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ARIES – Mar 21–Apr 20

Aries, you may see the details of a situation a little differently this week. While you may have been sticking to one way of doing things for some time, a new way may mean a breakthrough.

TAURUS – Apr 21–May 21

Taurus, your passion for a long-forgotten project is renewed. Dust off what you started, and see it through to completion. The results may surprise you.

GEMINI – May 22–Jun 21

Are you ready to communicate, Gemini? It’s time to have an important conversation with someone close to you. It may not always be comfortable, but it needs to be done.

CANCER – Jun 22–Jul 22

Cancer, a message will come to you that will shed light on something that you have been missing for some time. In fact, it is so simple you won’t know why you missed it before.

LEO – Jul 23–Aug 23

Leo, you may need some financial fixes this week. Take control of your spending and identify ways you can curtail it further going forward. Ask for help, if necessary.

VIRGO – Aug 24–Sept 22

Lately your good advice and common sense offerings have largely gone unheard or unheeded, Virgo. This week someone starts giving you the attention you deserve.

LIBRA – Sept 23–Oct 23

Libra, if brain fog has set in the last few days, you may get a reprieve this week. Rather than floundering around, you’ll have a direction to go and be focused on your goals.

SCORPIO – Oct 24–Nov 22

You may have been too close to the action to realize an important piece of the puzzle, Scorpio. After having an opportunity to step back for a bit, the picture becomes much clearer.

SAGITTARIUS – Nov 23–Dec 21

Sagittarius, career gears could be spinning right now. You have a lot of questions to ponder, including whether you should stay put at work or maybe look elsewhere.

CAPRICORN – Dec 22–Jan 20

Actions speak louder than words, Capricorn. Others will take note of your efforts and embrace any chance to work alongside you.

AQUARIUS – Jan 21–Feb 18

It is time to stop waffling on a particular situation, Aquarius. You have done the research and checked it over many times. Make a decision knowing you are prepared.

PISCES – Feb 19–Mar 20

You may need a crash course in negotiation, Pisces. There is something you have your eye on, and you may have to haggle over the details so things go your way.

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