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  • For the Love of the Game

    For the Love of the Game0

    Tip of my Webb Weekly cap with the American Flag on the side to skipper Casey Waller and his South Williamsport Mountie baseballers. South recently won the Backyard Brawl for the first time since 2003 by defeating Montoursville soundly 12-6. Earlier on that Saturday, the Mounties defeated Loyalsock 1-0. It doesn’t get much better than

  • County Hall Corner: Voting Smart0

    On Tuesday, May 18th, the Pennsylvania Election Primary will be held for all registered voters who have not already voted by mail. Many voters often skip an off-year primary, but recent events have made this routine election something that should be given serious consideration. There is a lot at stake, and everyone who takes the

  • Write it Down0

    In keeping with Webb Weekly’s literary objective of presenting informative stories about local people and the things they are doing, the past two issues of this newspaper have detailed books that have recently been published by two of the area’s most renowned individuals. Much is known about the authors themselves but how they got here

  • Don Daughenbaugh’s Fishing Legacy0

    Singularly, the soft sound of fishing lines penetrating the waters of local streams last Saturday as the 2021 Pennsylvania fishing season got underway wouldn’t register much on a decibel scale. Still, the collective joy of those making the casts will long be heard in fish-telling circles for days and weeks to come. To many, the

  • Uptown Music Collective to Present Tribute to Led Zeppelin0

    The Uptown Music Collective is set to return to the Community Arts Center stage to present Good Times Bad Times: The Music of Led Zeppelin for three live performances on April 16th & 17th. This high-energy tribute from the area’s premier school of music will feature talented young musicians between the ages of 12 and

  • A Basketball Family’s Journey of Love, Faith, and Community

    A Basketball Family’s Journey of Love, Faith, and Community4

    Heartfelt congratulations to CI – Ron Insinger, Assistant Coaches Jeff Everett and Randy Glunk, the amazing Lancer players, and the Lancer nation. My staff has done a great job in the pages ahead, covering the 3A Pennsylvania State Champion’s run to the title. The longest journey begins with that first step, or maybe, in this

  • Business Finished. Coach Insinger Discusses His State Championship Team0

    Like King Arthur’s quest for the Holy Grail, legendary, longtime Loyalsock High School basketball mentor, Ron, C. I., Insinger, had his own quest for his own Holy Grail–a state basketball championship title. Well, finally, after 47 years, that arduous quest has ended joyfully with a 75-53 win over Brookville two weeks ago. We at Webb

  • The Legend of CI

    The Legend of CI0

    1,267 games. A State Record 1,066 wins. Twenty-four District IV Championships. Thirty League Titles. Thirty-eight 20-win seasons. His teams have won more than 85% of their games. And now Coach Ron Insinger has a State Championship to add to his already impressive resume. Where do I begin? Congratulations to my old friend for finally pulling

  • Family Tradition of Winning0

    Pretty much everyone in North Central Pennsylvania has learned by now that the Loyalsock Lancers beat Brookville to win the PIAA Class AAA state title at Hershey’s Giant Center with a score of 75 to 53. What many people may not know, however, is that three of the players are related. Idris and Saraj Ali

  • Unsung Heroes0

    The local sports scene is still buzzing — major props to Coach CI and the Lancers. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was. No. I wasn’t there in person, but I followed the game via Twitter. 2021 AAA State Champions. Incredible. It takes an entire VILLAGE to pull this off. Everyone played

  • It’s a Great Day to Be Alive

    It’s a Great Day to Be Alive1

    Happy Easter; may you and your family enjoy a special day of togetherness. As the warmth of Spring renews life and raises the human spirit, so does the celebration of Easter. God’s greatest gift of his only Son and the message He brought to the human realm that ended with Jesus’ death on the cross

  • This Week’s LION: Success at Camp Susque0

    In 1946, four men took 16 boys on a two-night camping trip up the Loyalsock Creek. On the second night, around a campfire, the boys began to share some concerns from their lives which they had never voiced before that night. The leaders were overwhelmed at the boys’ response, and they began to discuss the

  • Pandemic Pigskin Predictions0

    It is going to be a Super Bowl like no other, that’s for certain. We’ve got the Kansas City Chiefs — who are the reigning Super Bowl Champs, versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who are being led by the winningest quarterback in NFL history. The game will be at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay,

  • Uptown Music Collective – Pays Tribute to the Eagles

    Uptown Music Collective – Pays Tribute to the Eagles0

    On February 12th and 13th at 7:30 pm, the Uptown Music Collective will bring this year’s People’s Choice performance, The Long Run: Music of the Eagles, to the stage of the Community Arts Center. This socially distant performance will have limited in-person tickets available for both nights. As well as tickets for a multi-camera, “up

  • COVID Hoops

    COVID Hoops0

    Coaching high school basketball has its challenges. Dealing with the 15-18-year-olds of today surely has its moments. Then you throw in a global pandemic. Where do I begin? Everything has changed. The entire landscape. I am not going to lie — it has been a struggle. These are uncharted waters. Every team is in the

  • Jacoby in Winter0

    North Central Pennsylvania is home to many treasures. Yes. We live in an area with such amazing beauty. My son and I take full advantage as we do our best to “commune with nature” as often as we can. I simply love to fish, but Jensen is more of an explorer these days. Hiking is

