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  • Oops, I Did it Again!

    Oops, I Did it Again!0

    OK, so I really need to start looking at the calendar. Not that it’s Monday or May 1st, but what the dates of actual holidays are. A few weeks ago, I emailed my column to Steph and told her to have a “Happy Hump Day” thinking it was Wednesday. She emailed me back saying “Well

  • Tired of Sweatpants0

    Even as the state begins the slow process of opening counties and regions, many of us will still be working from home and practicing social distancing for the coming weeks, if not months. So, sartorially speaking, we’ll still be spending the days in our casual clothes. For most of us, sweatpants have been the go-to

  • Drop the Mic0

    The announcement was not a surprise. Most folks were hoping against hope that it wouldn’t come. But Little League International President & CEO Steve Keener’s April 30 pronouncement that this year’s World Series and related regional tournaments would not be played will leave a huge void not only in our community but around the world.

  • This Week’s LION: Appreciating the Under-Appreciated0

    No one knows what we are going to call the Post-Pandemic Period, but the one thing we can predict is that it is going to be different than what we experienced just a few short months ago. We will be more cautious and careful in areas we took for granted before, but I believe we

  • What to Expect When You Return for Care0

    By Don Owrey Chief Operating Officer, UPMC Susquehanna The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many aspects of our lives, including the way we receive health care. People in communities across the nation are forgoing medically necessary care leading to unnecessary suffering and worsening health conditions. It’s normal to feel anxious about returning to a medical office

  • Moms, Grads and the Family Business

    Moms, Grads and the Family Business0

    Well, it is great to see May at the top of the calendar. What an amazing time of year. To me, it marks the unofficial kick-off to summer. Longer days, warmer nights combined with just so much to be celebrated and appreciated on God’s green Earth. There’s never been a time when a mother’s love