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  • Happy Mother’s Day

    Happy Mother’s Day0

    Well, well, well! Look what time of year it is! It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday and I’ve been running my Mother’s Day list for a couple of year, making updates and adjustments as we go, but I feel like it’s a pretty dang good list, so Happy Mother’s Day to all! Hopefully you are able

  • No Cost Beauty Hacks0

    What is that old saying, “necessity is the mother of invention”? I’d like to put a twist on this and put forth that “a broken nail is the mother of a beauty hack.” Being stuck at home here the past year, I’ve come to rely on some out-of-the-box DIY beauty hacks from nails, to makeup,

  • McDonald’s, Larson Design Group Partner With WASD Education Foundation to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week0

    Larson Design Group (LDG) and McDonald’s are partnering with the Williamsport Area School District Education Foundation (WASDEF) in a week-long effort to pay tribute to teachers and raise funds to support classrooms during Teacher Appreciation Week from May 3-7. Teacher Appreciation Week is celebrated across the nation every year during the first week of May

  • Church Cornerstone Contents on Display at the Taber Museum0

    The contents of the cornerstone from the recently-sold Seventh Day Adventist Church in South Williamsport are now on display at the Thomas T. Taber Museum of the Lycoming County Historical Society, 858 West Fourth Street. “As the cornerstone was ‘unveiled’, it was with great disappointment that we found that water had gotten into the metal

  • 3 on 3 Battles Begin0

    After my brief reunion with then dentist Lou Gingrich, I was excited for the last weekend in June to roll around to participate in the Carlisle 3 on 3 outdoor basketball tournament. On that Saturday, the whole main street in Carlisle is blocked off from all traffic. High school 3-point range lines are chalked from

  • County Hall Corner: Sheriff Lusk and His Super Supporters0

    There is a saying — some people make things happen, some watch what happens, and the rest wonder what happened. Sheriff Mark Lusk makes things happen, but he does not do so alone. At the April 20th Lycoming County Commissioners’ Meeting, there was a glowing example of Sheriff Lusk’s initiative and active community support. For

  • The Roving Sportsman… Savoring Wild Turkey Meat0

    Whether your success while spring gobbler hunting comes in the first week, or later in the season, you are a very fortunate hunter indeed! Spring turkey hunting can be rather frustrating, often making a hunter wonder if he is doing the right things and then realizing that the gobbler is the one in control and

  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Lycoming County – Mentoring Youngsters Since 20150

    Unfortunately, we live in a time in which many families are fractured or suffer economic woes that make it difficult to provide proper parental mentoring or guidance for their children. One national organization helps fill this void, and that is Big Brothers/Big Sisters. According to their national website, Big Brothers Big Sisters seeks to change

  • UPMC Physician: Back in Action After Tendon Repair0

    You may never think about your tendons until you experience joint pain or injury. There are over 4,000 tendons in your body, and they connect your muscles and bones together in order to move your body. Injuring a tendon can be very painful and can limit your movement. While many people may think tendon injuries

  • Take Me Out to the Ballgame?0

    In the Lowery family, April is a month of many birthdays. Daughter Denise, son, Doug, a grandson, and I share the same month, another grandson was born March 31, and daughter-in-law Angie checks in on May 2. It has been our tradition to celebrate the collective observances with a single gathering. Having forgone family gatherings

  • Why Do We Fish?0

    Why Do We Fish? There was a time way back in our early history when the question of why we fish had a simple and direct answer — to put food on the table. While many of us still enjoy a good fish dinner on occasion, we would be hard-pressed to say that our fishing

  • Nine Signs Your Young Child is Having Vision Problems

    Nine Signs Your Young Child is Having Vision Problems0

    As many a parent can attest, decoding a youngster’s needs can be challenging when that child is not yet able to fully communicate. Diagnosing health issues may require a little trial and error. So it’s no wonder many parents are not aware if their children are having issues with vision. Routine wellness exams by your

  • Wild vs. Stocked

    Wild vs. Stocked0

    Many folks have reached out to me as of late. They will send me a photo with a simple question. First let me say that I am not a fishing expert. Nor did I qualify for ICHTHYOLOGY 345 at Lycoming College. I do know the major differences between the Pennsylvania trouts, but it is getting

  • As Not Seen On TV0

    The United States of America is not the racist hate land as portrayed by the major news networks, elected officials, and groups using this issue to segregate and create division. I have not seen, read, or heard anyone condoning Derek Chauvin or the officers involved in the taking of George Floyd’s life. I have witnessed

  • Age-Appropriate Chores for Kids0

    Saturday or Sunday mornings are made for cleaning in my house. I usually get up, turn on 90s/early 00s pop-punk and get to work. I’m fairly convinced that I will cause some sort of Pavlovian response in the members of my household. I’m picturing Fall Out Boy coming on the radio and them suddenly having

  • St. John’s/Newberry UMC’s School of the Arts Continues to Flourish After 25 Years0

    When Jeffrey Seeley, Music Director at St. John’s/Newberry United Methodist Church at the time, started its School of Arts (known as SOTA) in 1996, he probably could have scarcely imagined that it would be flourishing and one of this area’s most notable schools of art that incubates young artistic talent, 25 years after it was

