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  • Eat Intuitively Over the Holidays0

    Intuitive eating is a sort of anti-diet that is based on the idea that we should eat when we are physically hungry rather than on the schedule of a prescribed diet. In addition, eating should be a judgment-free, guilt-free experience. The program was built on the principle that temporary diets don’t work and that lifestyle

  • Clean Heat: Stay warmer with clean energy

    Clean Heat: Stay warmer with clean energy0

    Winter is a perfect time to think about renovations that bring coziness and warmth to your home. For homeowners who live off the natural gas line, propane is an earth-friendly option that can reliably and efficiently deliver warmer air all season long. “When homeowners upgrade to propane during a remodel, they transform a dream home

  • Hopefully, a Happy New Year!0

    In the days leading up to Christmas, Jim Webb and Steph Nordstrom gathered the Webb Weekly team for a holiday luncheon. It has been an annual tradition since the publication was begun nearly 20 years ago. The pandemic wiped out the event last year, so it was nice to once again have an opportunity to

  • The Local Hoops Scene

    The Local Hoops Scene0

    Sitting in the front seat of a yellow school bus on a backcountry road. We are on our way to State College to play St. Joe’s. My guys are awfully quiet. They are all listening to their music and thinking about the game. I just looked back to see some smiles, and one of my

  • County Hall Corner: Looking Forward to 20220

    My headline is a bit misleading, as, in many ways, I am NOT looking forward to 2022. I am largely pessimistic about our short-term future, but in the long-term, I have a stubborn belief in the American spirit to steady itself when the ship of state shifts too far to the right or to the

  • New Year’s Eve Outfits0

    As we close out 2021 with all of its challenges and blessings, you may find yourself, for the first time in a long time, going to a party! And with every event in life, there is the age-old question, “what am I going to wear?” Here are a few answers to that question that thankfully

  • Better-for-You Family Favorites for a Healthier Routine0

    Taking time to nurture your health and well-being starts with building healthier habits. As the seasons change, challenge yourself to make small yet consistent choices that help you and your family through transitions at school, the office or wherever your days take you. To help you establish (or re-establish) healthy habits during mealtime and beyond,

  • What to Expect in Travel in 2022

    What to Expect in Travel in 20220

    After a couple abnormal years, many families are eager and ready to travel together again, and there are indications some pandemic-influenced travel behaviors will persist in 2022. For example, remote work and virtual school allowed families to travel and combine work and vacation time into “flexcation” getaways, a trend that will continue, according to the

  • Billtown Blues Association Announces the 32nd Annual Billtown Blues Festival0

    Billtown Blues Association, BBA, plans are well underway for the 32nd Annual Billtown Blues festival, scheduled for the three-day celebration of American Roots Music, starting June 10th through June 12th at the Lycoming County Fairgrounds in Hughesville PA. Those camping on site for the weekend are welcome to enter the grounds on Thursday afternoon. The

  • A Wish of Joy, Love, and Compassion0

    It’s a couple of days before Christmas, and all through the house, there is so much stirring, I hope the cat gets the mouse. I’m sure there’s a lot of this going on all over our little neck of Penn’s Woods as the kids are now home from college, family members have traveled home for

  • Another Season Begins with the Best of Holiday Hoops0

    Just in the Saint Nick of time, the high school basketball season has returned in full swing. If you’re like me, you need to get out of the house on these long dark nights. Go cheer on your favorite team. If you can’t make it to the game or live out of town, Webb Weekly

  • Packing Santa’s Sleigh0

    Twas a few days before Christmas all thru the town Last minute shoppers saw store inventories down Some family households had worry and fret While for still others holiday plans were all set At Montoursville’s airport the runways lay vacant Would-be passengers were told they had to be patient Travelers heading out and those coming

