, Joe Hanna, Montoursville’s head football coach, offered this, “34-31 Eagles. Eagles are healthy on both sides of the ball, and their pass rush will be too much for the Chiefs and a banged up Mahomes and Chiefs offense.”

Mike Clark from Lycoming College got right to the point, “Eagles 27, Chiefs 21. I give the Eagles a slight edge in this game because I think they have the better defense and pass rush. Both teams are great offensively, but I think the Eagles will find a way to limit the Chiefs more than the Chiefs will limit the Eagles.”

“Eagles 31 and Chiefs 20. The Eagles are very strong right now, and I am behind them 100% after my time coaching at Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia,” Mike Pearson from Williamsport High School football added.

On the other end of the county, Sean Tetreault, from Muncy, offered his two cents, “Eagles 31-24. I believe the battle will be won in the trenches, and with Philly’s outstanding OL, they will get Hurts enough time to throw the ball downfield, and their pass rush will get after Mahomes forcing him to throw short.”

Also, from the eastern end of the county, Hughesville football coach Howard Rainey says, “I’m going with the Eagles. Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs look great, but Hurts and our home-state team looks like it is literally flying high. Eagles by 10.”

Not many are calling a Kansas City win, but Chris Eiswerth from South is taking the risk, “KC 34, Eagles 28! Andy Reid will be ready for this one! The old Philadelphia coach will have his team ready!”

Last but not least, from the coaching corner, the youngest of the JWebbs, Lancer baseball head coach, Jimmy Webb III, said, “31-7, Eagles. The week off doesn’t slow down the Eagles and their defense, and they keep their run going.”

On the announcing side of sports, we have Webb Weekly Live’s Paul Bo. He’s calling a 27-23 Eagles’ victory. “Hurts scores late on the run, defense stops the Chiefs’ drive for the win.”

Paul’s partner in crime, Rich Zalonis, added, “Eagles 31, Chiefs 17. The Eagles offense has to control the ball. The defense has to pressure Mahomes and prevent big plays.”
Next up, let’s talk about family.

I texted Kiddo and asked his thoughts. He thinks the Eagles are going to win. He gave me a score, but I’m not going to tell y’all what it is. Just trust me when I say it’s 12-year-old boy humor.

Speaking of 12-year-old humor, Steve thinks that the Eagles will win 8675-309. #IYKYK

My mom also added, “Fly, Eagles, Fly!” But I know for a fact she’s a Broncos fan.
It’s always interesting to see what our advertisers’ thoughts are.

Rick Quigley from Fairfield is also taking the Webb Weekly predictions underdog, “Kansas City 24-17, because Mahomes is a comeback guy. Hard to beat.”

Speaking of fair deals, Mike Rosamilia from Fairfield Ford of Williamsport is sticking with his boss, and thinks the Chiefs will take it 34-17.

Brian Peace from Murray Motors is letting his college football fandom lead his decision, “Eagles 33, Chiefs 27. Being that I am a Bama fan, the combination of two past Bama players, QB Jalen Hurts and Receiver DeVonta Smith, make a winning combination.”

Ken DiRocco from Impact Advertising always has some insightful thoughts on the game, “Concerning this Super Bowl; I really don’t care who wins. Both of those championship games were some of the worst examples of officiating I have ever witnessed, and I’ve been watching NFL every Sunday for over 60 years. First game I remember clearly was the Bears beating YA Tittle’s Giants for the NFL Championship in 1963.

“I don’t like Kansas City and Fat Andy, but I think they are better equipped to win — and do TV commercials! That is only based upon the mystery of the Eagles. The NFC was by far the weaker conference this year, and the Eagles had a pretty light schedule. They did kill a Giants team, who really played their Super Bowl against the Vikings a week earlier and had nothing in the tank for Philly the next week; the 49ers were a one-armed offense with no real QB and later just totally unable to pass. So, both games went well for the Birds.

“However, the Eagles’ front four is the real deal. But whether they can corral Mahomes or not will be a big part of the game. Mahomes didn’t look that bad on his high ankle sprain, but he was obviously not 100%. Another two weeks of healing should help.

“Chief’s D are no slackers either, as they beat on Burrows a lot and exposed Cincy’s patchwork O-line far better than the Bills did.

“Bottom line is that I think it will be a close game coming down to the wire, but the Mahomes to Kelce combination that has ruined so many teams in the last few years will be the deciding factor. Chiefs 31, Eagles 28!”

When I initially asked Josh Van Campen (one of the biggest Eagles fans I know) for his prediction, he called an impressive 172-3 Eagles win — which would certainly be something to watch. And it would definitely blow the 49ers 56-10 thromping of the Broncos in 1990 out of the water. But alas, I feel this is a bit unlikely. He was kind enough to flesh out his thoughts, “I am still high on the fact that the Eagles are even in it, to begin with, but here you go — I predict a very close game. Both teams have fantastic offense, but the Eagles have the edge on defense. I also believe that Patrick Mahomes will still have a sore ankle. I don’t believe it will be a defensive game as the one Kelce brother will eat up the middle of the field as that is the only real weakness on the Eagles’ defense, whereas the Chiefs’ cornerbacks won’t be able to defend the deep ball to AJ Brown. 31-27 Eagles.”

