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  • Preparing Your Children for Kindergarten0

    • August 23, 2023

    Being ready for kindergarten is about far more than writing names and reciting the ABCs. It is also about building a foundation for deeper conceptual thinking, curiosity, creativity and social and emotional skills that can help children during their early school days and also in life. For parents, this transition can be nerve-wracking and raise

  • The World of Weird Words0

    As promised in last week’s Weird Words round-up, here comes another baker’s dozen from the sprawling list of oddball vocab I keep for these columns. Our theme for this pair of articles has been hyphenated terms — or shall I say “two-tiered”? Or maybe “double-barreled” — if that doesn’t seem too heavy-handed … or hoity-toity.

  • YesterShoppe! Returns to the Taber Museum0

    It is quickly becoming a time-honored tradition at the Taber Museum- along with our Lecture Series, History Day Camp for Children, our holiday displays, and Bottles and Brews — it is YesterShoppe! YesterShoppe! is the indoor yard sale at the Thomas T. Taber Museum of the Lycoming County Historical Society which will be held on

  • Growing and Cooking Pre-Summer Used Book Sale for Konkle Library in Montoursville0

    The “Growing and Cooking” Pre-Summer Used Book Sale is Friday, May 19th (10 a.m.-6 p.m.) and Saturday, May 20th (9 a.m.-2 p.m.) at the Montoursville W.B. Konkle Library on Broad Street. It is time to stock up before summer vacation. Generous donors have provided us with a healthy supply of fardening and cookbooks, so let’s

  • Tips for Improving Concentration0

    In an article published by the Harvard Medical School, Dr. Kirk Daffner, Director for Brain/Mind Medicine at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, states that people have trouble filtering out information that is irrelevant to the task at hand as they age. In addition, Dr. Daffner says that the slowing of mental processes is

  • Four Keys to Effective Communication0

    A number of years ago, I was shopping at a local grocery store after work. I wanted to pick up a few items, including ingredients for a butter chicken recipe. The list included naan bread, a very common flatbread often associated with Indian, Western Asian, or Caribbean food. You can find it at pretty much

  • 2023 ‘Clinton County Landmarks’ Puzzle Announced ‘Capture the Covered Bridge’ Photo Contest will determine image on Puzzle

    2023 ‘Clinton County Landmarks’ Puzzle Announced ‘Capture the Covered Bridge’ Photo Contest will determine image on Puzzle0

    The Covered Bridge at Logan Mills will be the subject of the 2023 puzzle, the second in the Clinton County Visitors Bureau’s annual ‘Clinton County Landmarks’ puzzle series. The Visitors Bureau, part of the Clinton County Economic Partnership, is now accepting pre-orders for the puzzle, and, as was the case for last year’s inaugural puzzle

  • 2nd Annual Christian Houghtaling Foundation Golf Tournament

    2nd Annual Christian Houghtaling Foundation Golf Tournament0

    In 2017 Christian Houghtaling was diagnosed with a rare subtype of Leukemia called Hypodiploid Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). At the time of his diagnosis, Christian was a bright, talented, 14-year-old Loyalsock Township High School Freshman. Although he was treated at some of the top medical facilities in the country, including Geisinger, Johns Hopkins, and the

  • Forgetfulness vs. Dementia0

    All of us are forgetful from time to time. If I am to be completely honest, I sometimes secretly worry that I’m in the beginning stages of dementia when I cannot remember the name of some celebrity or band. I’ll be watching tv and ask my wife, “What’s the name of the guy in the

  • Puzzling Romance Winter Book Sale Konkle Library in Montoursville0

    It’s a Puzzling Romance Winter Book Sale Saturday February 11 from 9 a.m.-2 p.m., at the Montoursville W.B. Konkle Library on BROAD Street. It’s time to pick up a few jigsaw puzzles for those cold romantic winter nights and a few books to read by the fire or videos to watch together. Montoursville Friends of

  • It was 20 Years Ago Today: A Look at Movies in 20030

    This week, your Webb movie critic honors his venue’s 20th anniversary with a look at films from 2003 — the same year this publication saw its inception (if you’ll pardon my mild cinematic pun). That year’s biggest smash was “The Return of the King,” netting over $1 billion while also tying “Ben-Hur” and “Titanic” for

  • A Renovation Update0

    The articles on sports get some high fives. But these freelance short stories get the most praise. I am totally serious. Our renovation is a popular topic. I am working on another pilot. Several weeks back, I mentioned that my father and I were building an addition. I am doing my best to chronicle the

  • Our Major Renovation0

    This week’s column has little to do with sports. We didn’t have a golf match, and I didn’t make the cut. Since I have been scribing part-time for the past sixteen seasons — my lovely editor allows me to freelance. My family and I are now tackling a major construction project. And since I have

  • County Hall Corner: Are You Ready for Trouble?0

    September is National Preparedness Month, which certainly does not cause parades and festivals from communities around the country — but it is something that we should not just push aside lightly. The tragedy that occurred in the United States on September 11th, 2001, was recently commemorated by thousands of bikers at the 911 Memorial Ride.

