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  • UPMC Provider: Give Mom the Gift of Wellness This Mother’s Day0

    Mother’s Day is coming up, and a great time to focus on the matriarchs of your family. This is something they may not be used to since they are usually putting others’ needs before their own. To make this day extra meaningful, make your mother’s health a priority. Celebrate With Wellness in Mind When it

  • Great Gifts for Moms From All Walks of Life

    Great Gifts for Moms From All Walks of Life0

    Mother’s Day is an opportunity to show moms how much they’re loved and appreciated. Though many moms may insist they don’t want anything beyond spending the day with their children, gifts are a big part of Mother’s Day. No two moms are the same, and though standards like flowers and greeting cards will always have

  • We Are in a Battle for the Soul of America0

    I have waited to write this article until President Joe Biden officially announced his intention regarding the 2024 election. Last Tuesday, he did just that, releasing a video asking the American people for more time to “finish this job.” Before I get started, I want to clarify that I would be writing the same words

  • Dishing Out the Facts on Good Fats

    Dishing Out the Facts on Good Fats0

    For those seeking to be more health-conscious, the idea of eating nutritiously seems simple. However, understanding what’s truly “good for you” can sometimes be confusing. In honor of National Nutrition Month and Healthy Fats Day, Avocados From Mexico is sharing how avocados – a delicious food and source of good fats and several vitamins –

  • Challenges


    For once, my brain is blank, and this is a rare occurrence. I typically come up with some kind of past memory that comes back up for me, something that happened in the present, a season, holiday, food, or restaurant. But guys, I’m blank. For almost two weeks now, I haven’t been myself. I was

  • Four Simple Ways to Keep Allergy Season at Bay0

    With warmer outdoor temperatures, many homeowners suffer through longer allergy seasons. In fact, allergy days have increased by 20 days, according to a study conducted by the National Academy of Sciences. Being aware of air quality indexes and limiting time outdoors can lessen exposure to airborne pollutants, but indoor air quality is also a concern.