  • Boos Turn to Cheers for Kitchen Makeover

    Boos Turn to Cheers for Kitchen Makeover0

    It was a month before Christmas when the Fairfield Auto Groups’ Rick Quigley-driven red Chevy Tahoe made its way up Poco Farm Road. But for its passengers, the Boos (pronounced Bose) family of Loyalsock Township, it might just as well have been Santa’s red sleigh on Christmas morning. The event was the culmination of iHeart

  • Normal?0

    Simply put, I don’t care who you voted for or if you even voted. That is your business, and the less we all fret and fume over the outcome of the election, a better frame of mind we can enjoy can be realized. But there is one thing I hope you will take some time

  • Lucas Goes Yard0

    It has been an interesting week on the local front. I seriously don’t know where to start. The County released their 2021 Budget on Monday. I wasn’t impressed. There were no major changes and a good bit is still missing. I won’t go into details as I am working on a future story. But I

  • Notice of New Polling Places0

    • October 28, 2020

    The Lycoming County Board of Elections has permanently changed the polling place for three local precincts, effective with the November 3rd General Election. Loyalsock Township 2nd Precinct: The new polling place for the 2nd Precinct is Loyalsock Community Recreation Center, 1607 Four Mile Drive. City of Williamsport 8th Ward: The new polling place for the

  • Hybrid Learning

    Hybrid Learning0

    These are strange times, folks. Strange times indeed. I wanted to step out of the box this week and give some love to our kids. Not just the student-athletes. But every youngster who has had to make sacrifices over the course of this pandemic. This whole thing sucks, and I truly feel bad for them

  • Christian’s Band-Aid Bonanza

    Christian’s Band-Aid Bonanza0

    In 2017 Christian Houghtaling was diagnosed with a rare subtype of Leukemia called Hypodiploid ALL. Although he was treated at Geisinger, Johns Hopkins, and the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and bravely battled his illness for two years, Christian passed away on May 16th, 2019, at the age of 17. “Christian was an amazing, talented,

  • Broadcasting During A Pandemic0

    Friday Night Lights is back. Well. We are taking things one step at a time. Loyalsock and South sat out the first two, and I hear the boys in Canton are currently in the locker room. But all of our local squads should have participated in at least one game. I personally didn’t think we’d

  • The Gridiron & Softball0

    As I was preparing this week’s column, 9:31 a.m. unceremoniously passed by on the September 22 morning, bringing with it the fall equinox and the first day of autumn. As a big fan of summer, this annual occurrence has never been a cause for celebration for me, but this year is a bit different. After

  • STEP Continues to Offer its Social Services to Clinton and Lycoming Counties Despite COVID-19 Pandemic0

    For more than 50 years, STEP has been offering various social services to the citizens of Clinton and Lycoming counties. But no year has posed a greater challenge to its ability to deliver those services than in this year, the “Year of COVID-19.” They have managed to soldier on and adjusted the way they have

  • Friday Night Lights0

    I have nothing but love and respect for Montoursville’s J.C. Keefer. The old-school football coach and I go back a long time. He has been a good chum over the years. I don’t get to see him much, but I will occasionally spot him at a local diamond. J.C. also loves the game of baseball

  • A New Normal0

    Before they could board the waiting school bus, the anxious softball players and their coaches dutifully lined up, not to have their ticket punched, but rather to individually have their temperatures taken and answer a serious of health-related questions posed to them by the school’s athletic trainer and athletic director. Face coverings were required inside

  • Regional School Reopening Plans0

    Area Schools Face Challenges in Reopening for the New School Year By Dave Bellomo & Lou Hunsinger Jr. [Editor’s Note: All of the information in this article is ‘as of press time.’ Like so much else, anything can change at the last minute, but we wanted to give you the most accurate, up-to-date information available.

  • Loyalsock AAU Team Take Championship

    Loyalsock AAU Team Take Championship0

    The Loyalsock basketball AAU team recently went out to Pittsburgh and won the Adidas national invitational. They beat an undefeated AAU team out of Jamestown, New York in the finals to win it all. In the last three years they took second place their first year, and then lost by a combination of 10 points

  • The Roving Sportsman… During These Uncertain Times0

    A recent nationwide poll by the National Recreation and Park Association revealed that more than half of adults polled said that they plan to vacation close to home this summer. Most cited the COVID-19 pandemic as a reason, and noting the fact that the outdoors provide the ideal chance for social distancing and to enjoy

  • Need a Break!0

    I am normally pretty active on social media. But I’ve got to tell y’all, I’m beginning to reach my limit. I’m not sure there are enough ‘unfollow’ buttons to keep up with social media these days. Wear a mask, don’t wear a mask, social distance, protest, facts, opinions, false equivalency, virtue signaling, the spreading of

  • Community Arts Center Receives Grant from PPL Foundation for Educational Series0

    • July 15, 2020

    The Community Arts Center is pleased to announce it has received a $5000 grant from the PPL Foundation. These funds will go to support the 2020-2021 Educational Series. The Community Arts Center’s Educational Series is a first step in enhancing the quality of life in our community, a first step in laying a strong foundation

  • Back to Life, Back to Reality

    Back to Life, Back to Reality0

    Wow! How great is it to see the baseball and softball diamonds full of young ball players? Just seeing people out and about enjoying all the wonderful things our area has to offer in summertime. The ability to go out for a bite to eat and a cold drink. To actually be able to attend


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