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  • Horoscopes0

    ARIES – Mar 21-Apr 20 You may find yourself easily annoyed this week, Aries. Surround yourself with positive people so you’re not pulled into the doldrums. You will snap out of this funk. TAURUS – Apr 21-May 21 Taurus, when others call on you to police a situation, you might be stuck between doing the

  • Glamping and Cronuts in Pennsyltucky: More Blends from Webb’s Weird Words0

    Quick: Can you guess what two words combine to make the new term cremains? How about cronut? Verizon? Popsicle? Muppet? Bitcoin? Yeah, some are more obvious than others — and we’ll get to all of these shortly. In the meantime, let’s begin this 51st installment of Webb’s “Weird Words” by pointing out that terms like

  • Three Hundred

    Three Hundred0

    It was brought to my attention. I now have three hundred articles with Webb Weekly. I am sure there are several more. But these three hundred submissions are archived. That makes me smile. Special thanks to my big brother Jim. He has been a great mentor and friend. I tend to disagree with his politics

  • Father’s Day Without Dad0

    Heather and I had just prepared our morning coffee and tea. We were sitting outside the camper and watching the sun come up over one of our favorite places — Delaware Seashore State Park. The campground is located on the Indian River, where it empties into the ocean. It’s a great place to fish along

  • Brunch, Sporks, Zedonks and Nannygate: “Two Meanings Packed Up into One Word”0

    By Joseph W. Smith III Most of us know that words like brunch and smog were coined by combining parts from two other terms — in this case, breakfast + lunch, and of course smoke + fog. This kind of coinage is called a blend — or sometimes, a portmanteau. There are literally hundreds of

  • Crusoe, Christie, Shackleton & Pirates: Island Books for Summer Reading0

    As many Webb readers prepare for time at the beach this summer, here are 15 “island books” for sunny seaside reads. But keep in mind: Not every island is hot — or empty! Robinson Crusoe (Daniel Defoe) – The granddaddy of all stranded-man tales, Defoe’s 1719 tome — with shipwreck, cannibals, mutineers, religious conversion and

  • Wilson to Lead Little League’s Lineup0

    As May entered its final days, there was plenty to cheer about on the local sports scene. Softball teams from Jersey Shore, Loyalsock, Muncy, and Williamsport had earned themselves entry into the PIAA state tournament, while South Williamsport’s baseball and softball teams both remained alive, and the Williamsport Crosscutters were making final preparations for the

  • The Roving Sportsman… Timber Rattlesnake Season0

    Having grown up in Lycoming County and spent most of my life roaming its hills and streams, it has been a natural progression to be an avid lover of nature and to enjoy the abundant outdoor sporting opportunities that this area provides. Through the years, my respect for all of nature’s wonders has continued to

  • UPMC Expert: Make Warm Weather Activities More “Ahh” and Less “Ouch”0

    The rainy days of spring are on their way out and soon we will be heading into the summer sun. This time of year is prime time to head outdoors and enjoy all that the region has to offer. Whether you plan to head out to the woods for a hike or camping trip, paddle

  • Frances Tipton Hunter: Williamsport’s Answer To Norman Rockwell To Be Honored With Historical Marker0

    This Sunday, June 9, a historical marker authorized by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission will be dedicated at Way’s Garden to honor the late, distinguished local artist Frances Tipton Hunter. The dedication will take place in conjunction with the annual Way’s Garden Art Show, an art event that has occurred every year since i957.

  • County Hall Corner: Emergency Excellence in Action0

    My father was a fireman for over fifty years, and some of my earliest memories was waking up in the middle of the night hearing the extremely LOUD klaxon alarm that alerted the local firemen that a fire was in progress. If it was nearby, I would even sneak out of the house to watch

  • Bass on Top0

    The various fishing seasons are all pretty much underway, and you know summer has arrived when you have to cut the grass twice a week, and you can pursue some serious bass fishing. April 13 through June 7, bass fishing is catch and release only, and from June 8 through September 30, you are allowed

  • The Roving Sportsman… It’s the Birthing Season0

    The cool spring days of rainy weather seem to evolve into warm rainy weather. The combination of warmer days, frequent showers, and occasional thunderstorms has produced taller grasses that will help hide newborn fawns from predation. The leaves in the hardwood forests are definitely more developed than in previous springs, providing great cover for newly

  • The Antlers are Coming0

    It’s that time of year again — that time when we deer hunters start studying deer more closely in search of new antler growth. It’s not just deer hunters, though, since even non-hunters seem to get excited when they spot a set of big deer antlers. I know me and a lot of others are

  • Five Delicious Ways to Revamp Your Routine with Oats0

    • May 22, 2024

    Do you want to add more variety and nutrition to your meal planning? Consider incorporating Quaker Oats into your diet! While oats are typically associated with breakfast, they’re a versatile ingredient that can also be used in all kinds of crowd-pleasing recipes — hot or cold, sweet or savory, morning or evening. Quaker Oats is

  • Grin and “Bear” It

    Grin and “Bear” It0

    A few weeks ago, my hubby went outside to burn papers. He found a really nice bird feeder right next to our burning barrel, which sits behind the back of our garage. “Babe, do you know whose bird feeder this is?” he asked. At this point, it didn’t matter whose it was because it was

  • Summer Crafts Families Can Enjoy Together

    Summer Crafts Families Can Enjoy Together0

    • Fun
    • May 22, 2024

    Things seem to slow down in summer. Come summer, the hurried pace that dominates much of the year takes a backseat to vacations, lounging around the pool, diving through ocean waves, and setting up tents at campsites near or far. When the weather is accommodating, there’s a seemingly endless list of ways to enjoy time


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