  • What do You Know About Football?0

    Disclaimer. These articles are submitted on Friday. Yes. My lovely editor has everything ready to print, and she is often patiently waiting. I used to leave her hanging, but I have been on a roll here lately —2 3 straight weeks and counting. Maybe I finally figured this out. Perhaps no more struggles with part-time

  • UPMC Physician: Navigating Health Care as a Young Adult0

    Our teenage years and early twenties are a pivotal time of change in our lives. Young adults are simultaneously transitioning educationally or vocationally, legally, socially, and emotionally. Young adults take on the responsibilities of becoming an adult and navigating life, and managing health and wellness are a big piece of the life puzzle. From updating

  • Bloody Good Script: Brad Pitt in “Bullet Train”0

    I would have enjoyed “Bullet Train” a whole lot more if it weren’t so outrageously violent. It’s like someone took a decent script and handed it to Tarantino—except that director David Leitch seems to want to out-Quentin Quentin. Which is too bad, because the plotting is unusually strong for what seemed like a standard actioner

  • This Week’s LION: Foster Parents Kyle and Kayla Nielsen

    This Week’s LION: Foster Parents Kyle and Kayla Nielsen0

    The financial toll that our society must pick up due to children that suffer from neglect, abuse, or abandonment from their parents is staggering. Out of the $100 million budget for Lycoming County government operations, $10 million of that goes toward Children and Youth Services. As staggering as that sum is, another need is even

  • Sweet Patoot0

    A few weeks ago, when we were putting our daughter’s bedroom back together after a complete remodel, I caught myself saying something I hadn’t heard in a while. I was putting all her clothes back into her nice new big closet. Kenzy was bouncing all over like it was Christmas morning. She had waited five

  • St. John Neumann Regional Academy’s Senior Project “Packages with a Purpose” Aids Cancer Patients0

    The concept of service and care for others is an integral part of the mission of St. John Neumann Regional Academy. In this spirit, the school’s senior project, “Packages with a Purpose,” is being carried out. The packages that are part of the project contain items for cancer patients at the Hillman Cancer Center at

  • From Russia Without Love0

    No matter who has been the president of the United States, I have never had more concerns about an administration and those calling the shots behind the scenes than the Biden administration. However, with Vladimir Putin’s decision to declare war and invade Ukraine, it doesn’t seem the right time to start questioning the how, what,

  • It’s Flippin’ Freezing – Stay Inside!0

    Y’all. Despite living the majority of my life in central PA, I am just not built for how cold it’s been recently. As I write this, it’s a whopping 7°. That, my friends, is bull…nevermind… So right now, my only option is to stay inside as much as a I can. Here in the office,

  • For the Love of Catalogs0

    It all started with the JCPenney “big book” that would come in the fall. Next came Speigel, then Newport News, then Victoria’s Secret. The arrival of a catalog always gave me a thrill. When I was little, I used to stare at the pictures, taking in all the details of the models, clothes, and accessories,

  • What Do You Know About Football?0

    Disclaimer. These articles are submitted Friday afternoon. Life gets busy, and I will occasionally miss my extended deadline. I often leave my lovely editor hanging. Those are never my intentions, kids. I sometimes struggle with part-time mobile freelance procrastination. There are so many great stories to share. Unfortunately, I simply need to do a better

  • Local Care Home Keeps Seniors Fit0

    Pictured walking around the Garden Terrace at Presbyterian Home of Williamsport is Patricia Nierle. She is often seen taking her laps to “get a good leg stretch” in. Pictured with the weights is Maria Sassano. Maria is a busy lady, she loves to walk, help with things around the community and will take time with

  • Montoursville Konkle Library Dog Days of Summer Used Book Sale

    Montoursville Konkle Library Dog Days of Summer Used Book Sale0

    The Friends of W. B. Konkle Memorial Library in Montoursville are hosting their Dog Days of SUMMER Used Book Sales on Saturday, August 21st. We all like to relax and get away in a good book, whether it is on the Beach or your back patio. It’s time to refresh your stacks of books and

  • Montoursville Konkle Library0

    HOT SUMMER Used Book Sale The Friends of W. B. Memorial Konkle Library in Montoursville are hosting their HOT SUMMER Used Book Sales on Saturday, July 24th and August 21st. Did you know there are more books sold in the summer than during any other season? We all like to relax and get away in

  • Stand For the Flag, Kneel for the Fallen, Thank God for Our Freedom0

    There has been way too much negativity across our Nation in the last year, we need to leave it in the past and move forward full speed ahead. The United States of America is truly the greatest shining light of freedom and opportunity the world has ever seen. Our One Nation Under God must remember its

  • Fun Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day This Year

    Fun Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day This Year0

    Father’s Day presents an opportunity for people to honor the special men in their lives. These include not only dads, but father figures and other influential men who offer care and guidance to the people they love. Many celebrations continue to look different than they were prior to the pandemic, and Father’s Day festivities may

  • The Bookworm Sez: “Dear Child” by Romy Hausmann

    The Bookworm Sez: “Dear Child” by Romy Hausmann0

    There’s no one else like you in the world. No one with the same tongue-print or identical ear shape. Nobody else has your memories, and every experience you’ve ever had is unique to you alone. You might favor one parent or the other, you may have a twin or a doppelganger, but in the end,

  • Montoursville Konkle Library April Book Sale0

    Whole New Reason to Celebrate Spring! The Friends of W. B. Memorial Konkle Library in Montoursville are hosting their Spring Used Book Sale on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, April 8, 9, & 10th. It’s time to restock and refresh your shelves from the long winter to get ready for summer reading and to support the

  • The Legend of CI

    The Legend of CI0

    1,267 games. A State Record 1,066 wins. Twenty-four District IV Championships. Thirty League Titles. Thirty-eight 20-win seasons. His teams have won more than 85% of their games. And now Coach Ron Insinger has a State Championship to add to his already impressive resume. Where do I begin? Congratulations to my old friend for finally pulling

  • Happy Easter!

    Happy Easter!0

    Hey y’all! I’m so excited for Easter this weekend! I have always loved putting together Easter baskets and can’t wait to put together some Easter surprises this year! But before I get too far into my Easter fun, let’s get to the good stuff! We have the winners in our First Annual Webb Weekly Easter


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