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  • UPMC Physician: Managing Varicose Vein Pain0

    There are many misconceptions about varicose veins, or the twisted, swollen, dark blue or purple-colored veins that bulge beneath the skin’s surface. Some examples of these myths are that the veins are just a cosmetic concern, they only affect women of a certain age, and that they appear more often in active people. However, the

  • St. John Neumann Regional Academy’s Senior Project “Packages with a Purpose” Aids Cancer Patients0

    The concept of service and care for others is an integral part of the mission of St. John Neumann Regional Academy. In this spirit, the school’s senior project, “Packages with a Purpose,” is being carried out. The packages that are part of the project contain items for cancer patients at the Hillman Cancer Center at

  • Shoes to Wear with Jeans0

    I treat the months of January and February as a sort of style hibernation. It’s cold, so you want to pile on your warmest, which might not be your most stylish, garments. You don’t want to wear anything too delicate for fear it could get ruined by snow, ice, and wind. And chances are you’re

  • There’s A Storm A-comin’0

    “There’s a snowstorm coming!” or “There’s a snowstorm a-comin!” What’s the difference? At least 8 inches. You can typically determine the intensity of a snowstorm if the term “a-comin” is used. Nature provides us with numerous signs on upcoming weather conditions if we know what to look for or interpret. If cows are laying down,

  • UPMC Nurse: Exposure Can Be a Problem in Winter0

    Cold weather comes with winters in Pennsylvania, and with the freezing temperatures, wind chill, ice, and snow also comes an added risk for potential exposure injuries. While some love the winter wonderland, others may want to hunker down in their homes and wait it out until spring. Consider the following tips to help keep safe

  • 2022 Martin Luther King Dream Week Takes Place January 12 to 190

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. lived a life dedicated to service to others and calling attention to and helping to fight injustice. This is the theme of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dream Week and Day of Service that will take place from Wednesday, January 12 to Wednesday, January 19. “Martin Luther King Day

  • Winter Layers 20220

    The Old Farmer’s Almanac has predicted a cold, long, and snowy winter for the United States in 2022. In fact, they predict it will be so cold they are calling the next few months the “season of shivers.” So, prepare to bundle up and, if possible, bundle up with style in layers that will keep

  • Minimalist Winter Outfits0

    There are a variety of approaches to seasonal style. Many of them are functional, i.e., coats in winter and shorts in summer. Some are based on trends, like an “it” bag or color-of-the-year. And then, you have a capsule collection approach of picking a limited number of pieces and putting them on heavy rotation throughout

  • UPMC Expert: Enjoy Winter and Avoid the Emergency Department0

    Winter in Pennsylvania at times is a winter wonderland. North central Pa. is known for year-round recreation which means many of us trade in our hiking boots, mountain bikes, and boats, for snowshoes, skis, and snowmobiles once enough snow covers the ground. There’s so much fun to be had right outside our doors, but we

  • The Gift of Giving0

    I just sent an email out to my parents, in-laws, and close friends that for the holidays this year, in lieu of presents, my husband and I would prefer they make a gift to a charitable organization that benefits the hungry or homeless. And in that email, I asked them to reply back with a

  • Tights!0

    The fall weather has finally settled in, and your cold-weather wardrobe is ready to go. Or maybe not. Part of me feels that when we change the clocks, I also have to put away all of my dresses in preparation for the cold winter months ahead. When wearing skirts and dresses for fall and winter,

  • Spooky Jewelry & Accessories0

    Halloween is upon us, and even if you’re not much into costumes, you can still have seasonal fun by incorporating themed jewelry and accessories in your everyday looks as you count down to trick-or-treat. Sure, when you think of Halloween accessories, you may jump to plastic spider rings and a witch’s hat. But, as Halloween

  • Fall Dress Outfits0

    Eventually, the temperatures will begin to drop, and a dress might be the last thing you reach for when putting together your autumn ensembles, especially if you don’t consider yourself a dress person. However, with the right accessories to pair with your fall dresses, you might start to think otherwise. Styling a dress for fall

  • Rooting Superstitions0

    It is no secret. It has been stated in this space countless times. I am a baseball fan. Specifically, I’m a Pittsburgh Pirates and Boston Red Sox fan. Generally, I am a baseball fan. If there is a game going on in my vicinity, chances are, I will be watching it. We are in the

  • October Outfits0

    Fall is such an odd time weather-wise. You can still get away with walking out the front door in a tee, shorts, and sandals all the way into early October. But as this month progresses, the chilly temperatures finally present the opportunity to get a bit more creative with your everyday outfit. However, you don’t

  • Fall Trends 20210

    With less than a month away from the official start of autumn (even though it’ll probably still feel like high summer come late September) I’m beginning to think about fall fashion. This past year has seen fashion trends sway toward looser silhouettes, more relaxed fits, and a high comfort factor. As we move into fall

