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  • Shout out to Nurses

    Shout out to Nurses0

    Nurses just don’t get enough credit. Their job is hard! I can tell you right now that I couldn’t do it. Growing up, I watched my Momma work for the hospital — from a school nurse, to taking care of people in their homes. It was great having a nurse for a mom, EXCEPT (notice

  • How to Create a Greater Work/Life Balance

    How to Create a Greater Work/Life Balance0

    A more even balance between professional and personal life is a goal for many individuals. The demands of work too often extend beyond traditional working hours, leaving many professionals to confront work-related challenges long after they’ve left the office or left the desks in their home offices. With work never more than a smartphone notification

  • Leadership Litmus Test0

    Regardless of what occupation you may hold, what political persuasion you have, the size of your bank account, or your concern over social issues, it is becoming increasingly clear that most of us have one thing in common; a strong desire to clear the air of the divisiveness, rancor, mistrust, and wasted anger that has