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  • And the Winner is…

    And the Winner is…0

    A very special Happy Birthday to my Great Aunt Mildred, who turns 102 years old today. Just imagine what she has seen in her lifetime since being born in 1918. She is truly a remarkably smart and tough lady who has navigated her time here on God’s green Earth with grace, but when needed, the

  • Once Upon a Time0

    Once upon a time in the West Branch Valley of the Susquehanna River region, there existed a somewhat utopian atmosphere among the populous. While the village inhabitants of each individual area were fervently pleased and protective of their own, they shared a competitive bond with an overriding uniqueness that made their athletic encounters something they

  • Uptown Music Collective Sells Out CAC

    Uptown Music Collective Sells Out CAC0

    On Saturday, January 25th, for the first time in its fourteen-year history of presenting student performances in the 2200 seat theater, the Uptown Music Collective sold out the Community Arts Center. The show was Captain Fantastic and The Piano Man: The Music of Elton John and Billy Joel. “We had seen the ticket sales rising,

  • An Evening with Coach Kelly and the Lady Bison0

    Congratulations to Summer McNulty on scoring her 1,000th point for the Loyalsock Lady Lancers. Summer’s brother Chase and my son Hunter are good friends and graduated in the same class. They played a lot of baseball together, both for the school and travel teams. Summer was the little sister that had to tag along to

  • Gridiron Guesses0

    The first Super Bowl I remember watching was Super Bowl XXIV in 1990. It was the 49ers versus the Denver Broncos at the Superdome in New Orleans. Admittedly, I’ve never been a huge football fan, but I remember watching this game because, for whatever reason, my mom has always been a Broncos’ fan and was

  • Grit: January 25, 1970 – Plans Announced for Nursing Home0

    Plans for a 4 million dollar nursing home center and multi-building apartment complex to be constructed on the north side of Four Mile Drive in the 1300 block in Loyalsock Township were revealed last week by former Governor George M. Leader during a visit to the city. The former governor made the announcement in his

  • Rivalry Restored0

    It has been more than a week, and I am still buzzing. Actually, the entire hoops community is. What transpired in the Catholic Community Center last Sunday might never be duplicated. It was an amazing atmosphere, both teams played well, and I had the best seat to witness. The Loyalsock Lancers prevailed as they defeated

  • National Blood Donors Month0

    According to the Red Cross, “National Blood Donor Month has been observed in January since 1970 with the goal of increasing blood and platelet donations during winter — one of the most difficult times of year to collect enough blood products to meet patient needs. During the winter months, inclement weather often results in cancelled

  • Uptown Music Collective Raises Funds With a Tribute to Billy Joel and Elton John0

    On January 25th, the students of the Uptown Music Collective will present Captain Fantastic and the Piano Man at the Community Arts Center in downtown Williamsport. This performance, which is also, the school’s yearly fundraising performance that raises funds for the school’s scholarship and educational programs. Is a tribute to two of the titans of

  • Being More Thoughtful of Others

    Being More Thoughtful of Others0

    It was the day before Christmas Eve, and we decided to take our kids out to see the lights, walk Loyalsock Park, and stop and grab a bite for dinner last minute. The kids ask to go to Pizza Hut. When we went there it was super busy. The lady sat us and said she

  • An Ode to Curtis0

    It is hard to fathom that I made it to another decade. This is my sixth sports fans. I don’t know about you, but I personally struggle with bringing in the new year. My resolutions usually get tossed by January 11th. I have every intention of eating healthy or getting buff. I also try to

  • Looking Back On Some of My Most Interesting and Notable Stories From 20190

    Besides being the end of the decade, 2019 was an interesting year. During this year, I was fortunate enough to have written many stories that I hope the readers of Webb Weekly found enjoyable. I want to look back now on some of my favorite and most notable stories from the year just passed. Several

  • This Week’s LION: LION of the Year — The Young & Amazing0

    One of my favorite exercises at the end of the year is to review all my columns throughout the year. I began writing LION (Leaders In Our Neighborhood) features in April of 2014, and I am always surprised how each year seems to have a certain theme. In 2018, it was good people passing away.

  • County Hall Corner: 2019: Not an “Off” Year0

    In political parlance, an election year that does not have any gubernatorial or national offices on the ballot is considered an “off” year. This means that the turnout will be expected to be low, as all the races are for the most local, and these generally do not arise much passion in the general electorate.

  • The Week’s LION: Holiday with a Heart0

    Is there any other holiday that has so many traditions associated with it? Everything from Christmas caroling to baking cookies to candlelight services to Candy Cane Lane, the activities surrounding Christmas and New Years are almost endless. There are personal traditions, like Scott Metzger, the new Lycoming County Commissioner who for the past 39 years

  • Gazette and Bulletin: January 2, 1940 – Williamsport Planning Mill, Homes Destroyed by Fire0

    The Williamsport Planing Mill, Campbell and First Streets and six frame homes on First Street were destroyed by raging, spectacular fire early yesterday morning. The loss has placed at between $350,000 and $400,000 by Lawrence E. Krimm, plant manager. The fire claimed one life. Frank Fulkrod, 63, residing at 760 First Street, in the block

  • Keep Your Eyes to the Skies0

    It is definitely the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. As in the Christmas classic sung by Andy Williams. I love when that song comes on the radio; it can’t help but to put some Christmas spirit in your step and a smile on your face. Give it a listen before you go shopping, to


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