  • Cutters Donate to American Rescue Workers

    Cutters Donate to American Rescue Workers0

    The Williamsport Crosscutters recently presented the American Rescue Workers with a check for $4,737.88, representing the proceeds from the team’s 50/50 raffles during from the 2021 season. The Crosscutters 50/50 raffle is presented by The Pitch In Charitable Foundation, a non-profit foundation of professional baseball teams. This represents the fifth straight season that the team

  • 80 Years Ago: The Pearl Harbor Christmas of 19410

    Eighty years ago, in 1941, three weeks before Christmas, the United States was “suddenly and deliberately attacked” in a sneak attack by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor, plunging us into an unwanted war. What was supposed to be another routine Christmas holiday season was changed utterly by this. People in the Williamsport area and then

  • #weSHOREcare Stuff the Bus

    #weSHOREcare Stuff the Bus0

    The members of the Jersey Shore High School Future Business Leaders of America (JS FBLA) were busy during November, as they were working hard to support those in need in the community through their #weSHOREcare project. This year, #weSHOREcare organized a “Stuff the Bus” themed food drive in order to gather food and monetary donations

  • County Hall Corner: Looking Back at 20210

    I generally like to end a year with reflection and prediction. This week I want to highlight some of my articles from this past year, and next week I will take a stab at what we might expect in 2022. First off, I want to thank all those who have spoken to me personally or

  • Minimalist Winter Outfits0

    There are a variety of approaches to seasonal style. Many of them are functional, i.e., coats in winter and shorts in summer. Some are based on trends, like an “it” bag or color-of-the-year. And then, you have a capsule collection approach of picking a limited number of pieces and putting them on heavy rotation throughout

  • Merry Christmas0

    ‘Twas the Friday before Christmas and Steph is still a disorganized mess! I kid, I kid…kinda…sorta…I swear I almost have everything done! OK, OK, fine — in reality, I do not, in fact, have everything done, but I’ll get there, I always do! One thing I do have done is the winners of the Blaise

  • UPMC Expert: Enjoy Winter and Avoid the Emergency Department0

    Winter in Pennsylvania at times is a winter wonderland. North central Pa. is known for year-round recreation which means many of us trade in our hiking boots, mountain bikes, and boats, for snowshoes, skis, and snowmobiles once enough snow covers the ground. There’s so much fun to be had right outside our doors, but we

  • A look at Pennsylvania’s Black Bears0

    If there was ever a year when I thought my wife or someone else in the immediate family might get a chance at a black bear, I thought this year would be a good possibility. Why? Well, because we have been seeing more bears this past year than in previous years, that goes for neighbors

  • The Roving Sportsman… Your Management Plan0

    If you have ever been fortunate enough to take a long dreamed about hunting or fishing trip to one of the western states or to an overseas destination, then you know that a great part of the enjoyment of such a venture is the planning and preparation for the occasion. You also learned both during

  • Glitter Bombs, Bulldogs, and a Donation Double Down0

    Wow, it’s hard to believe Santa’s midnight ride is less than ten days away. As the song goes, it is The Most Wonderful Time of Year. And may I add, the busiest. There is so much going on at our Webb Weekly offices; the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season are in full swing.

  • This Christmas…0

    Oh look! Another Christmas of Steph waiting until the absolute last minute to finish everything for Christmas! And not for any good reason, just because of who I am as a person. I swear, someday I’ll get myself together, but at this rate, I’m already behind on next Christmas! I thought about enlisting some help

  • My DAWGS0

    Hats off to my friends from Jersey Shore. It was another amazing and unforgettable run. I know it hurts being nipped in the semis, but the Bulldogs should keep their heads high. They were a joy to cover this entire season. I enjoyed getting to watch and know some of their coaches and players. I

  • Former Williamsport Mets Manager Bill Virdon Died Recently0

    Several weeks ago, news was received of the death of former Pirate, Yankees, and Astros manager Bill Virdon at the age of 90. Virdon has a strong Williamsport connection. He managed the 1966 Williamsport Mets, and later his grandson played for the Williamsport Crosscutters. Virdon was an accomplished major league player in his own right.

