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The Roving Sportsman… Wet a Line, Throw Some Lead, or Simply Take a Hike!

Congratulations! You live in Lycoming County or perhaps one of the surrounding counties. Or maybe you are a frequent traveler who comes to our neck of the woods to enjoy what this “slice of Heaven” of Northcentral Pennsylvania has to offer. In any case, if you are into the outdoors, welcome to Paradise!

Throughout my lifetime, I have had the privilege and pleasure of traveling throughout all of our 50 states and around the globe. I have enjoyed every moment of it, but I always found myself dreaming about and returning to the Appalachian mountain region of northern Pennsylvania. It is where I spent my early years, and it is where I have happily retired to. For those of us who enjoy fishing, hunting, and spending quality time in the outdoors, we have it all right here at our fingertips.
Wet a Line:

The smallmouth bass fishing on Pine Creek is truly world-renowned. Fishermen travel from all around the world to spend time on this beautiful stream in search of both trout and smallmouth bass. To be honest, I have never spent much time in pursuit of either smallmouth or largemouth bass, but I know who has. Ken Hunter, the fellow writer for the Webb Weekly, has a deep knowledge of this fishery and frequently writes about tackle and techniques as well as shares his stories about bass fishing. I highly recommend you read his articles if you want to learn about fishing for bass in our area. For me, trout fishing has always been my passion. I grew up fishing the Loyalsock, Wallis Run, Little Pine Creek, and numerous small feeder streams that were home to small native brook trout.

Trekking to small streams that feed into area creeks in search of native trout is still what I enjoy most, and just such fishing is abundant, especially in the more remote locations in and surrounding Lycoming County. Pennsylvania’s trout season opens on Saturday, April 2. Get out and take advantage of some of our unique offerings for fishing this spring.
Throw Some Lead:

If you are a hunter and spring gobbler hunting is one of your favorite pastimes, then be ready for the opening of the season here in Pennsylvania on Saturday, April 30. Also, be aware that the one-day Youth Hunt for spring gobblers will be held a week earlier, on Saturday, April 23. Mentored Youth Hunting is permissible during the Youth Hunt or during the regular season – please read all pertinent information regarding mentored youth hunting that is included in the current Hunting and Trapping Digest. There are literally thousands of acres in State Forest and in State Game Lands that are open to spring gobbler hunting. If you prefer hunting on private lands, I would suggest that if you are looking for a place to hunt, you should approach farmers and landowners now. Waiting until a week or a few days before the season opens will generally not be appreciated by any landowner or farmer. Be respectful and seek permission now – well before the opening day.

Note: The season limit in the spring is two bearded birds. However, with what has been noted as a reduction in population numbers of wild turkeys, it might be advisable to limit your take to just one bird this spring.

It is your decision, but it just might be the responsible thing to do.
Take a Hike:

Perhaps fishing or hunting is not your “thing.”

You still have an amazing opportunity to get out and enjoy some fresh air in the great outdoors. Whether you reside in our area or travel here to get away from the confines of city life somewhere else, there is an abundance of places to take in the wonders of Mother Nature and get some exercise along the way. One of the premier destinations that many people enjoy is the Pine Creek Valley and the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is located in the Tioga State Forest southwest of Wellsboro and stretches over 45 miles. Additionally, the Pine Creek Rail Trail runs at the base of the Canyon alongside Pine Creek and goes from Jersey Shore to Wellsboro. There are numerous entry and exit points along the trail that allows you to adjust the distance you would like to hike or bike. Particularly during the early morning and late evening hours, whitetail deer, black bear, turkeys, and ruffed grouse can be seen, and often hawks and even bald eagles can be spotted soaring overhead.

Yes, if you enjoy any facet of the outdoors, there are numerous opportunities for you to enjoy your sport without having to travel very far to do so. Get out and take advantage of all that is available this spring!