Speaking of Van Campens…I also asked Tricia, Josh’s wife, about her thoughts on the game. In adorable true love fashion, she said, “EAGLES BY 100!” She also calmed down a bit and offered some, let’s say, more realistic thoughts, “I do think it’ll be a high-scoring game if Mahomes stays in. So, I’ll say 31-28. Eagles will win it by a field goal.”

It doesn’t seem to be the popular opinion, but Jim Plankenhorn from STEP is a Chiefs fan, “Chiefs 27, Eagles 24. I’ve been a Chiefs fan for about 50 years, and they’ve had some disappointing seasons (decades, really). They’re in their prime now and going to squeak by a tough Philadelphia team! Go Chiefs!!!”

Blaise Alexander, owner of the Alexander Family Dealerships, added, “Another tough one, this one is going to be a lot of defense on the part of the Eagles, That’s probably contrary to what a lot of people are thinking because Mahomes is an incredible quarterback, and he can usually pull the rabbit out of the hat. Another part of the Eagles team that I really like are their running backs, and can you imagine that Sanders was one year behind Barkley at Penn State. Sanders is really showing his stuff at Philly. OK, I pointed this out once before, I like the coaching at Kansas City and I like the general manager, Brett Veach. Brett is a graduate of Mt. Carmel area high school where I graduated so there’s a little prejudice here. In the end I go with Kansas City for the win.”

Mike McCray from Blaise Alexander Nissan thinks the Chief’s are going to pull out a win at the last minute. “I give the edge to the Chiefs because of Patrick Mahomes, and that they will score on the last drive to win. Chiefs 28, Eagles 21.”

Wrestling may be his favorite, but Rennie Rodarmel from Allstate still weighed in, “Eagles 27, Chiefs 17. Eagles’ defense is outstanding and will keep pressure on the quarterback throughout the game; this is the key to an Eagle’s victory.”

From down the way at Kaiser Brothers, Steve Kaiser Sr. also offered his thoughts: “I think that the Eagles will be on top 35 to 21. Eagles will sit on the Chiefs’ heads triumphantly!”

Kyle Hetner from Steinbacher, Goodall & Yurchak is speaking my language, “I think it’s a toss-up between two innovative and dual-threat quarterbacks. But I prefer Philly Cheesesteaks over Kansas BBQ, so — Fly Eagles Fly, 31-28 Birds!” For the record, yes, food puns are my language.

From down at Miele Manufacturing, owner Lou Miele knows all about the light poles, “21 to 20 Eagles. Two great teams. Eagles score the last play of the game and kick the extra point with no time on the clock. Not enough grease in Philadelphia for all the light poles.”

Brent Peace from Central Equipment has made his choice, too, “KC is the winner by 3. Mahomes and Kelce are a winning combination, plus the Andy Reid factor! Eagles have had a great season with Jalen Hurts; unfortunately, I don’t think they will win Super Bowl LVII.”

In between prepping for all your game-day needs, Mike Rupert had just enough time to give us a score. He thinks the Eagles are going to take it, 28-21.
I don’t like to get political, but I have some predictions from local politicians.

County Commissioner, Tony Mussare, is also calling a Birds win, “Eagles 30, Chiefs 24. Simply put, the Eagles are playing as if they are possessed. They are hungry for the win, and their defense will make the half-billion-dollar boy look like a bad investment.”

Tony’s fellow Commissioner, Scott Metzger, chimed in with a Philly win, too, “It is hard to go against Patrick Mahomes or Tom Brady in a game, but the Eagles are on a mission. Their defense is crushing, and Hurts is having an MVP season. Miles Sanders will have Penn State alumni smiling. Eagles 31-24.”

State Rep Joe Hamm is repping the 84th and the state, “Eagles 34, Chiefs 24. Eagles dominate the trenches, and the defense comes up big with turnovers to stop the Chiefs and Mahomes.”

On the 83rd side, Jamie Flick thinks this game will take a little longer than usual, “I think it’s gonna be a great game. I’m going with Philadelphia 37–31 in overtime. I think the teams are evenly matched, and this game will go down as one of the more memorable Super Bowl games.”

On the city side, Mayor Derek Slaughter had this to say, “38-17 Eagles. With the way, Philly’s defense is playing and Mahomes’ injury, I think Philly is too much for the Chiefs to handle. The Eagles’ offense is clicking on all cylinders as well, which is why I think another Super Bowl returns to the City of Brotherly.”
Others from around the area chimed in too.

Local radio legend, Gary Chrisman thinks this is Philly’s year, “I’m going with the Eagles 31-27 in a thriller. It’s Philly’s year — I just feel like they’re destined to take down their former coach and Mahomes.”

From the book of faces, Matt Godfrey answered my request for more predictions, “Eagles 28, Chiefs 23. Because a PA team winning the Super Bowl would be nice again — my Steelers already have 6!”

My opinion doesn’t account for much. I know just enough about football to be dangerous. But I’m still gonna call it an Eagles win. I’m thinking 35-24. I don’t have a reason for that. That’s just the first couple of possible scores that popped into my head.

Rihanna is performing for the Half Time show, which I don’t hate, but I’m not super stoked about either. But it’s always fun to see who’d going to have the best commercials, and of course, having an excuse to spend the evening gorging on bad-for-you food is always a good time.

As I said last year (and it made me giggle, so you get to reread it), “Please drink responsibly. Eat irresponsibly. Have fun but show up for work on Monday — or don’t; it’s not really any of my business. But mostly, be safe — no drinking and driving.”