  • Inside the Dog House0

    It is a team sport playoff fact of life — unless a team wins its final game, its season concludes with a loss. Such was the ultimate fate of the 2021 Jersey Shore Bulldogs; however, the reality of its 41-16 defeat at the hands of state powerhouse Aliquippa was more about the championship caliber of

  • Jersey Shore Bulldog Coach Tom Gravish Looks Back on Terrific 2021 Football Season0

    The Jersey Shore Bulldog football team has just completed one of the most memorable and productive seasons in its long, proud history. They bowed unfortunately to Aliquippa in the PIAA state semi-final game. Still, this loss does nothing to diminish the accomplishments of the fine young men of the Bulldog football program and their coach,

  • County Hall Corner: The Ticking Bomb0

    COVID continues to be our national nuisance, but there is a monster of a menace that is more harmful in the long run than this pesky pandemic. It’s like that ticking bomb that appears in so many dramatic television programs or Hollywood films where the hero is trying to figure out how to defuse this

  • Foundation0

    Few things are more infuriating to shop for than foundation. The wrong shade can read too light, or dark, or orangey. It can slip and slide, create annoying streaks, it can magnify shine, or exacerbate dryness, and you usually don’t figure out these defects until after you’ve paid for it and worn it for a

  • The Roving Sportsman… Plan Now for Springtime Planting0

    In less than two weeks, the official start of winter — December 21 to be exact — will be upon us. As winter weather settles in and spending time by the fireplace becomes a much more enjoyable pastime, you might want to take time to focus your attention on some springtime activities in order to

  • UPMC Therapist: Blood Flow Restriction Therapy Not Just for Athletes0

    Every four years, the Summer Olympics shows the world the latest training or recovery method the greatest athletes have taken up. In 2016, many athletes had red circular marks on their skin from “cupping,” an ancient Chinese practice involving suction on sore muscles and tendons. This year, the hot trend appears to be tourniquets, more

  • Christmas Fluffy Santa Slime

    Christmas Fluffy Santa Slime0

    Today we’re going to show you how to make this super fluffy Santa slime for Christmas. This Santa mason jar would make a fun gift for the slime fan or simply use it to store the slime when you’re done playing with it! If you’re looking for some Christmas activities to do with your kids

  • Pennsylvania Whitetails0

    I’ll have to admit that when it comes to trying to figure out how or what the whitetail deer population is in the state of Pennsylvania, it can be really interesting depending on who you are talking to or what you are basing your estimates on. For example, if you are counting road kills, you

  • Renee Flock, mother, Nicholas Barone, Frank Barone, father.

    Renee Flock, mother, Nicholas Barone, Frank Barone, father.0

    Loyalsock Township’s Nicholas Barone signs his National Letter of Intent with Virginia Tech Nicholas Barone signed his National Letter of Intent to play baseball with the Virginia Tech Hokies! “It was a childhood dream coming to reality; It felt like all of my hard work had finally paid off,” says Nick about signing with Virginia

  • Dawg Gone Good0

    What an absolutely amazing job Jersey Shore High School Football Head Coach Tom Gravish has done in building a football dynasty in Bulldogland. I have known my whole football lifetime that the Dawgs should be hanging championships on a regular basis, as have most football folks in our area. I don’t know if anybody could

  • Something Has Got to Change0

    “Be kind to people and don’t judge, for you do not know what demons they carry and what battles they are fighting.” ~ Vashti Quiroz-Vega Typically, this time of year, I try to avoid ‘heavy’ subjects. It’s the Holiday Season, after all! But in light of recent events in our area, I just can’t. Because

  • 19th Salvation Army Festival of Trees Auction Friday, December 100

    One of the most enduring and venerable Christmas traditions is the decorated Christmas tree. It is part of most families’ and many businesses’ Christmastime experience. For the past 19 years, as an exciting and unique fundraiser, the Williamsport Salvation Army has held an annual Festival of Trees at the Lycoming Mall utilizing an auction of


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