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35th Loyalsock Valley Antique Machinery Association Show August 4th to 7th

If you enjoy the roar and belching of engines and like antique farm machinery on display and in action, then the Loyalsock Valley Antique Machinery Association’s (LVAMA) new show grounds at 899 Lower Bodines Road, Trout Run will be the place for you from Thursday, August 4 to Sunday, August 7.

Each LVAMA show has a feature tractor, and this year’s Feature Tractor is Silver King and Oddballs and Orphans. The Feature Garden tractor is Bolens. The engine Feature is Side Shaft Engines.

“The show is growing and doing very well at our new location with new and more elaborate displays every year,” Joe Belzer, LVAMA president, told Webb Weekly. “We have also acquired a new property in Ralston where we are starting a museum. The name of the new museum is the Central Pennsylvania Museum of Agriculture and Industry. We have a large focus on local historical Agricultural and industrial aspects such as farming, Mining, and oil exploration, along with lumber heritage that our area is rich in. Our first event will be held there on September 30, October 1st, and 2nd.”

He said as for new things this year, they have a new pulling track and will have many new classes of pulling. They have steam engines back at their show this year and will have their steam and spark show at dusk. They have a growing engine display section, a garden tractor display section, a flea market, and food vendors. They also have a lumberjack competition on Saturday and tractor pulls on Friday and Saturday nights. The event will also include live music. Things kick off with an opening ceremony conducted by a Marine Corps Color Guard on Friday, August 5.

The admission price to the event is $5 for adults, and children 12 and under are free.

“One thing that we make sure to emphasize in our club is our volunteers — they mean everything to us. We are a 100 percent volunteer organization; without them, we would be nothing,” Belzer added.

Each day the show runs from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

This year marks the 35th anniversary of the Machinery Show. According to, “Many years ago, Dan Carey and Max Swisher met while trucking farm equipment. Both Dan and Max shared an interest in farm equipment and enjoyed going to different machinery shows to experience a past way of life. An appreciation grew along with the desire to create a similar experience in the Williamsport area.

Together Vonnie Aikey, Joan Day, Russell and Ruth Houseknecht, and Gene Berry gathered in Dan’s living room to discuss their common interests. They agreed having an antique machinery show in this area would be a great idea. With that thought began the research to see where these shows took place: the towns, the physical location, the dates of other similar shows, and other ideas for crowd-pleasing activities. When all the data was collected and processed, the date and location were set for the first LVAMA show.”

The first show was held on Route 87 at Dan Carey’s property. The original event showcased 20 tractors, a few Hit and Miss engines, and antique cars.

Another important feature at the LVAMA show is the lumberjack event and an antique sawmill. In the show’s history, there have been two mills donated by Winter’s Lumber and Easton and Carey Lumber. The Winter Sawmill runs with a saw used for over four generations. These sawmills are run mainly by steam engines, but sometimes tractors will supply the power. Recently the Winter Sawmill was returned to their family to help ensure its preservation.

Different Hit and Miss engines and Tractor manufacturers are spotlighted every year, with visitors learning about various types of equipment. Guests learn about the common machinery used today, along with pieces that are rarely seen or used, threshing machines which prepare oats, a bailer, and numerous other machines. Families will enjoy arriving in horse-drawn wagons from the parking areas. Visitors can experience the Shingle Mill and Box and Bat making exhibits or stroll thru the flea market and find everything from old tractor parts to crafts, toys, and new items. The possibilities are limitless.

There are special rules regarding dogs at the show. Dogs are not permitted at any time on the show grounds, flea markets, and food vending areas, except for all service dogs. The only dog policy exception is for campers and flea market vendors defined herein. Not the general public or visitors. Camping areas and exhibitor camping pets are only permitted in the designated area as long as they are in a pen/cage or pet taxi, inside your camper, or on a leash that does not extend beyond your individual camping lot. Place your pet on a leash to take to the restroom-outside the camping area and away from traffic areas. You must clean up after your pet! Please abide by the rules.