  • First Day of School Outfit for Teachers

    First Day of School Outfit for Teachers0

    I’m not an educator, but I can imagine the challenges teachers face in this day and age. Figuring out what to wear on the first day of school is pretty low on the priority list. However, just like the first day at a new job, the first day of school is also a chance to

  • Preparing for Kindergarten0

    Like most parents, I’m excited, anxious, exhausted, and amazed that my first-born child is about to start kindergarten. She already attends a full-day preschool, so I’m confident she’ll do well in a classroom setting. However, I am stressed about what her teacher is like, what supplies she’ll need, whether lunch is provided, if she’ll even

  • The Roving Sportsman… Tick Alert!0

    For outdoorsmen who are about to spend an increasing amount of time in the out of doors in the upcoming months, it is only a matter of time until you come in contact with ticks. Whether you are fishing at your favorite mountain stream, preseason scouting for this coming fall, or working on food plots

  • Dad Style0

    With Father’s Day on the horizon, I wanted to take a moment to explore the emerging trend of “Dad Style.” If your daily go-to is a pair of comfy jeans and a polo shirt, you are inadvertently already following this trend. Alternatively, if the term “Dad Style” evokes memories of your own dad’s closet, especially

  • Summer Trends0

    Summer weather is upon us, and with it comes a brand-new season of trends and ways of dressing. So often, summertime can be a challenge. It seems the daily highs go from 60 to 80 in a matter of weeks, making the lightweight knits and jeans of spring no longer sustainable during hot and humid

  • Shorts0

    The chilly mornings and rainy days as of late may make it seem like summer will never arrive, but as soon as Memorial Day rolls around, we will be in the thick of summer. The number one style staple of summer is shorts! There are many different types of shorts and figuring out how to

  • How to Reduce Risk for Lyme disease

    How to Reduce Risk for Lyme disease0

    When the weather warms up and hours of daylight increase, few people can resist the allure of the great outdoors. Nature beckons each spring, and those answering that call must do so safely. Lyme disease is a potential threat for people who live in certain regions. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that

  • Two WASD OM Teams Advance to State Finals on April 10th

    Two WASD OM Teams Advance to State Finals on April 10th0

    Two Williamsport Area School District Odyssey of the Mind teams that virtually competed at the Regional Tournament on March 17 are headed to the State Finals. This year’s contending teams from WASD were both represented by Curtin Intermediate School, with each advancing on first-place finishes. The results of the regional tournament and team rosters are:

  • Winter Car Seat Precautions0

    Winter brings lots of reasons to be cautious when traveling, especially with young children in car seats. Did you know that safety precautions should begin before even getting on the road? Though it may seem illogical- children who ride in car seats should not wear their heavy winter coats while doing so. Bulky coats make

  • Winter Dressing Mistakes0

    Winter has truly settled in and, as much as we may hope for a mild season, chances are we will be feeling freezing temperatures from now until late April. Dressing for the weather is not usually a fun or stylish task, but more a matter of function. But even the most practically minded of us

  • Winter Capsule Wardrobe0

    In the spirit of New Year’s resolutions and the idea of living a more sustainable and less cumbersome lifestyle, 2021 is the perfect year to consider building a capsule wardrobe. Capsule wardrobes push us to think more about what clothing we actually wear and whether we truly need each piece hanging in our closets. A

  • Style File – Hygge

    Style File – Hygge0

    As we begin a new year facing a long, cold, and isolating winter, it may seem like there’s not much light at the end of the tunnel. However, instead of bracing ourselves against the lonely, dark days ahead, why not embrace sticking close to home with a bit of Hygge style? What is Hygge, and

  • Slipper Style0

    As we hunker down for winter, your current pair of plush socks or fuzzy slippers may be the worse for wear after one too many days spent inside. No time like the present to invest in a new, or even better, pair of slippers to revive your indoor wardrobe for these upcoming chilly months. Here’s

  • Ask UPMC: How Does Diabetes Affect Wound Healing?0

    A small cut or bruise may not seem like a big deal, but for millions of Americans with diabetes, they can be. For individuals with diabetes, all wounds are a serious health concern and require careful attention. Understanding the Complications Diabetes is a result of your body’s inability to produce or use insulin. Insulin is

  • A Cozy Thanksgiving0

    This Thanksgiving will be the first year since 2001 that my husband and I will not be traveling to Ohio to celebrate with his family. Instead, for the 4th Thursday of November, we’ll be staying home and preparing a simpler meal. We are disappointed, but there are advantages to a lower key holiday. No long

  • Turtleneck Time

    Turtleneck Time0

    We’ve all heard of sweater weather when the temperatures drop, and the air turns crisp, requiring the addition of a cozy knit layer to your everyday wear. Well, November is also the start of turtleneck time! When it comes to finding a balance between chic and cozy, nothing beats a turtleneck. This versatile basic is

  • Turning the Heat On Challenge0

    • November 11, 2020

    As I sit here writing this week’s column, the wind is just howling, and flurries are flying by our window. It’s November 2, and our furnace is officially on. Social media always cracks me up because it seems there are so many families who do the “Who will be the first one to turn on


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