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"All of the Webb family is so sorry to hear about the passing of Gerry Ayers. Gerry was a Webb Weekly favorite and he will be missed dearly. Our thoughts, prayers and condolences go out to his entire family. We will have more about Gerry and his life that he lived to the fullest in the November 28th edition."
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Latest Articles

  • American Rescue Workers Need Donations0

    Last week was Thanksgiving, a time centered around appreciation of the blessings in our lives, including family, friends and food. But, for over 400 men, women, and children right here in Lycoming County, this holiday would have been spent alone without the turkey and trimmings if not for the American Rescue Workers’ annual holiday meals.

  • Gazette and Bulletin: November 30, 1935 – Hundreds Accept “Open House” Invitation and Inspect Grit Building0

    Grit Publishing Company held an “open house” yesterday afternoon when more than 500 people including the family and friends of employees, visited and inspected the plant at West Third and William Streets. Since the installation of the new Hoe double sextuple in the new building on William Street, some months ago, Grit has remodeled, redecorated

  • Vandevere’s View0

    In recent weeks there has been much reported regarding the collegiate recruitment process. A lot of it has been negative — usually centering on ‘under the table’ payments or other questionable ‘perks’ to lure talented individuals to specific schools. Throughout all of these proceedings, I don’t ever recall a recruit being swayed by the presence

  • SPCA Calendar Contest Winners Announced0

    The results are in for the Lycoming County SPCA’s 2018 Pet Pawtraits Calendar Contest! The top fundraisers are one-year-old beagle brothers, Pete and Repete. The boys raised $1,173 and are the beloved furbabies of Patty Thomas and Mirra and Jeremy Hauser of Linden. The top fundraisers, Pete and Repete, are featured with their own month

  • Stay Stylish This Winter0

    With winter right around the corner, and the chilly days already here, it can be challenging to pull together a stylish and functional cold-weather outfit each morning. With sweaters and puffy coats adding bulk, static electricity causing hair havoc, and dry skin making every fabric feel like steel wool, getting dressed each day can be

  • A Ringing Remembrance0

    The most wonderful time of year is underway up and down the West Branch Valley. To say it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas is an understatement. It is great, in the world of today, that our area still has so much Christmas spirit and a great understanding of the reason for the season.

  • Webb Weekly Gem of the Week… Standout Moments Help Setup Teams Up for Bright 20180

    The 2017 fall season has come to a close for the local teams. For the players and coaches, highs and lows fill every season, but a few moments stood out. As Loyalsock’s football team headed to the locker room the rumblings from the fans started to sound like the end of the season. The conversations

  • The Roving Sportsman… Fishing the Outer Banks0

    For the majority of area residents, fishing means hiking the mountains for native brook trout, spending time on nearby farm ponds trying to catch bass, or sunfish or matching wits with the various species of fish in the Susquehanna River. A trip to the shore to fish for the numerous kinds of saltwater fish is

  • Fostering a Secret Hope0

    Wasn’t sure how to present this story to you, as it came upon me all of a sudden. I didn’t want to wait till Christmas, and I didn’t want to rattle the comforts of what we take for granted on Thanksgiving. But I got disturbed pondering all of the foster children out there, waiting for

  • Blaise Alexander Family Dealerships Christmas Fun Coloring Contest …0

    Come one, come all and gather ‘round the Christmas tree! It is once again time for the Blaise Alexander Family Dealership Christmas Fun Coloring Contest in Webb Weekly! Crayons and pencils, paint and glitter, cotton balls and stickers! Bring your best and enter to win! We have already booked tickets for the elves to fly

  • So You Want to be President …0

    I don’t know about you, but I’m not ready for the Arctic air or the holiday shopping season. We enjoyed some beautiful Autumn weather; hopefully, Mother Nature is not giving us a preview of the winter ahead. Yes, I know I should be better prepared for the official kick-off to the holiday hustle and bustle

  • All Grown Up0

    If you didn’t survive your late teens and early twenties by living on Maruchan Ramen Noodles, I’m not sure that we can be friends, because obviously you don’t know real suffering. OK, OK, I’m kidding, but for a lot of us, the Ramen life was real. It is cheap, easy to make and fast. But

  • 19th Annual Victorian Christmas and Other Related Activities to Take Place This Weekend0

    For the past 18 years the annual Victorian Christmas has been a wonderful and interesting way to help launch the Christmas holiday season. This year’s 19th edition of this holiday classic should be a fine continuance of this always highly anticipated event. From its founding by early member Nan Young, the purpose of recognizing and acknowledging

  • Uptown Music Collective Kicks Off Performance Season0

    The Uptown Music Collective’s season will kick off on November 17th and 18th at the Community Arts Center in Williamsport with Women of Rock: The Music of Heart & Pat Benatar. When you think of women who really rock, the band Heart, and Pat Benatar are always near the top of any list. For the

  • Pine Street United Methodist Church To Host Free Brunch For Veterans0

    Bill McKay was a proud U.S. Navy veteran of World War II who loved his country and the men and women who served it in the military in peace and in war. It is with that in mind that McKay provided a generous bequest to his beloved, home church, Pine Street United Methodist Church. Some

  • Firearms Deer Season Not Far Away0

    Well, it won’t be long until another firearms deer season is underway; Nov. 27 marks the starting date across the state. With the exception of WMUs 2B, 5C and 5D antlered deer only can be taken from opening day to Dec. 1 while both antlered and antlerless may be taken from Dec. 2-Dec. 9. Preparations

  • Getting Your Boat Ready For Hibernation0

    Winter will eventually arrive; a season when we will no longer be able to enjoy regional boat fishing. Now is the time to get your boat ready for storage. The approach for long-term boat storage — periods without any use — is different than storing a boat between outings. Following a rigorous winterization routine helps

  • Gazette and Bulletin: November 13, 1942 – May Form Victory Corps for Senior High School Boys0

    Organization of high school and technical institute students on a volunteer basis to meet war-time needs is being considered by the Williamsport School Board and may become an actuality when a vote is taken at a special meeting to be scheduled soon, R.C. Peterman, secretary said last night. Plans have been presented for the creation

  • Lycoming Goal0

    My recent “Movember” awareness effort was an epic failure. An absolute disaster, like my unsuccessful write-in campaign. I am sorry folks, but I was forced to throw in the towel after a few days of growth. My lovely bride wasn’t impressed with the shaggy scruff above my lip. She gave me an ultimatum — shave

  • Mirror in the Bathroom0

    Mirror in the bathroom, please talk free, the door is locked, just you and me. Can I take you to a restaurant that’s got glass tables, you can watch yourself while you are eating. – The English Beat Girls can spend hours in front of it with no shame. It’s your morning companion to comb,


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