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  • Four Local Wrestlers Take Gold in Hershey0

    Historically, North Central PA has been known for great wrestling, and this year was no different. Area wrestlers Cael Nasdeo, Williamsport, and Luke Simcox, Central Mountain, both had great regular seasons only to be capped by winning the ultimate prize, a class AAA title in Hershey. Cael Nasdeo, a senior committed to wrestle at Penn

  • Horoscopes0

    ARIES – Mar 21–Apr 21 It is very important that you do not count your chickens before they hatch, Aries. Something you suspected was a sure thing may not pan out this week. TAURUS – Apr 21–May 21 You have a secret desire that you want to let out, Taurus. But you’re not sure of

  • Four Steps to Live in the Present Every Day

    Four Steps to Live in the Present Every Day0

    Living in the present means celebrating each moment as it happens without worries about the past or anxiety for what the future holds and enjoying life to the fullest. Many people find themselves thinking about what happened yesterday or what might happen tomorrow, making living in the now a challenge. You can overcome those hurdles

  • Prioritize Heart Health with a Balanced Eating Plan0

    No matter your motivations, it’s never too late or too early to start focusing on your heart health, and taking steps now can make a big difference. Small changes, like following a healthier eating plan, can help you start down a path toward improved heart health. One step you can take is following the DASH

  • The Role of Engine Air Filters

    The Role of Engine Air Filters0

    Vehicle engines include complex parts that work in concert to ensure that the car functions properly. When servicing their cars and trucks, vehicle owners may look to many parts of the engine yet overlook a relatively mundane, albeit important, component: the air filter. All cars come equipped with air filters, which are essential to optimum

  • The Roving Sportsman… Creating a Management Plan0

    Most people would agree that if you are serious about accomplishing a goal, you need a plan. This becomes even more critical when you are looking at a complex set of goals, and time and money may be limited. Such just might be the case if you are a landowner, a member of a hunting