  • Styling Tricks for Spring0

    I don’t know about you but, with this hopeful new season, I’m definitely ready to shake things up a little in the outfit department. Not necessarily looking to add to my spring wardrobe so much, but more to rethink how I style the clothes currently in my closet. There are plenty of innovative, fun pairings

  • How Communities Can Recognize Nurses0

    The vital role nurses play in health care settings across the globe was perhaps never more apparent than in recent months. When COVID-19 was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization in March 2020, nurses were on the front lines in the battle against the virus and have remained there ever since. In recognition

  • If I Had Only One Dry Fly0

    I was recently sipping coffee and talking with another dry fly-fishing enthusiast when we both came up with the same thought — if you could have only one dry fly pattern for the whole season, what would it be? This same question has come up several times over the years with other fly-fishing friends, and

  • ICU & COVID Unit Nurses at UPMC Awarded Annual Dr. Alexander Nesbitt Commitment to Caring Award0

    The 8th annual Dr. Alexander Nesbitt Commitment to Caring Award was presented to the dedicated and hard-working nurses of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and COVID units at UPMC Susquehanna during a virtual Healthcare Decisions Day event on hospice and end-of-life care. Accepting the award on behalf of each department’s devoted staff were nurse leaders

  • Write it Down0

    In keeping with Webb Weekly’s literary objective of presenting informative stories about local people and the things they are doing, the past two issues of this newspaper have detailed books that have recently been published by two of the area’s most renowned individuals. Much is known about the authors themselves but how they got here

  • The Roving Sportsman: It’s Ramp Gathering Time0

    Among birdwatchers, the robin seems to top the list as the “harbinger of spring,” while for those folks who enjoy harvesting wild edible plants, it is the ramp that best signals that spring is upon us. So, what is a ramp and just what is all the hubbub about ramps, anyway? The scientific name is

  • UPMC: Colonoscopy Can Save Your Life0

    More than 140,000 new cases of colon cancer are diagnosed each year, making it the third most common cancer and the second-leading cause of cancer death in the U.S. However, when caught early it is highly treatable. Screening saves lives as it helps catch cancer early and the gold standard for colon cancer screening is

  • Rising Stockies0

    When you spend as much time on the water as I do. You will always catch a few. And while some days are certainly better than others. You occasionally have that once in a lifetime experience. But these little episodes are extremely rare. I can count them with my fingers. This past Sunday I was

  • County Hall Corner: What Happened to Lady Justice’s Blindfold?0

    Overreaching is so serious it has a whole list of idioms for it, like “the straw that broke the camel’s back,” “a bridge too far,” or “going overboard,” etc. Whatever we call it, we are amid political and cultural shifts that have pushed so far out, they are the very antithesis of American culture and

  • A Trip to the Home Show and Back to Biden0

    A Webb Weekly tip of the cap to the West Branch Susquehanna Builders Association on their efforts for this year’s 61st Home Show. If you remember, last year’s Home Show got set up and torn down without anybody attending due to Governor Wolf’s orders regarding COVID. What a great effort this year by Carroll Pawlikowski,

  • Don’t be a Trash-hole…3

    My initial plan this week had been to give our readers a stern talking to about the state of our local recycling centers. Because y’all, they are disgusting and shameful. But, as it turns out, Larry Stout was on the ball, and his breakdown from Jason Yorks handles that subject pretty well. You can read

  • Tom Speicher Completes Bill ‘Buck’ Byham’s Unpublished Novel0

    When local sports legend Bill Byham passed away in late May 2017, his unpublished novel — offering relevant life lessons through the prism of junior-high football — could easily have died with him. The manuscript of “Bucky Deacon’s Dilemma,” pecked out on a typewriter during summers by the pool, had languished for decades since Byham

  • How to Write A Poem0

    As National Poetry Month continues, you may feel compelled to put pen to paper or fingertips to keyboard and compose a few verses yourself. Wonderful! Congratulations! You’ve caught the writer’s bug, and the only cure is to get words on the page. But where to start? If you’re new to poetry or writing in general,

  • UPMC Doctor: Pain Relief Possible Without Opioids0

    It is estimated that more than 30% of Americans are living with chronic and acute pain, and that percentage increases with age. In the past, opioids have commonly been the choice for chronic pain management. However, this approach to treating pain has been largely proven ineffective while also contributed to our nation’s opioid epidemic, causing

  • Get on the Water With the Right Kayaking Gear

    Get on the Water With the Right Kayaking Gear0

    Kayaking is a wildly popular paddlesport. Paddlesports offer people unique ways to enjoy nature while getting up close and personal with expansive waterways. Kayaking is remarkably accessible for people of all skill levels and interests. According to the Outdoor Foundation’s 2019 Special Report on Paddlesports and Safety, kayaking has seen a consistent upward trend in

  • The Roving Sportsman… Youth Day and Opening Day Tactics for 20210

    In just a few days, the one day Pennsylvania Youth Spring Gobbler Hunt will take place — Saturday, April 24th to be exact. On the following Saturday, May 1, our statewide Spring Gobbler Season gets underway. These are the days many of us have been daydreaming about for weeks, so let’s take a look at

  • How to Reduce Risk for Lyme disease

    How to Reduce Risk for Lyme disease0

    When the weather warms up and hours of daylight increase, few people can resist the allure of the great outdoors. Nature beckons each spring, and those answering that call must do so safely. Lyme disease is a potential threat for people who live in certain regions. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that


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