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  • In a World Divided, We Need a Nation United0

    As I watched the report of Polish President Andrzej Duda pledging four MiG 29 fighter jets to Ukraine, I realized this high-stake game of poker had just been raised significantly. This made Poland the first NATO country to actually step forward to provide Ukraine fighter jets. In a twist of irony, the MiGs are actually

  • Four Local Wrestlers Take Gold in Hershey0

    Historically, North Central PA has been known for great wrestling, and this year was no different. Area wrestlers Cael Nasdeo, Williamsport, and Luke Simcox, Central Mountain, both had great regular seasons only to be capped by winning the ultimate prize, a class AAA title in Hershey. Cael Nasdeo, a senior committed to wrestle at Penn

  • March 29 is Vietnam Veterans Recognition Day0

    The men and women who fought and died in the Vietnam War are probably the most underappreciated and underrecognized of American veterans. Largely because they were involved in the most controversial war in American history. In a bid to reverse the injustice done to these veterans, a Vietnam Veterans Recognition Day was established. Vietnam Veteran

  • Start Your Genealogy Journey

    Start Your Genealogy Journey0

    Genealogy fascinates much of the general public. The number of people learning more about their families and heritage through genealogy increases year to year. According to FamilyTree.com, genealogy is the second only to gardening as the most popular hobby in the United States. People explore genealogy for many reasons, including learning about their ancestry. A

  • Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun!0

    “Double your pleasure, double your fun – with Double Mint, Double Mint, Double Mint Gum!” This popular jingle was used in years past to advertise a brand of gum that remains popular to this day. But be careful because if you remember this jingle, you may be giving away your age! But “Double your pleasure,

  • Get Your Beef On0

    Last week I grabbed two pounds of ground beef out of our freezer and went to work. I had planned on burgers, but found out that’s what we were having Thursday with the family for dinner so I had to change my menu. That’s the beauty about ground beef. There is so much you can